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Nederlandstalig nieuws

NL - Agrochemische Oorlogvoering Tegen De Wereldbevolking
NL - Antarctica ademt CO2 uit
NL - Australische rokers moeten 25 euro per pakje betalen
NL - Bomen verlagen je hartslag en bloeddruk
NL - Britse producenten suikerhoudende dranken passen suikergehalte aan na invoering belasting
NL - Dingen die voor een hooggevoelig persoon vanzelfsprekend zijn, kunnen voor de niet-hooggevoelige partner vreemd zijn
NL - Franse scholier baalt - een nieuwe wet bant het mobieltje uit de klas en van het schoolplein
NL - Glaucoom is misschien wel een auto-immuunziekte
NL - Helpt citroenwater 's ochtends je vermageren?
NL - Maak samen met ons een einde aan de klimaatvernieling van Shell
NL - Meervoudige Chemische Gevoeligheid
NL - Minder bloeddonoren omdat tijgermug meer en meer actief is in Europa
NL - Mobieltjes op school moeten bij wet verboden worden
NL - Moeder waarschuwt ouders voor verdrinking met hartverscheurende foto
NL - Nederlandse kippen hebben het beetje beter, buitenland wil nog plofkip
NL - Plofkip heeft vaak last van pijnlijke voetzweren
NL - Voortrekster MeToo-beweging zelf beschuldigt van seksueel misbruik
NL - Vrachtwagens moeten niet langs scholen rijden
NL - Wat hapert er op aarde?
NL - Yoga is echt een blijver, ook al gaat de populariteit op en neer
NL - Zwitserland, een land zonder bio-industrie

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Video - 4 Things Urban Farmer Curtis Stone Does on his Farm I Would Never Do
Video - Are Animals Conscious?
Video - Drink Watercress Juice To Shield Your Body From 5 Health Problems
Video - Dumped Vehicles Cause Health Risks In Low Income Countries
Video - Low-Carb - Will it Shorten Your Life?
Video - Making cancer as harmless as the common cold | Michio Kaku
Video - Migraines and & Headaches, Cluster vs. Tension, Which Do You Have? Pain Relief
Video - Richard Dolan - Would Disclosure be Good for the World?
Video - The 5 Morals of Yoga
Video - The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods
Video - The Shocking Difference Between White & Brown Eggs
Video - Trump Lies About Opioids
Video - Vaccines - Causing Psychological Disorders & Anorexia In Children - David Icke

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Internationaal nieuws

5G cellphone towers signal renewed concerns over impacts on health
A new generation of artificial retinas based on 2D materials
A Time For Rain - Teaching Our Children About Sadness
Aluminium in Brain Tissue in Multiple Sclerosis
Anti-pollution activists stage protest at Volkswagen's UK headquarters
Astaxanthin - A Mechanistic Review on its Biological Activities and Health benefits
Avoid these alcoholic drinks to keep blood sugar under control
Baby Food Tests Find 68 Percent Contain 'Worrisome' Levels of Heavy Metals
BP and Big Oil Drive Society Over the 'Climate Cliff'
Brain cancer potentially resists immunotherapies by trapping T cells in bone marrow
By 2020, all people in China will have a social credit score
Child passive smoking 'increases chronic lung risk'
Children in humanitarian crises - How the EU can help them
Children were at risk from rickets in Roman times, study shows
Climate change nearing the end-game – unprecedented action is needed
Commercially formulated glyphosate can kill non?target pollinator bees under laboratory conditions
Consuming milk at breakfast lowers blood glucose throughout the day
Coral Bleaching Just As Bad Or Worse 400 Years Ago
Councils urged to suspend use of Roundup or face risk of legal action
Cynobacteria feed on glyphosate while it reaches epic proportions
Diabetics should eat extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil or flaxseed oil.
E-Cigarettes Can Damage DNA
Ethical Guidelines For Scientific Conduct - Free Pdf
Ethiopia opens plant to turn waste into energy
First it was Monsanto, and now...?
French psychiatric hospitals warn of “dire” conditions
Glyphosate sprayed on GMO crops linked to Lake Erie’s toxic algae bloom
Heart surgeon speaks out about the true cause of heart disease
Here’s How To Eat Based On Your Personality With The Archetype Diet
Here’s why the Nordic diet is one of the most popular diet right now
How Monsanto 'Ghostwrites' Scientific Papers
HPV jab doesn't protect against some of the most common strains of it
Hydroelectric Dam Threatens to Wipe Out World's Rarest Ape
Intestinal specialists do not know the practice of spraying grains with glyphosate
Largest oral HPV study in England shows infection rates lower than expected
Leaking blood vessels
Major indigenous alliance declares a plan to save the Amazonas rainforest
Malcolm Turnbull removes all climate change targets from energy policy
Modern myths about cancer – from ‘chemicals’ in food to wifi
Monsanto ruling spurs French Greens to file for glyphosate ban
Most-polluting wood burner fuels due to get the chop
Nanoparticles in our environment may have more harmful effects than we think
Nearly 2 in 5 teen drivers text while driving
New drug that saves 'at risk' youngsters from heart attacks
New evidence suggests strength training can fight off depression
No conspiracy theory any more. BBC aired program boosting sulphur sprayed in atmosphere (SCOPEX)
Organic food is becoming more mainstream (video)
Pain and cancer experts to tackle survivor pain
Rogue proteins may underlie some ALS and frontotemporal dementia cases, says study
Roundup - a Crack in the Wall
Saliva could influence taste preferences
Scientists discover a way to reduce sugar content in cakes by 40%
Scientists suggest therapeutic bathing to treat atopic dermatitis
Shadows on the sunny fad of vitamin D
Sightings, satellites help track giant shark off western France
Simplifying energy switch process boosts savings, study finds
Strawberries Could Help Reduce Harmful Inflammation in the Colon
Study finds racial disparities in prescribing opioids for chronic pain
Taking acetaminophen during pregnancy delays speech development in baby girls
The Amount of Toxic Wastewater Produced by Fracking is Unbelievable
The best food sources of tyrosine, one of the best natural antidepressants
The Holocene Climate Optimum
The link between glyphosate exposure and autism
Think bigger - it’s not just what you eat
This optical illusion could help to diagnose autism in seconds
U.S. government seeks Facebook help to wiretap...
US study reveals 1 in 3 teens have not read a book in the past YEAR
Vaccine Scandal Censorship In America Modeled After Communist China
Vitamin D deficiency is an independent predictor of mortality in patients with chronic heart failure
Weaponizing oxygen to kill infections and disease
Why do I get a headache when I haven’t had my coffee?
Why Treaty Protection Is Needed for Migratory Pollinators
World Famous Holistic doctor suddenly shuts clinic after death threats

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