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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Californië dwong vaccinaties tot een flagrante schending van de Neurenberg-code
D-mannose bij recidiverende urineweginfecties
De druk van vegan zijn maakte me ongelukkig
De grootste veroorzaker van auto-immuniteit ziekten tegenwoordig
Deze drie voedingsapps nemen het niet zo nauw met je privacy
Diabetesverpleegkundige vertelde hem nooit over het koolhydraatarm eetpatroon
FAVV roept met pcb's besmette eieren terug
Gebruik diclofenac heeft meer risico dan andere NSAID’s
Gemeenten krijgen helft minder bezwaarschriften Wmo
Grotere hersenen hebben hoger risico op kanker
Hoestsiroop / neusspray kunnen schadelijk zijn onder de zes jaar
Incompetente bestuurders staan zelfsturing in de weg
Kleinschalige woonzorghuizen leunen te veel op huisartsen
Klimaatopwarming maakt insecten minder vruchtbaar
Klokkenluider Joop Hueting overleden
Kritiek op behandeling vee in Europa
Microsoft Office een risico voor privacy gebruikers
Muziek als medicijn voor zieke kinderen
Nieuwe behandeling alvleesklierkanker in Erasmus MC door Support Casper
Ook wilde dieren hebben plastic in uitwerpselen
Overheid laat mensen in Groningen in de kou zitten
Roken is voortaan taboe op scholen, zorginstellingen
Urgenda kost burger bakken belastinggeld
Veiligheid boven privacy
Verzet tegen nieuwe windmolens in Halen
Voel jij je ook regelmatig futloos en 'op' na een werkdag?
Voor miljoenen aan medicijnen verspild
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De laatste videoclips

Boer Marc verbouwt op zoute grond
Causes of Workplace Burnout
Consuming Too Much Protein Is Counterproductive To Building Muscles
De oplossing voor het mestprobleem is minder vee
Do Vaccines In The United States Still Contain Mercury? How About Aluminum?
Duurzaam vliegen, kan dat wel?
From Fasting to Fast Food
How To Make Vitamin C Powder At Home For Immune System Support
Ik vind het zeer pijnlijk hoeveel er in Groningen is kapotgemaakt
Is Fluoride in Your Water Safe to Drink
Je eigen verduurzaming
Mike Papantonio Takes On Major Environmental Polluter DuPont In “The Devil We Know”
Nutrients for Memory - Hawaii Dementia Prevention Trial - Steve Blake
Permafrost Melt Fires may Accelerate Greenland Melt
Radical Remissions What we can learn from Remarkable Cancer Survivors about How to Live
Rescuers pull dog from frozen lake in Chita
Sander de Kramer werd wakker en hoorde een piep die nooit meer wegging
Solar Researchers Try to Warn About Global Food Shortages
Suppression of Effective CANCER Treatments
The Future of Food is Better Than We Thought with Walter Robb
Universitair docent UvA 'Collega's zijn bezweken aan een burn-out'
Vriendinnen zagen burn out allang aankomen
Wat is een Tiny Forest?

Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

1 In 4 Statisticians Pressured To Commit Scientific Fraud
10 people die from illicit drug overdoses every day in Canada, study suggests
25 Hydroxyvitamin D levels, quality of life, and disability in long-standing patients of somatization
A study finds glyphosate in Mexico's largest corn tortillas producer
Acupuncture on the Stress-Related Drug Relapse to Seeking
Adults on the autism spectrum prescribed mental health drugs without diagnoses
Air Pollution and Non-Communicable Diseases
Alcohol ads with pro-drinking comments on Facebook boost desire to drink
Arctic Ship Traffic Threatens Narwhals and Other Extraordinary Animals
Are Long Naps Harming Your Health?
Association of plasma vitamin D metabolites with incident type 2 diabetes
Bayer Hit by More Lawsuits Over Safety of Roundup Weedkiller
Being around vapers does not undermine desire to quit smoking
Brain changes found in self-injuring teen girls
Business as usual for Antarctic krill despite increasing ocean acidification
Chlorpyrifos disturbs hepatic metabolism associated with oxidative stress and gut microbiota dysbiosis in adult zebrafish
Colder, darker climates increase alcohol consumption and liver disease
Concussions tied to doubled risk of suicide
Could Working from Home be Harming Your Health?
Diabetes glucose monitors 'available to thousands more'
Diabetic foot ulcers heal quickly with nitric oxide technology
Diet Fiction Documentary Trailer
Doctors Aren't Promoting Breastfeeding's Cancer-Protection Benefit
Does Zinc Play A Role In Autism?
Driverless cars may make you sick – but there’s a fix
Eating more fish or taking omega-3 fish oil supplements can cut heart attack risk
EU - No freedom of choice in vaccination
Everything you need to know about anxiety medications
HbA1c Variability in General Population Increases Risk for Cardiovascular Events
Heatwaves caused by global warming are severely damaging the sperm of insects
Heroes of Science - Survival of a Whistleblower
How can hospitals keep doctors positively engaged with their work?
How to Recover from a Sugar Hangover
If at first your diet fails, try again. Your heart will thank you
If your diet fails, try again; your heart will thank you
Is Glyphosate As Safe As Monsanto Claims?
It's the 'beginning of the end' for smartphones, new report finds
Juul halts store sales of some flavored e-cigarettes
Lack of sunspots could bring a 'Space Age record' for cold weather, NASA scientist warns
Large areas of the Brazilian rainforest at risk of losing protection
Low-Gluten Diet Alters the Human Microbiome
Medics ‘shouldn’t force organ donation’ if family are opposed, say experts
More adults are using complementary and alternative medicine in England
Neuroscientists identify a surprising low-tech fix to the problem of sleep-deprived teens
One third of ALL food produced worldwide is thrown out before it hits consumers' plates
Oreo Cookie Maker Linked to Orangutan Habitat Destruction for Palm Oil
Pain can be a self-fulfilling prophecy
Parkinson’s disease - do you walk like this?
Parkinson’s disease warning - the one drink you should AVOID with the brain condition
PDF - Best herbs for managing diabetes
PDF - What to eat for your bodytype
Positive - Solar to account for 9 percent of new energy capacity in Africa in next 2 years
Recall losartan potassium hydrochlorothiazide
Researchers call for ban on a widely-used pesticide
Researchers find inhibiting one protein destroys toxic clumps seen in Parkinson's disease
RFK Jr. Wins Case against U.S. Government for Violations of Vaccine Safety
Salmon are shrinking and it shows in their genes
Scientists acknowledge key errors in study of how fast the oceans are warming
Scientists identify potential new treatment strategy for kidney cancer
Scientists predict a ‘dark matter hurricane’ will collide with the Earth
Scientists Spy On Bees, See Harmful Effects Of Common Insecticide
Smartphones creating a mentally fragile generation
Soil's history - A solution to soluble phosphorus?
Soils treated with organic fertilizer are healthier; produce stronger plants
Study finds the average American checks their phone 52 times a day
Study on the short-term effects of increased alcohol and cigarette consumption in healthy young men's seminal quality
Surgical menopause leads to increased sleep issues
Synthetic DNA-delivered antibodies protect against Ebola in preclinical studies
Take this vitamin supplement to improve prostate health
The censoring of that Iceland ad for being ‘too political’ has backfired spectacularly
The drink you should have with your breakfast to prevent high blood sugar
The Earth is in a death spiral. It will take radical action to save us
The importance of magnesium in the prevention and treatment of Type 2 diabetes
The Link Between Diet Quality and CRC Outcomes
The nine ways fluoride is harming your brain
The Seafloor Is Disappearing
Thousands caught up in 'appalling' cervical screening blunder
Two New Studies Could Turn the Tide for Omega-3s
UK antibiotic consumption twice that of the Netherlands, WHO report finds
Vaginal problems diminish quality of life but often go unreported
Very preterm babies’ head size can help identify long-term IQ problems through regular checks
Warmer winter temperatures linked to increased crime, study finds
Weightlifting is good for your heart and it doesn’t take much
What are the health benefits of spelt?
What’s the best type of food to treat arthritis pain?
Where Did Earth’s Water Originate? Solar Nebula, Study Suggests
Why you shouldn’t take antibiotics for colds and flu
Your heart hates air pollution; portable filters could help
Your mother's love life determines how many romantic partners you have
Zuckerberg refuses to appear before 'grand committee' into fake news

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