Het leefbewust journaal - 20 december 2018




'Verbijstering' om goedkeuring apenproeven
17,5 procent van de kinderen tussen negen en elf jaar kampt met een verminderd gehoor
Belastingdienst mag BSN niet meer gebruiken in btw-identificatienummer
BPRC mag 200 apen gebruiken voor dierproeven
Burgemeester Brussel wilde zoveel mogelijk arrestaties
Commerciële visbestanden Noordzee ontwikkelen zich goed
Comorbiditeit bij hartfalen
Contracten zorgverzekeraars en ziekenhuizen weer niet op tijd Afgesloten
De toekomst van het Nederlandse boerenbedrijf ligt in de jaren vijftig
Drinkwaterbedrijven betalen te weinig schadevergoeding - 'Boeren lopen veel geld mis'
Dyslexie is blijvende stoornis
Eiwit en inspanning stimuleren nachtelijke spieropbouw bij ziekenhuispatiënt
Engelse gezondheidsautoriteit onderzoekt reeks verlammingen bij kinderen
Gedeputeerde Hofstra moet opheldering geven over afschot
Geef kinderen onder de zes geen rijstwafels
GGZ Nederland komt in verweer tegen suïcide-ramp
Grote meerderheid Nederlanders wil af van verzetten klok
Heckrunderen en konikpaarden mogen worden bijgevoerd
Heeft u een echte kerstboom en huisdieren ?
Hoe meet ik luchtkwaliteit?
Hoe ouder je wordt, hoe minder je sport
Hoe rijker, hoe viezer
Hoogleraar voorziet voedselschaarste en conflict
Impact verkeer kost Europa jaarlijks 1000 miljard euro
Kamerbrief melding over Huis voor klokkenluiders
KNSB-arts bood in jaren 80 profschaatsers doping aan
KPN blijft leuren met zendmast in Bosschenhoofd
Landbouw kan uitstoot sterk terugdringen tegen 2050
Lichtvervuiling kan slapeloosheid bij ouderen veroorzaken
Minister steunt ziekenhuizen die dure medicijnen namaken
Noordzeevissers slepen hun netten vaak door beschermde natuurgebieden
Oppositie gefrustreerd over hogere energierekening voor volgend jaar
Opvang zit vol met hongerige egels
Parlement en EU-lidstaten akkoord over verbod op wegwerpplastic
PDF - De duistere kant van de entertainmentindustrie
PvdD Flevoland wil van gedeputeerde Hofstra af
Rode wijn uitlokker van migraine aanvallen
Stop racende maaltijdkoerier
Te diep in het vaasje gekeken ?
Urgenda-belofte kabinet was loos
Van start met je eigen luchtmeting
Vanmorgen vloog ze nog. Totdat ze de windturbine tegenkwam.
Verplaatsing grote grazers Oostvaardersplassen van tafel
Wat doet antibiotica met ons afweersysteem?
Wat mag je dronken besturen ?
Weer wat verboden door de EU - wegwerpplastic
Zorg, neem afstand van VBHC


6700 ton vervuilde grond van Vink in Barneveld, maar gemeente weet niet waar
Actrice Sofie Hoflack over onderwijs en het leven
Can't sleep? Easy, boil a banana peel before bed
CDC Adds 3 More Vaccines To Injure/Kill Children
Dr Tom O'Bryan Dietary Triggers of Pain and Inflammation
Dr. Mercola Interviews Bruce Ames on His Triage Theory of Nutrients
Dr. Peter Breggin, MD Interviewed for Documentary
Ecologie als leidraad voor economie
Food & Gut Bacteria Balance + Carbs & Brain Health w/ David Perlmutter, MD
Global Dirty Coal Subsidies
Good and Bad Genes for Your Heart
Is Facebook Crackdown on Fake News a Sham
It was her first time feeling such a thing...
Passing a Kidney Stone? DO THIS FAST...
Relieve Back Pain Naturally With One Of These Remedies
Samen Minder | Voedselverspilling | WUR
Scientists Warn of Health Effects 5G Small Cell Roundtable
The Natural Nurse And Dr. Z - Hormones and Chronic Pain
The Pleiadians, There is a Drastic Change Going On Right Now
The Sacred Plant - Healing Secrets Examined - Episode 7
Ultra Relaxing Massage & Guided Meditation
Using the Courts to Stop Offshore Oil Drilling
Vaccines - Who is Responsible for Their Safety? (Part 2)
Waterless Chinese eco-loo turns poo into fertiliser in just 10 hours
Werkgroep woedend om 'kaalslag' op Landgoed Warnsborn
Why are we seeing mass shootings in our schools, churches and public places?
Woman at War - Trailer - eng


150+ companies thrived on Facebook user data under secretive ‘partnership’ deals
5G Dangers, 5th Generation Wireless Technology. Health and Environmental Impacts
Addicted to Vaped Nicotine, Teenagers Have No Clear Path to Quitting
Alcoholic beverages are frequently considered migraine triggers
Almonds should be the go-to snack for people watching their weight because they don't release as much fat into the body
Animal Activists Sue to Stop Seismic-Mapping Companies Harming Marine Life
Are Reported Milk Allergies Fake News Propagated by Formula Makers?
Argentina Creates Mandatory Vaccination Law For Passport, ID
Authorities BAN popular textured breast implants from use in Europe amid growing fears they could cause cancer
Banning sweets at supermarket checkouts 'works'
Bayer-Monsanto Bleeding Out! 44% Drop! Mainstream Media Silent
Big Oil Hired Jerry Brown’s Close Friend to Lobby Him For Years
Biologists identify promising drug for ALS treatment
Birthweight and early pregnancy body mass index may risk pregnancy complications
Boy died 14 years after being shaken as a baby leaving him with ‘traumatic brain injuries’
Breast implants linked to cancer withdrawn from sale in Europe
Can a 10-minute, non-stressful exercise help stimulate your memory?
Can Rivers Cause Earthquakes?
Cannabis found to alter genetic profile of sperm
Christmas shoppers warned to avoid plastic toys due to toxin levels
Cup of kindness from clinicians an elixir for patient health
Dancing the one form of exercise that keeps older women active
Deadly pesticide found in rice that killed 15 in India
Depression and anxiety could be as harmful as smoking and obesity
Did you know that the Earth loses several hundred tons of atmosphere to space every day?
Disturbing increase in violence against journalists worldwide
Documents Reveal How Monsanto & The EPA Bury Cancer Research
EU fishing quotas pose risk to some stocks, say campaigners
Exercise could be as good as drugs at cutting high blood pressure
Federal Agency Asks Public To Send Studies On Marijuana And Alzheimer’s Disease
First European agreement on recycled fertilisers
Fix SAD with lights, therapy, exercise
Food allergies linked to increased disease activity in multiple sclerosis
Food insecurity linked with binge-eating disorder and obesity
Former Greek politician BLASTS Brussels for making people 'POWERLESS'
Gently stroking babies 'provides pain relief'
Ghana's e-waste dumpsite - Pollution 'could get into breast milk'
Girl, 9, who suffered up to 300 seizures a day returns home after cannabis treatment
Global warming didn't pause -- researchers disentangle 'hiatus' confusion
Gut microbiome regulates the intestinal immune system
High blood pressure - Why you shouldn’t ignore a painful headache
How African cities can harness green technologies for growth and jobs
How Greenland could become China's Arctic base
How lives are transformed when people get access to clean water
HPV Vaccine – Informed Consent Must be Facilitated
Is There a Link Between LASIK and Suicide?
Is there a middle ground in the vaccine-autism debate?
Jamie Oliver is burnishing Shell's reputation – and tarnishing his own
Morning lark or night owl?
New study claims that more than 200 peer-reviewed climate science papers are fatally flawed
New study links a junk food diet to a higher risk of depression
New Study Shows Dead Bacteria Can Soak Up Antibiotics to Help Their Community Survive
One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth About Human Retroviruses and Chronic Disease
Pesticides remain hazards in the EU because of weak safety regulations
Plastic pollution threatening the health of baby sea turtles
Possible biomarker for multiple sclerosis identified
Possible biomarker for multiple sclerosis identified
Prions Detected in Eyes of Patients With Brain Disease
Repeated Antibiotic Use in Children Can Lead to Mental Illness
Research sheds new light on what drove last, long-term global climate shift
Severe Bullying Alters Adolescents’ Brain Structures, Reveals A New Study
Stress related responses regulate immune function
Today's children reach bone maturity earlier, study reveals
Toxic pesticide U.N. had urged banned found in temple food that killed 15 in India
Treant Zorggroep zorgvuldiger met inzetten antibiotica
Twofold overweight risk for five-year-olds given milk cereal drinks in infancy
US sportswear traced to factory in China’s internment camps
Want cleaner air in your home? Researchers modify common houseplant to remove toxins from your rooms
Want to lose weight? It is all in the MIND
Why The Climate Industrial Complex Is Spending Billions On ‘Settled Science’
Women told mammogram was a 'false positive' are twice as likely as those with negative result to end up with cancer
Yale scientists zero in on a cause of deadly brain bleeds in babies

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