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Nederlandstalig nieuws

NL - 13 sept Nacht van de Dictatuur
NL - Antioxidant en Vitamine E kunnen erfelijke ziekten bestrijden
NL - Beschadigt de damp van e-sigaretten de longen?
NL - De Europese Commissie is van plan de officiële klimaatdoelstellingen van de Europese Unie flink te verhogen
NL - De overheid verspreidt onzin over cannabis
NL - Dermatoloog - Een oneffen gezicht door acne zou vandaag niet meer mogen
NL - Deze e-mails overtuigden de jury van Monsanto’s schuld
NL - Eerste gentechsoja via de UK op de EU markt was niet goed onderzocht
NL - Eet vezelrijke producten om de effecten van stress op de darmen en gedrag te verminderen
NL - Er bestaat een heel duidelijk verband tussen luchtvervuiling en longziekten
NL - EU wil scherpere klimaatdoelstellingen 2030
NL - EU wil scherpere klimaatdoelstellingen voor 2030
NL - Filmende ramptoeristen bij ongelukken harder straffen
NL - Fipronilaffaire blijft kippenboeren achtervolgen
NL - Flink minder bieten en aardappels vanaf Drentse zandgronden
NL - Gemeente helpt mensen met lichte verstandelijke beperking niet altijd goed
NL - Gemeentelijke partijen willen zich bemoeien met stalbranden
NL - Globale opwarming door stijging C02 uitstoot?
NL - Google aangeklaagd voor volgen gebruikers ondanks privacyinstellingen
NL - Groeiend aantal zzp'ers in de zorg
NL - Grote zorgen over niet te stoppen dooimeren in Arctisch gebied
NL - Het bacteriële immuunsysteem van CRISPR-Cas
NL - Kabinet moet bronbescherming journalisten beter vastleggen
NL - Kan minder eten het verouderingsproces vertragen?
NL - Kat rouwt bij overleden hond
NL - Medicatie moet gebruiksvriendelijker
NL - Meer twijfels over veiligheid cv-ketel Nefit
NL - Meststoffenbeleid geen oplossing voor mestprobleem
NL - Momenteel meer vraag naar bio-wortelen
NL - Nederlandse elite ontbeert onbehagen
NL - Offeren van dieren moet verboden worden
NL - Plantaardig koolhydraatarm dieet is gezond, dierlijk koolhydraatarm dieet niet
NL - Seizoen Duitse bio-gojibessen succesvol van start gegaan
NL - Serotoninesyndroom - Te veel serotonine in het lichaam
NL - Shell maakt voorzichtig begin met waterstofstations in Nederland
NL - Sinaasappels houden ogen gezond
NL - Slaaptekort veroorzaakt 'sociale lepra'
NL - Sociale media censuur, hier is de onderliggende basis structuur
NL - Sterkste ijs aan Noordpool breekt voor het eerst op
NL - Trump versoepelt milieu-eisen voor kolencentrales
NL - Verkoop glyfosaat vanaf eind september verboden
NL - Weerloze dieren martelen onder het ‘toeziend’ oog van de overheid
NL - Zonnepanelen soms niet geregistreerd, consument loopt geld mis

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Video - Bear Mother and Cubs in a Food Coma Cuddle Puddle
Video - Can cannabis save Lebanon?
Video - Conflicts of Interest Questioned in Review of Prescribed Drug Dependence
Video - Does an Alkaline Diet Help Kill Cancer?
Video - Dr. Berg Gets his Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) Test Results
Video - FEEDLOTS in New Zealand
Video - Firefighter Calls for Action on Toxic Flame Retardant Chemicals
Video - Foods that mimic grains and gluten
Video - How the Lymphatic System Works
Video - Joanna Moncrieff - The Troubling Story of Antipsychotic Medicine
Video - Jordan Peterson on Free Speech
Video - Kavanaugh is an Enemy of the Environment
Video - Kids inc. official trailer
Video - Monsanto's Roundup Poison Found In Foods You Eat EVERYDAY
Video - Only 10% of Secret Monsanto Documents Used in Trial, Says Winning Attorney
Video - Philosopher Alex Epstein - How to Speak to Climate Alarmists
Video - Smoking Marijuana vs Using a Cannabis Vaporizer
Video - The "I Need More Fat to Lose Weight" Myth
Video - The "impossible burger": are meatless burgers the future?
Video - The Swedish government classifies this process as recycling,
but is this form of waste disposal really sustainable?
Video - Urgent Care Clinics Overprescribing Antibiotics
Video - Using Herbs to Restore Dosha Balance & Improve Health
Video - Watch A Free-Diver Rescue This Entangled Whale Shark
Video - Why are humans so different from other animals?
Video - Wikileaks censors alternative health information

Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

3 Ways Plastic Straws are Devastating for Your Health
A depressed spouse may increase one’s own cognitive decline, study finds
A new breakthrough proposes a link between epilepsy and bipolar disorder
Adults play a key role in children's participation in school recess, researchers suggest
Alarming Levels of Glyphosate Found in Popular American Foods
Analysis of cognitive and attentional profiles in children with and without ADHD
Antioxidant defense in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
Arctic sea ice volume has been above the 2004-2013 mean since June 2, 2018
Arctic’s strongest sea ice breaks up for first time on record
Areas with more alcohol vendors have higher hospital admission rates
Association between passive tobacco exposure and caries in children and adolescents
Association between subclinical thyroid dysfunction and depressive symptoms in the Korean adult population
Australia's climate wars, a decade of dithering
Avocados protect you from diabetes by regulating your cholesterol levels
Bayer vows to up its defence on Roundup lawsuits
Blotting Out the Sun to Save the Earth?
Boysenberry polyphenol inhibits endothelial dysfunction and improves vascular health
Cancer-Causing Weedkiller is in Your Oatmeal, Cereals, and Snacks
Children are up to 44% more likely to survive cancer if they are white
Children with ASD improve insomnia, constipation symptoms using family-driven goals
Chinese Diets Contain Too Much Salt
Cholesterol levels did not increase after high intake of 27% fat Gouda-type cheese
Cobalt Is Africa's New 'Blood Diamond' Thanks To Green Energy
Combined effects of aspirin and vitamin D3 on two OSCC cell lines
Concussion stresses the heart to protect the brain
Continuous nicotine exposure does not affect resurgence of alcohol seeking in rats
Coral-Like Laundry Ball Keeps Tiny Microfibers Out Of Waterways
Could vitamin B3 treat acute kidney injury?
Could Vitamin B3 Treat Acute Kidney Injury?
Dehydration alters human brain shape and activity, slackens task performance
Depressive and socially anxious symptoms, psychosocial maturity, and risk perception
DNA analysis of 6,500-year-old human remains in Israel points to origin of ancient culture
Doctors are learning that one of the best ways to quell inflammation is with the foods you eat
Does human exposure to aluminium have a role to play in autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?
Dr. Chris Exley - Aluminium in Brain Tissue in Multiple Sclerosis
E-cigarettes raise the risk of mouth cancer by damaging DNA
Eating sugar can cause an increase in release of cortisol, which can exacerbate feelings of anxiety
Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Weight Loss, Glycemic Indices
Exercise Really Can Chase Away the Blues
Factory Farming in 2018 - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Final conference on chemicals in dust indoors
Genetic error led humans to evolve bigger, but more vulnerable, brains
Glyphosate Set for Legal Battle in Sri Lanka over Kidney Disease Deaths
Google sued over its user tracking after firm admits it tracks users location after tool is disabled
Gut bacteria could provide key to making 'universal' blood type
Health fear over rise in teens using protein supplements
Healthy diet linked to healthy cellular aging in women
Heatwaves, rains may become more severe as weather...
How Dogs Are Used For Animal Therapy & Why It Works
How Much Damage are Trump’s Solar Tariffs Doing to the U.S. Industry?
How much protein is too much?
How omega-6 vegetable oils increases the risk of numerous chronic diseases
Impact of osteoporosis on the risk of dementia in almost 60,000 patients
Is there a link between autism and PCOS?
Lawsuit says Google tracks phone users regardless of privacy settings
Link Between Vitamin D Levels and Intracranial Volume in Schizophrenia
Mad Scientist Wants To Spend £400bn To Refreeze The Arctic
Medical marijuana can treat a variety of ailments — here's how it works in the body
Midwest summers are much shorter and cooler than they were a century ago
More minorities labeled 'learning disabled' because of social inequities, study finds
More protein after weight loss may reduce fatty liver disease
National geographic photo of the year
Neuroscience Reveals How Yoga Benefits Your Brain
New fathers may undergo hormonal, neural and behavioural changes
New in­form­a­tion on the brain areas linked to tact­ile sense and meta­cog­nit­ive abil­ity
New medical specialty needed to manage growing number of Americans with diabetes
New research reveals how the body clock controls inflammation
New study explains why genetic mutations cause disease in some people but not in others
New Study Trashes Claims CO2 Is Toxic To Humans
No other European country tests children at 16
North Dakota Oil Extraction Leaves the Land Lifeless
Obesity linked to social class
Opioid addiction skyrockets in pregnant women, CDC says
Opioid epidemic – the global spread explained
Parental cancer linked to poorer school grades, educational attainment, and adult earning power
People who look after their teeth are less likely to suffer from insomnia
Poor sleep + type 2 diabetes = Slower wound healing
Rogue proteins may underlie some ALS and frontotemporal dementia cases, says study
Saliva could modify dietary choices
Sam Gardner - Scotland has limitless amounts of renewable energy
Shocking NOAA interactive map reveals two MILLION acres of land is on fire across the United States
Simple leg exercises could reduce impact of sedentary lifestyle on heart and blood vessels
Social media censorship—here are the deep basics
Stool Proteins to Predict Inflammatory Bowel Disease
STRAWBERRIES could help reduce harmful inflammation in the colon
Study details effect of radiation exposure on hormone deficiencies
Study finds racial disparities in prescribing opioids for chronic pain
Sulfoxaflor exposure reduces bumblebee reproductive success
Sunscreen May Harm Baby Fish
The Amount of Toxic Wastewater Produced by Fracking is Unbelievable
The Arctic was supposed to be ice-free in summer by 2013
The French restriction on wireless devices in schools was a campaign promise of President Emmanuel Macron
The lies of Monsanto minions & front groups that Whitewash author Carey Gillam was sacked from Reuters
The pill that lets you control your dreams
Three reasons the US is not ready for the next pandemic
Type 2 diabetic patients on renal replacement therapy
U.S. Children Have Highest Rates of Diabetes and the Most Vaccines in the World.
Ultrasound could improve early detection of vascular diseases, research shows
Underactive thyroid symptoms - Are you at risk?
Vitamin B-3 may treat and prevent acute kidney injury
We will not be silent anymore, female sports reporters in Argentina unite against harrasment
What oil should you cook with to help lower your reading?
Why didn't Monsanto do extensive carcinogenicity testing on its Roundup products?
Why do people bend to the tyrannical pressures of social media?
Young video game addicts targeted with caffeine-heavy pills and powders
Your office may be affecting your health

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