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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Aan je bureau staan is dan toch niet gezonder
Algenbrandstof doet enkel de oliebusiness draaien
Alleen nog kruiden in joints coffeeshop
Blauwdruk systematische aanpak voedselverspilling voor Europa
Chroom-6-affaire Tilburg - justitie start strafrechtelijk onderzoek
De urinezuurconcentratie in het bloed
Een glutenvrij dieet maakt slanker - maar dat komt niet door de afwezigheid van gluten...
Eén loket voor zorg bij dementie
Geen andere bacteriën bij mensen die uit de mond ruiken
Het stroomtekort - waar zijn de vervangers van de kernreactoren?
Kamer wil actie tegen eenzaamheid jongeren, net als bij ouderen
Minder koolhydraten eten kan je stofwisseling een enorme boost geven
Nieuwbouwwijk als stortplaats
Nog steeds tekort aan meest gebruikte anticonceptiepil
Ondervoeding bij ziekte eerder herkennen
Regenwoud plant verhongert alvleesklierkankercellen
Scootmobielen moeten veiliger en stabieler worden
Te veel mensen hebben onterecht de diagnose pinda-allergie
Thuis geboren baby's hebben meer diverse, heilzame bacteriën
Tweede zitting over afschot van edelherten Oostvaardersplassen
Unilever & Co schorten voedsellogo op geen draagvlak
Vaccinatiegraad in Culemborg opvallend laag
Veel spier- en gewrichtsklachten onder musici
Verantwoorde alcoholconsumptie steeds meer norm
Vitamine-K injectie kan ernstige prognose leverziekte bij pasgeborenen verbeteren
Vlaamse zuurkoolpotten verbeteren dagelijks brood van miljoenen Ethiopiërs
VN-milieuchef verbrandde te veel kerosine
Vooral mannen moeten minder vlees gaan eten
WK - schrikbarend veel ontstekingsremmers
Ziek van een gebroken hart



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"Psychedelic Medusa" Jellyfish Spotted Off Puerto Rico Coast
2 Foods Reduce Heart Attacks Risk and Cleanse Your Arteries
3 Main Reasons for Using Coconut Oil
Antibiotic resistance kills over 58000 children in India annually
Are you often lost? Learn to navigate better!
Bestaat er een medicijn tegen verdriet?
Can Teens do Fasting?
Carrots deeply cleanse and detoxify the lungs, liver and kidneys
Chemours beperkt uitstoot GenX tot bijna nul
Corrective Medicine - Fighting the Disease, Not the Symptoms (Part 2)
Defeating Diabetes
Depression and Anxiety Solutions
Dierenactivisten voeren actie in Helmond
Ecuador - Roger Waters condemns Chevron's oil pollution
Einde aan wegwerpplastic
Fasting and the Fifty Percent Insulin Problem
Gabor Erdosi - Part 2 of 2 - Insulin, Incretins - and the Perils of Processed Food Carbs
How a toxic pesticide poisoned French island of Martinique
How High Blood Sugar Causes Wrinkles & Accelerates Aging
How opioids were pushed on Americans in pain
How pharmaceutical companies can manipulate science, especially controlled trials
How To Make An Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Stress Magnesium Drink
If you are a “health nut,” does that make other people “sickness nuts”?
Intermittent Fasting Changes Your Fat Cells via VEGF
Lydia Lynch - The Future of Immunology
Massive E. coli warning on two popular foods
Measles Vaccines Work But At What Cost To Long Term Health?
Metabolism Reset Diet - Dr. Alan Christianson & Ashley James
Michael Cornwall PhD talks with me and you about the meaning of dreams
Mushrooms - More Animal than Plant w/ Daniel winkler
Peter Schuitema van Kuyichi vertelt over eerlijke en duurzame jeans
Pharmacy means Sorcery & Witchcraft - Lorraine Day, MD
Project Censored - "Media Freedom 2.0"
Revive the use of South African edible plants
Spike In Herbecide Contaminants In US Drinking Water
SWARMED by Porcupinefish!
The adverse effects of toxins on human health
The Benefits of Vitamin E
The Internet could damage democracy, says its creator

Internationaal nieuws

13 Pounds of Plastic Found in Dead Sperm Whale
A protein that makes skin cancer cells more invasive
A smartphone and new software could help save infants born preterm
A study suggests that epigenetic treatments could trigger the development of aggressive tumours
A toxic bullet involved in bacterial competition found by researchers
Air filter that you stick up your NOSE blocks 90% of pollution particles
Air pollution cuts two years off global average lifespan, says study
Alcohol adverts should be banned on TV before 9pm, says Scottish Government
Are YOU a Facebook addict? New feature shows users how much time they really are spending in the app
Baby's gut bacteria might predict obesity
Big Pharma's Worst Nightmare
Brexit linked to a rise in antidepressant use
Clean water linked to rising birth rates in Africa
Clemson researchers reveal secrets of parasite that causes African sleeping sickness
Colloidal silver was ‘erased from textbooks’
Could yesterday's Earth contain clues for making tomorrow's medicines?
Diabetes type 2 warning - the ‘problematic’ warning sign in your legs you shouldn’t ignore
Dicamba is Killing Crops, Yet Continues to be Approved
Diet rich in fruits and vegetables tied to fewer menopause symptoms
Dioxins in food more harmful than thought, EU watchdog says
Discovery of a new gene could shed light on chemical exposure effects in humans
Environmental exposures early in life modify immune responses
Epigenetic therapy may boost cancer stem cells
EU fertiliser industry at the crossroads between nutrition and energy
Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing – Sven Butlerijs
Fish can detox too -- but not so well, when it comes to mercury
Good fat vs. bad fat vs. high carb vs. low carb
Gut protein mutations shield against spikes in glucose
How Can We Unleash the Immune System?
How your moving brain sees the world
How your personality could affect your longevity
In heart failure, a stronger heart could spell worse symptoms
Increased risk for oral cancer with exposure to high PM2.5
Keep slapping on that sunscreen and ignore toxic claims
Kelp forests must be saved and here’s why – Alexander McCall Smith
Legal highs review shows banning drugs does not solve problems
Let your skin glow this winter with these 10 vitamin-E rich foods – watch at Brighteon.com
Magnesium sulfate for asthma treatment
Monsanto appeals verdict in weed-killer cancer trial
Music may improve mood in adults with Dementia
Negative social cues on tobacco packaging may help smokers quit
New bendable smartphone technology could use monitoring to save patients’ lives
New information on the pathological mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease
Norway Becomes World’s First Country to Ban Deforestation
Obesity strongly associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in never-smokers
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Reduce Major CV Events in Mild Hypertriglyceridemia
Parents 'not wholly to blame for child weight gain'
Personality and mood affect brain response to personal choice
Prenatal exposure to air pollution increases autism risk in children
Regulating the immune system's 'regulator'
Removing toxic mercury from contaminated water
Researchers modify genetic code of cancer-killing virus so it can target cells
that protect cancer from immune system
Researchers stop 'sneaky' cancer cells in their tracks
Saffron can fight liver cancer, reveal UAE researchers
Scientists develop potential new treatment for common soft-tissue childhood cancer
Scientists find a horrible new way cocaine can damage your brain
Scientists shed new light on infection process of gastrointestinal pathogen C. difficile
Screening for colorectal cancer spares male patients from intense treatments
Secondhand cannabis smoke may cause allergy, worsen asthma in children
Should everyone be taking statins?
Sick people STINK - Research suggests that illness changes the way you smell
Sleep length may affect risk of falls and fractures
Small Farmers in Mexico Keep Corn’s Genetic Diversity Alive
Smoke-free policies associated with lower blood pressure
Smokers at lower risk of Parkinson’s
Smoking fatigue increases after six weeks of quitting
Stress is the number one libido killer
Study uncovers link between air pollution and intellectual disabilities in children
Sugar-sweetened beverages are harmful to health and may be addictive, researchers suggest
Tax 'virgin packaging' to tackle plastics crisis, says report
The HPV Crisis - Real or manufactured?
The Monsanto corporation has undertaken an effort to destroy the United Nations' cancer agency
The shifting role of cities in addressing global climate change
The threat to the environment that the green lobby tries to ignore
To predict the future, the brain uses two clocks
Topical Gel Protects Farmers From Toxic Pesticides
Traffic noise stresses out frogs, but some have adapted
Treating a Rare Genetic Disorder That Causes Colon Cancer in Children-
UK media refuses to correct the record on flawed climate paper
Vaping no boost to quit rates in smokers, study suggests
What are the benefits of cherry juice?
What Would Real Informed Consent on Psychiatric Drugs Look Like?
Why it's harder to lie as you get older
Widely consumed in West Africa for its distinctive spicy taste, the pepper fruit helps fight off infections
Working in this job could mean you're at high risk of the deadly disease

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