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Nederlandstalig nieuws

"Super-Aarde" in onze kosmische achtertuin gevonden
Amazonewoud hobbelt achter de klimaatverandering aan
Animal Rights dient klacht in tegen ‘horror-kippenschuur’ in Tollebeek
Arts Frits van der Blom legt uit hoe homeopathie werkt
Bestrijdingsmiddelen verstoren het leven in slootjes
Blaasontsteking beter vaststellen bij ouderen
Cardiovasculair risico bij hoge dosering van PPI’s
Colombia moet tsunami aan plastic het hoofd bieden
De luchtvaart voelt de hete adem van de milieuclubs
Frankrijk gaat import palmolie en soja verbieden
GroenLinks ontevreden over antwoorden op Kamervragen gebrekkige pleegzorg
Herkomst van een derde van het rundvlees in onze supermarkten onbekend
Het prijskaartje van katoen
Het schandaal dat 50 jaar kon voortbestaan
In Europa stijgt sterfte aan pancreaskanker
Is het kind nog waardevol?
Ministers Bruins en De Jonge creëren onrust in de medische wereld
Nog iemand een burn-out?
Patrick Kicken over zijn burn-outklachten
Productie van pluimveevlees verschuift naar Oost-Europa
Slecht geheugen? Kurkuma helpt om beter te onthouden
Slechts vijf procent werkgevers biedt 57 procent arbeidsbeperkten baan
Te weinig ziekenhuispersoneel voor bevallingen
Wat te doen bij koolstofmonoxidevergiftiging
Werkomgeving bepalend voor psychische stress bij hoog-risico beroepen

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Ahealthylife - populaire blog van Juglen Zwaan

De laatste videoclips

Antioxidants Control the Leaves Changing Color In The Fall
Beating Diabetes with a Ketogenic Diet and Lifestyle
De groene illusie; Maarten van Andel en Marcel Crok
De voedselindustrie gaf 1 miljard uit om waarschuwing op etiketten te gaan
Dr. Spencer Nadolsky and I discuss high cholesterol on a low carb diet
Drinking Cola Raises Your Cancer Risk Because Of Caramel Coloring
Excess Hormones Cause Cancer by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
How Does Your Sense of Smell = Brain Health? - Dr. Tom O'Bryan
How to manage pests without chemical pesticides in tomato production
How Your Lymph System Helps You Detox
Ingekorte versie permacultuur
Koeien weg bij zorgboerderij
Lawsuit against McDonald's over Happy Meal toy marketing
Medische naald geïnspireerd op legboor van sluipwesp | WUR
Mistletoe - A Beneficial Supplement in Integrative Cancer Care
Molecular Hydrogen Always Does Good
Nieuw immuuntherapie-medicijn tegen kanker
Out of Season Climate Chaos
Plant Based Diets Impact On Existing Diseases by Brenda Davis, R.D.
The Best Way to Cook Sweet Potatoes
The Powerful and Caring Mission of Dr. Andrew Wakefield
The secret to satisfaction
There Are 2 Big Pharma Lobbyists for Every Member of Congress
What Women Must Know – The Best Flu Prevention Strategies with Keith Moeller
Why Do You Have to Drink Olive Oil During a Liver Cleanse?

Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

15-minute scan diagnose brain damage in newborns
A Hormone-Disrupting Weed Killer May Be in Your Tap Water
A lowcarb diet increased metabolic rate by over 200kcal/day vs. a low-fat diet
A quercetin-tocotrienols combination combats cancer
Acupuncture may be effective in improving cognitive function in vascular dementia animal models
Alcohol ads with pro-drinking comments on Facebook boost desire to drink
An American Fukushima waiting to happen?
Another Doomsday Climate Model Flunks A Math Test
Antioxidative stress effects of vitamins C, E, and B12
Are almonds beneficial for people with diabetes?
California judge orders next Monsanto weed-killer cancer trial for March
Caregiver's poor knowledge of asthma means longer hospital stay for child
Climate Contrarian Uncovers Big Scientific Error
Co Kildare teenager calls for warning those with weak immune systems before getting HPV vaccine
Coffee Tastes Bitter, So Why Do People Drink It?
Construction workers lead in U.S. suicide rates
Dangerous Levels of Mercury Found in Skin Creams Purchased on Amazon, eBay
Decorated Vermont veteran exposed to burn pits dies after cancer fight
Diabetes spike in Mexican town where Coca-Cola used as drinking water
Diesel pollution stunts children’s lung growth, major study shows
Doing This One Thing May Help Your Eyes
Dry eye syndrome slows reading rate, study suggests
Eating a low-gluten, high-fiber diet changes bacteria in the gut
Eczema - the shower trick to get rid of dry and itchy skin at home
Effect of sun exposure on cognitive function among elderly individuals in Northeast China
EU Commission defends animal welfare efforts
Flaws in industry-funded pesticide evaluation
Friends and family increase the risk of children becoming smokers in the UK
Future wheat harvests very vulnerable to disease, warn experts
Genetic Variants in Caffeine Perception
Genetics Shown to Have Limited Influence on Longevity
Governments, electric vehicles and solar power are fuelling a boom in demand for battery
How does alcohol affect your brain?
How enzymes keep you healthy
How sperm find their way
Immunity connects gut bacteria and aging
Inflammation Implicated In Diabetic Kidney Disease
Is A Drink A Day Bad Advice?
Joint pain and swelling -- when symptoms masquerade as arthritis
Low carb diets are still a metabolic mystery
Lower-cost air quality monitors measured pollutants in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
Many Americans May Have Prediabetes and Not Know It
Maternal vitamin D and E intakes in pregnancy and asthma to age 15 years
Medicinal mushroom found to be an effective natural treatment for bronchial asthma
Meditation Helps Vets with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Milk allergy affects half of US food-allergic kids under age 1
Mississippi study examines if marijuana can cut seizures
New promising compound against heart rhythm disorders and clogged arteries
New research finds omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of premature birth
New study aims to reduce the use of oral antibiotics for ear infections in children
New study reveals connection between climate, life and the movement of continents
Nightingale's technology links chronic inflammation with disease risk and shorter lifespan
Omega-3 fatty acids found to control non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Omega-3 supplements in pregnancy reduce the risk of premature birth
Particles from the Sun to HIT Earth on November 18
Polar bear numbers in the Chukchi Sea between Russia and Alaska have climbed to 3,000
Polar bears are threatening native Inuit populations, warns controversial government report
Protective effects of N-acetyl-cysteine in mitochondria bioenergetics, oxidative stress
Resistant bacteria - Can raw vegetables and salad pose a health risk?
Secondhand marijuana smoke causes asthma symptoms in child allergic to cannabis
Secret videos reveal workers beating sheep on English and Scottish farms
Seeing cell membranes in new light
Should you eat a low-gluten diet?
Six artificial flavors are being ordered out of the food supply
Smoke From California Wildfires Affecting Millions Of People Far From Fire Zones
Social media is affecting the way we view our bodies -- and not in a good way
Soy found to be ‘unfit for human consumption’
Spirulina platensis and silicon-enriched spirulina equally improve glucose tolerance
Starch-based diet helping with multiple sclerosis, man claims
Sucking your baby's pacifier may benefit their health
Sugar Delivery Fuels Early Lung Cancer Tumor Growth
The B vitamin supplement vital for proper brain function
The Relationship between Vitamin D Status and the Menstrual Cycle in Young Women
Too much mTOR is Linked to Diabetes and Aging
Toxins override key immune system check
Ulcers from diabetes? New shoe insole could provide healing
UMN researchers discover important connection between cells in the liver
Upheaval in the chemicals industry
Vietnam veterans and agent orange exposure -- new report
What is the best diet for a healthy heart?
Why skimping on sleep could be making you FAT
Women build less effective professional networks than men as they underestimate self-worth
World's most popular cereals contain ingredients that are registered with EPA as "biopesticides"
Your Diet's Effect On The Immune System
Your severe eczema may best be treated by allergy shots

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