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Nederlandstalig nieuws

1100 schildpadden gered uit illegale schildpaddenboerderij
Antwoord op vragen van het lid Omtzigt over de klokkenluidersbrief van Roelie Post
Berging kernafval kost niet 3,2 maar 10 miljard euro
Bezoek aan piramides Bosnië door PuurRein
Binnenkort "nutri-score" op voedselverpakkingen
Dr Yael Stein in verzet tegen de spectrumgrenzen 5G zendmasten
Frans alarm over ‘hasj-peuters’
Gebruik zware pijnstillers stijgt explosief
Gevonden bot behoort toe aan kind van Neanderthaler en Denisovamens
Hoe kool ons lichaam mogelijk tegen kanker kan beschermen
Hoogleraar luidt noodklok dure mondzorg
In Argentinië regent het glyfosaat
Kinderartsen krijgen veel agressie te verduren
Koffieboeren lopen risico op kanker door pesticiden
Massale reddingsactie voor achtergelaten dieren na overstroming India
Noordzee vol plastic
NVWA wacht te lang met openbaar maken vondsten tijgermug
Schaliegas steeds schadelijker voor watervoorraden in VS
Soros verantwoordelijk voor censuurgolf op social media
Structureel iets mis op rundveebedrijf in Rilland
Veel kritiek op vangst walvissen in Japan voor "wetenschappelijk onderzoek"
Veel mensen doen niets als er gepest wordt
Veroudering hersenen tegengaan met tweetaligheid
Verticaal bos aangeplant in Eindhoven
Vragen over bericht dat steeds vaker zware pijnstillers worden voorgeschreven
Vragen over trillende handen aan het bed
Wie gezond leeft, stigmatiseert mensen die dat niet doen

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Video - [Dossier Mastenbroek] Zwanendrifters actief in Ypenburg
Video - Animal abuse - Sheep shearers filmed punching livestock
Video - Crickets are the new food
Video - Google employees angered at plan to create censored engine for China
Video - Homemade Gluten-Free Stuffing Recipe
Video - How to Fight Practitioner Burnout with Dr. Akil Palanisamy
Video - How to get LOW /HIGH ALARMS with Freestyle Libre
Video - How to keep your house cool in the summer without AC
Video - India - Pollution, the Silent Killer
Video - Joanna Macy - The Hidden Promise of Our Dark Age | Bioneers
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Video - Marc Morano on Climate Change - Follow the Money
Video - Monsanto Glyphosate Goes Beyond US
Video - Overprescribed Arthritis Drug Linked To HIGHER RISK Of Autoimmune Disease
Video - Oxycontin Manufacturer - Don’t blame us for the opioid epidemic
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Video - The Coming Disruption of the Carbon Bubble
Video - Unexplained Health Issues, Chronic Fatigue, Pain, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety,
MS, Lyme Disease

Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

8 Simple Exercises for Lower Back Pain
Air pollution leads to cardiovascular diseases
Antibiotic side effects in kids lead to nearly 70,000 ER visits in the US each year
Baby poop may be source of beneficial probiotics
Beneficial Effect of Herbal Formulation KM1608 on Inflammatory Bowl Diseases
Beware of the nuclear apologists
Can mindfulness improve the lives of cancer survivors?
Caution needed when prescribing antibiotics to hypertension patients, study finds
Children take longer to learn two languages at once compared to just one -- don't fret
Common sense needed with chemicals
Company recalls 32 children’s medicines after finding a “microbial contamination”
Cooking with coal, wood, or charcoal associated with cardiovascular death
Cool indoor temperatures linked to high blood pressure
Do bacteria affect the skin barrier in atopic eczema?
Do doctors really know how to diagnose a heart attack?
Early-life alcohol intake may increase the odds of high-grade prostate cancer
Earth's magnetic field could FLIP sooner than previously thought
Epic genetic - the hidden story of wheat
Europe to ban halogen lightbulbs
Facebook secretly tracking "trust ratings" for users with "social score" algorithm
right out of communist China
Facebook suspends hundreds of apps over data concerns after Cambridge Analytica scandal
Few people at risk for heart disease understand food labels
Fish lice could be early indicators of metal pollution in freshwater
From Guts to Glory - The Evolution of Gut Defense
Girls have ADHD too – here’s why we may be missing them
Have you heard of l-theanine? This compound is crucial for improving brain health and
mental well-being
Healing after harm - Addressing the emotional toll of harmful medical events
Houston We Have Autism Biomarkers
How do muscles know what time it is?
How sleep loss may contribute to adverse weight gain
Immunotherapy Drugs Slow Skin Cancer That Has Spread to the Brain
Kelp forests function differently in warming ocean
Macedonia is currently being shaken up by a huge GMO-related scandal
Monsanto's History Is One Full of Vast Lies
Most new mothers stop exclusively breastfeeding BEFORE their baby is
six months old, CDC warns
Natural sugar defends against metabolic syndrome, in mice
New method grows brain cells from stem cells quickly and efficiently
New research uncovers 'one of the tobacco industry's greatest scams'
One in ten schoolchildren in Britain have an undiagnosed sight problem
One of the most popular ADHD drugs may cause hallucinations and other psychotic symptoms
Poor sleep makes you fat and weak by changing your DNA
Potatoes are out of favour – but they have strong roots in a healthy lifestyle
Potential oceanic triggers for strong El Niño events
Promote honey rather than antibiotics for coughs, doctors told
Prospect of a new treatment for rheumatoid arthritis
Rapid development in Central Africa increases the risk of infectious disease outbreaks
Rats fed GM stacked-trait maize developed leaky stomachs
Rise of Type 2 diabetes will cause 30% increase in serious illnesses linked to the condition
Risk of heart attacks is double for daily e-cigarette users
Scientists unravel genetic causes of prostate, breast and ovarian cancer
Scottish mother says inhaling cannabis oil cured her eczema
Secret Documents Expose Monsanto’s War on Cancer Scientists
Simulations Reveal Role of Calcium in Titanium Implant Acceptance
Smoking cannabis ages the brain by an average of 2.8 years
Smoking marijuana ages brain by almost three years
Stress door onderwaterlawaai
Study Reveals How Enzyme Detects Ultraviolet Light Damage
Teen drinkers increase risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer, research suggests
The Amount of Toxic Wastewater Produced by Fracking is Unbelievable
The Gardasil Enigma…
The secret circle that controls governments
Thyroid Hormone Levels, Body Composition, Insulin Resistance in Euthyroid Patients
Top Seed Companies Urge EPA to Limit Dicamba
Using the highbush blueberry to treat bacterial infections
Verkoop cv-ketels stijgt, ondanks klimaatdoelstelling
Vitamin D found to help sunburn from the inside by reducing swelling and inflammation
What cause heart disease part 53 – diabetes
What's the link between vitamin D, gum health, and diabetes?
Zapping brain with magnets helped Alzheimer's patients remember details

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