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Nederlandstalig nieuws

'Waarom ben je zo stil?' Waarom introverten vaak niet worden begrepen
Amsterdam dupe van 'te soepele' regels voor schadelijk fijnstof
Antibiotica Ciprofloxacine heeft dramatische gevolgen voor mitochondriale genoom
Astma of ADHD door vieze lucht
De enzymen die vitamine D in voeding omzetten in zijn actieve vorm hebben magnesium nodig
De moeizame weg van genezen naar voorkomen
De Nederlandse natuur leidt onder de hoge stikstofuitstootvan veeteelt
Dieselschandaal Duitsland leidt nu ook naar Opel
Dr. Scott Reuben (Pfizer) werkte mee aan verzonnen onderzoeksresultaten
Fijnstofnorm moet snel strenger, gezondheid niet beschermd
Groot datalek bij Achmea
Herstellend van een hartaanval? Houd de antibiotica buiten.
Het verbaast me dat er geen onafhankelijke voorlichtingsdienst is voor de landbouw
Hoe zware industrie het landschap kan verwoesten, dat is nu te zien in Museum Helmond
Ierse runderen vaak slecht behandeld 'Keurmerk stelt niets voor'
Ik heb prima pompoenen maar de supermarkten willen ze niet
Ingetrokken (omgekeerde) tepels
Kamerbrief over 'Gezond vertrouwen' over ontwikkeling van het Wmo-toezicht
Kankerstamcellen gebruiken normale genen op een abnormale manier
Koks presenteren snoepgroenten 'nieuwe stijl'
Luchtwachters de straat op met spandoeken
Medicatie tegen kanker - zijn je genen de sleutel?
Norm luchtvervuiling is een fopnorm
Norm voor schadelijk fijnstof deugt niet
Overzicht meldingen laagfrequent geluid 2018
Pak je hoge bloeddruk aan
Pak snoepreclame op scholen en in games aan
Politie redt hond op nippertje uit hete auto
Revolutie in jeugdzorg nodig
Systematisch twijfel gezaaid in glyfosaat-rapport
Vruchten plukken van voedselverspilling
Waarom online woede veel effectiever de aandacht trekt dan blijmakende knuffeltweetjes
Wakker Dier undercover - onverdoofde castraties, vieze stallen Iers rundvee
Zeeuwse zorginstelling is in nood maar toezichthouders verhogen eigen beloning
Ziekenhuizen leren meer van elkaars calamiteiten
Ziekteverzuim in de zorg zorgwekkend
Zoete zonde - de impact van 5 soorten suiker

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Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

A damning report should spell the end of England’s privatised water industry
A Former Agbiotech Insider Wants His GMO Crops Pulled
A nano stress reliever for sepsis
A natural treatment for PCOS - Vitamin D
Abnormal vision in childhood can affect brain functions
Access to seed is access to food
Acupuncture for treating whiplash-associated disorder
Air Pollution Could Reduce Your Intelligence
Air pollution from domestic burning
Although CO2 has risen significantly since 1998, global temperature did not show any significant increase
Ancient Egyptian pigment can boost energy efficiency
Aspirin No Longer Preventative Drug for Cardiovascular Disease
Astria says diet rich in Vitamin D may reduce breast cancer risk by 40%
Australian women will be able to have babies without males, fertility expert says
B12 - The ‘tingling pain’ in the hands you shouldn’t ever ignore
Banned plastics - European Parliament’s list grows longer
Benzodiazepines in patients with COPD and PTSD may increase suicide risk
Best nuts to include in your diet to help lower your reading blood pressure
Biobank Data Suggest Vitamin D Reduces Risk for Multiple Sclerosis
Black Flu - Why should we remember 1918 influenza pandemic?
Book - the great health scam
Boswellia is an herbal extract and essential oil, also known as frankincense
Breast cancer - Omega-3-rich diet may stop tumors from spreading
Breastfeeding protects infants from antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Bug Behind Stomach Cancer Also Linked to Colon Cancer
Calm the immune system, halt premature birth
Can the 5G network be weaponized?
Cancer stem cells use normal genes in abnormal ways
Children 'should be weighed up to age 18', report says
Could it be possible to eliminate clogged arteries?
Curcumin — A Novel Treatment Alternative for Depression
Debate over medical benefits of marijuana use unsettled
Despite sea level rise, Tuvalu Islands surface area have grown 3% over the past decades
Diabetic patients are more at risk of death from alcohol, accidents and suicide
Do cannabinoids ease multiple sclerosis symptoms?
Doctors move away from using live animals for trauma surgery training
Doctors' group confirms toxic pesticides not needed in parks, green spaces
Does climate vary more from century to century when it is warmer?
Does Tea Dehydrate You?
Dutch-German filmmaker receives THREATS after showing climate-critical film
Dwarf planet outside the solar system could be evidence of NIBIRU
Early Alzheimer's brain pathology linked to psychiatric symptoms
Eating for two? Feeding habits during pregnancy may have lasting consequences
Effects of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption on Risk of Asthma, Wheezing and Immune Responses
Endurance exercise training has beneficial effects on gut microbiota composition
Entry and Deposit of Aluminum in the Brain
EPA Cuts Science Panel That Reviewed Deadly Air Pollutants
Epigenetic Memories are Passed Down 14 Successive Generations
Experts have called one of the causes of headaches upon awakening
Facebook's and Google’s Breaches Show It’s Time for an Internet Bill of Rights
FDA warns e-cigarette makers against marketing to children
First Peoples populated America long before Europeans arrived to stake their claim
Flu Shots During Pregnancy - Insufficient Data to Inform Vaccine-Associated Risk
Four ways to STOP bed bug bites and avoid an infestation in your home
GABA Receptors Are Normal in People with Autism
Genetics, Not Diet, Is the Likely Cause of Gout
Global study finds youngest in class more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD
Half of parents say their preschooler fears doctor's visits
Haplotypes in vitamin D receptor gene encode risk in diabetic nephropathy
Harvard and the Brigham call for 31 retractions of cardiac stem cell research
High level of glyphosate found in UK children's cereals
High-Quality Diet Linked to Better Outcomes in Bipolar Disorder
Higher risk of alcohol- and suicide-related death in diabetes
How French Women Stay Slim Without Dieting
How Low Ferritin Levels Affect Female Runners
How mindfulness-based practices can help you lose weight
How wool pyjamas can help you have a better night's sleep
If cannabis use increases after legalization, government must alter the act
In Vitro Fermentation of Selected Prebiotics and Their Effects on the Composition and Activity of the Adult Gut Microbiota
Intermittent fasting may help fight type 2 diabetes
Is Sorbitol Safe for Your Health?
It took 45 years and mountains of additional science to finally defeat big tobacco. Handley calls autism tobacco 2.0.
Jeffrey Smith interviews Dr. Don Huber on the ravaging effects of Roundup
Junk digital diet - Children drowning in visual equivalent of eating 'pizza and sweets'
Killing Viruses with UV Light
Lab to study impact of genetics, microbiome on substance use
Link between Gut Flora and Multiple Sclerosis Discovered
Males have greater reproductive success if they spend more time taking care of kids
Man credited with decriminalizing drugs in Portugal not sure legal cannabis is the right move
Many cases of dementia may arise from non-inherited DNA 'spelling mistakes'
Medical marijuana for symptoms in patients with multiple sclerosis
Medical Marijuana Works Better Than Pharmaceuticals For Anxiety
More clues revealed in link between normal breast changes and invasive breast cancer
Moving location of fruit and vegetables in shops can lead to 15% sales increase
N-Acetyl Cysteine Supplement Minimize Tau Expression and Neuronal Loss in Animal Model of Alzheimer's Disease
N-acetylcysteine add-on treatment leads to an improvement of fornix white matter integrity in early psychosis
Nice kids come last - new study finds agreeable personalities have less money
Norway burying Nazi submarine in sand to stem leak of toxic chemicals
Osthole prevents tamoxifen-induced liver injury in mice
Overdiagnosis 'epidemic' the target of new alliance of Australian medical professionals
Pain disruption therapy treats source of chronic back pain
Parental exposure to glyphosate before a child’s conception linked to brain cancer
PDF - The Climategate Emails
Postpartum depression linked to mother's pain after childbirth
Potential role of ?-lipoic acid and Ginkgo biloba against silver nanoparticles-induced neuronal apoptosis and blood-brain barrier impairments in rats
Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in postmenopausal high- and low-energy fracture patient
Princess Eugenie's dress showed off her scoliosis scar
Quercetin, a plant pigment, helps neutralize damage from toxic pesticides
Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, screen time, and emotional and behavioural problems in 5-year-old children
Researchers say irrigating vegetables with wastewater spreads disease
Role of betaine in liver injury induced by the exposure to ionizing radiation
Scientists are seriously worried that smallpox will be weaponized
Scientists discover four new types of human blood cells in latest medical breakthrough
Scientists discovered genes that contribute to the ADHD development
Scientists find missing piece in glacier melt predictions
Seed oils are better for cholesterol than olive oil
Senate Democrats highlight use of tobacco playbook to implement Trump’s anti-EPA agenda
SERALINI - The taste of pesticides in wines
Serum vitamin D level and its relation to thyroid hormone, blood sugar and lipid profiles in Iranian sedentary work staff
Sit-stand desks may improve job performance, psychological health
So many people have had their DNA sequenced that they’ve put other people’s privacy in jeopardy
Study - Ketogenic diet appears to prevent cognitive decline in mice
The Extreme Dangers Posed By “Smart Meters”
The Good Sugar that Might Help You Lose Weight
The health innovation system is 'broken' and failing patients, warns UCL report
The lab grown retina that reveals the secret of how we see in color
The Three Stooges of Science Denial - The Genetic Literacy Project, Sense About Science, and STATS
The Tragic Story of How an Addiction Podcast Grew into a Recovery Community
Trump Signs 2 Drug Pricing Bills, HHS Secretary Promises 'More to Come'
Trump’s EPA fights to keep controversial insecticide in use
Two seemingly opposing forces in the brain actually cooperate to enhance memory formation
UK Allows Medical Cannabis Use From November 2018
USC analysis solves puzzle of poor cancer prognosis in young Americans
What Is In Your Dietary Supplements? Study Reveals Unapproved Ingredients
When ignoring your spouse can help your relationship
Why your gut needs resistant starch to thrive
Will a Sexbot Destroy Your Marriage?
Withaferin A, a novel compound of Indian ginseng (Withania somnifera), ameliorates Cerulein-induced acute pancreatitis
Women's unpaid work worth billions
Would you eat insects to save the planet from global warming? | Jessica Brown

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