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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Antwoorden op Kamervragen over het levend ontvinnen van een haai in Caraibisch gebied
Bijna 2000 herten mogen worden afgeschoten
Biologische melkboeren in de knel door het korte termijn denken
Bouw windmolenpark op zee van start, met turbines hoger dan de Euromast
Chemiereuzen lobbyen tegen transparantieregels
Chlorella vergroot VO2max
D66 pleit voor meer openbare toiletten
Doorbreek taboe op huiselijk geweld tegen mannen
Een kijkje in de glazen bol van je genen
Frankrijk boycot producten die worden gelinkt aan houtkap
Gala moet vrouwenkwaaltjes uit de taboesfeer halen
Gevolgen huiselijk geweld in Nederland veel erger dan gedacht
Hormoontherapie prostaatkanker en hoger risico op hartfalen
Maitreya, de Wereldleraar
Maken koolhydraten dik?
Mogelijkheden van mediamanipulatie
Protocol Schimmelziekte test met hartslag saturatiemeter
Rechter - afschieten edelherten Oostvaardersplassen mag beginnen
Sinds 2015 is het aantal dierenklinieken met 13 procent gegroeid
Spaanse katholieke kerk geeft misbruik toe
Speciale gevelverf én wind moeten luchtvervuiling in Antwerpen aanpakken
Tot de jaren zeventig lagen kinderen eenzaam en alleen in ziekenhuis
UMCG start met structurele inzet exoskelet
Vergeet ICNIRP – Liever biologische blootstellingscriteria voor elektromagnetische velden
Waarom chocolade blij maakt
Wie verzint het om ‘water van restaurantkwaliteit’ te verkopen?
Wijdverspreide ontstekingen in hersenen fibromyalgiepatiënten
WKZ start onderzoek naar kinderen met Q-koorts



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APK voor olifanten in speciale kliniek in India
Atmospheric Structures in the Global Electric Circuit
Betaal niet voor telefonisch bedrog
California Is Suffocating From Carbon Monoxide California Fires
Dealing With Toxic Clouds in California - Dr Len Saputo
Edwin ter Velde van Clean2Antarctica vertelt over een bijzondere expeditie
Europe Is Entering a Mini Ice Age
Foods With Strongest Link To Cancer by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
Giant kelp restoration project in Tasmania
Home Cold and Flu remedies
How to manage pests without chemical pesticides
Maarten Stapper - The Soil Scientist (Part 2)
Memory Loss and the Hippocampus
Mexicola - Diabetes spike in town where Cola used as drinking water
Puppy too injured to get to food and water rescued
Smartphone Radiation Triggers Memory Loss in Teens That Hold Phone To Right Ear
The Best Tips to Get Back on Track with Keto
The Truth Behind Liver Health, Hormones & Lipid Levels
Toxic Depleted Uranium Ammunition Being Used by U.S. Military
Understand your own mind and goals via bullet journaling | Ryder Carroll
Use Inositol for PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
Waarom is er meer MS in België dan in Costa Rica?
Watch this before you get your next FLU SHOT
Why Are Silicon Valley Workers Banning Their Children From Using Tech?
Why Do We Need To Sprout Our Beans, Whole Grains And Seeds?
Why the Common Good Disappeared and How We Get It Back
Yoga for Deep Relaxation & Sleep with Julia Marie

Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

12 Anti-Aging Herbs and Nutrients
A molecule for fighting muscular paralysis
A2 milk - still making claims based on industry-funded research
Africa doesn't need GMO mosquitoes, says African scientist
Africa is not poor, we are stealing its wealth
Alcohol-impaired driving and drinking at private residences
Antibiotic resistant genes are showing up in Antarctic penguins
Are recreational marijuana companies' social media posts compliant with regulations?
As Autism Ages - What's Your Biggest Worry?
Bayer CEO - Roundup Weedkiller Cancer Victims Are 'Nuisances'
Bullying and violence at work increases the risk of cardiovascular disease
California recommends restrictions for popular pesticide
California’s farmworkers are still working despite deadly wildfires
Can Music Therapy Reduce Stress and Anxiety?
Cancer Cells Move Like Predators On The Prowl, Researchers Say
Children eat more food when they prepare it themselves
Concomitant use of sleeping pills and strong painkillers is common among people with Alzheimer’s disease
Consumers' preferences for freezing of meat to prevent toxoplasmosis
Diet tips for women with polycystic ovary syndrome
Do organic farmers feel happier than conventional ones?
Does an 'echo chamber' of information impede flu vaccination for children?
Drug used for PTSD may worsen nightmares, not reduce suicidal thoughts
Ethnicity Plays A Role In Diabetes Drug Selection
Europe’s packaging headache
Exploring the genetic contribution to suicide risk
Good fat vs. bad fat vs. high carb vs. low carb
High-fat diet 'lowers risk of dementia'
How weighted blankets can benefit your health
Intake of medium-chain fatty acids induces myocardial oxidative stress and atrophy
Is Negative Self-Talk Ruining Your Happiness?
Is the gut or the brain more important in regulating appetite and metabolism?
Israel Will Ban Gasoline & Diesel Vehicles After 2030
It’s time for Scots to turn down the heat and step away from their microwaves...
Kelp ban ‘could see Scotland lose out on £300m industry’
Less sunlight can trigger depression
Letter from John Ioannidis to the Danish Minister of Health in defence of Peter Gøtzsche
Living in a cold, dark climate more likely to lead to heavy drinking
Mediterranean diet reduces inflammation and degradation of cartilage in osteoarthritis patients
Mercury pollution in modern times and its socio-medical consequences
More people suffer from heart attacks in bad weather
Morning Stiffness - Causes and Tips to Manage
Natural chemicals produced by vegetables like kale and broccoli help maintain a
healthy gut and prevent colon cancer
Negligible risk of transmitting HIV during sex when viral load is suppressed
Neonicotinoids may make young wood frogs more vulnerable to predators
New blood test detects early stage ovarian cancer
New drug discovery could halt spread of brain cancer
New study proves 'calories in, calories out' is complete BS
New treatment to protect people with peanut allergies ready for FDA review
Noise pollution in hospitals -- a rising problem
Ocean warming
One in 5 kids with food allergies treated in emergency department in past year
Peer Review And 'Pal Review' In Climate Science
Preserving shoulder function, quality of life, in breast cancer patients
Preventive and therapeutic effects of vitamin D in a mouse model of allergic asthma
Real-world cell phone radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposures
Remote tribes reveal rapid changes to gut microbiome in shift from hunter-gathering to farming
Residual inflammation risk affects outcomes after percutaneous coronary intervention
Shoulder 'brightness' on ultrasound may be a sign of diabetes
Skeletal imitation reveals how bones grow atom-by-atom
Spanking in developing countries does more harm than good
Study of two tribes sheds light on role of Western-influenced diet in blood pressure
Study of Two Tribes Sheds Light on Role of Western-Influenced Diet in Blood Pressure
Study shows pesticide exposure can dramatically affect bees behavior
The 'cleaners' deciding in secret what social media users across the world can see - at a price
The challenge of tackling aviation’s non-CO2 emissions
The Voices of Amazon Women and a Visionary Declaration to Protect Indigenous Lands
Toxic mercury poisoning the Amazon
UCLA cell study reveals how head injuries lead to serious brain diseases
Use of penicillin early in life, even in low doses, affects the gut microbiome
Walking backwards can boost your short-term memory
What does a persistent bloom of algae indicate about the health of the planet?
Why Europe should back a robust whistleblowers directive
Why is the skincare industry still ignoring people of colour?
Women more resilient to extreme physical activity than previously reported

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