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Nederlandstalig nieuws

2Doc - Schone schijn
7% zwangere vrouwen neemt medicatie die gevaarlijk kan zijn voor baby
Amnesty International trekt eretitel van Aung San Suu Kyi in
Beantwoording Kamervragen over medicijnmisbruik in de sport
Betalen van artsen/onderzoekers door de farmaceutische industrie
Binnenstebuiten - Een kleurrijke boerderij in Den Bosch
Biologische boxprings, bedden en matrassen
Blootstelling aan asbestvezels bij werkzaamheden met straalgrit
Bomen helpen elkaar
Bouwen van dammen en reservoirs leidt tot watertekort
Cholesterol is onze beste vriend 2 - Uffe Ravnskov
De aantrekkingskracht van creatieve broedplaatsen
De gemeente Eindhoven heeft óók een zorgplicht
Dit moet je weten over cosmetica en dierproeve
Farmaceuten die belasting ontwijken via Nederland
Geen landelijk actieplan schimmel
Gemeenten met RIVM in gesprek over bromtonen
Gun artsen meer tijd voor overdracht na faillissement
Het gaat beter met de samenleving? Wel aan de bovenkant....
Hoe onderzoekscentra zich hebben overgeleverd aan de voedselindustrie
Illegale dierenhandelaren moeten ruim 200.000 euro terugbetalen
Kamervragen over ondertekening van CIZ-aanvragen van wilsonbekwame cliënten
Klimaatverandering legt de stompzinnigheid van ons politiek systeem bloot
Koffie drink je heet
Kokosolie is goed voor hart en bloedvaten
Magnetische oogimplantaten kunnen zicht van glaucoompatiënten redden
Mantelzorgers dementerenden missen vast gezicht in de zorg
Mierzoete freakshakes moeten verboden worden
Moeizame recycling van textiel vanwege de slechte kwaliteit
Nu al 40 slachtoffers van koolmonoxidevergiftiging
Onze uitvaart moet helemaal anders kunnen
Opgepast voor zinktekort
Orang-oetans bedreigd door palmoliebeleid Mondelez
Recente kabinetsplannen om mestfraude aan te pakken, zullen onvoldoende werken
Risico’s chemische stoffen voor milieu niet goed ingeschat
Statines verhogen het risico op ALS
Synthetische materialen namen onze kledingkast over
Te veel vitamine A zorgt voor botbreuken
Vaccinatieprogramma van de overheid moet op de schop
Voedingsadditieven mee verantwoordelijk voor ADHD
Witte Wieven winnen smaakruzie van Heksen voor Europees Hof

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De laatste videoclips

A Flaw in Modern-Day Alzheimer's Treatment
Anti-fracking protesters glue themselves to government building
Are Biotech Companies Creating GMO Seeds To Help Feed The Starving World?
Best Brain Foods - Greens and Beets Put to the Test
Can Gluten Cause Headaches?
Climate and the Year 2050
Colombia - Indigenous groups from war-torn region want government backing
Detox Chemicals by Doing This
Focusing on Nutrients Is A Scam - T. Colin Campbell PhD
Garlic and Onion Can Restore Hearing Loss, Here's How...
How to Resist Chemotherapy - A Step of Faith
ICE SWIM | Feeling the power from the cold
Learn How To Use Your Mind To Become More Powerful In Life With Barbara Berger' & Peter Roth
Melvin (11) is mantelzorger voor zijn zieke moeder
Soy formula feeding during infancy associated with severe menstrual pain in adulthood
Surviving New Climate Extremes and Shifting Magnetic Poles
The Inflammation Factor in Common Diseases
Wat zijn nou de voor- en nadelen van het afschaffen van de zomer- en wintertijd!
What's So Bad About Phthalates And How Do You Avoid Them? by Mark Schapiro

Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

10 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Neonics
Adenomyosis causes pain, heavy periods and infertility but you’ve probably never heard of it
Anger over milkshakes with up to 39 teaspoons of sugar
Arthritis - Four tips for managing chronic joint pain and symptoms linked to condition
Association between urinary concentration of phthalate metabolites and impaired renal function in Shanghai adults
Attitudes towards tobacco policies in the EU
Autism behaviors show unique brain network fingerprints in infants
Autism is an 'extreme version' of the male brain
Being overweight likely to cause depression, even without health complications
Beneficial gut bacteria metabolize fiber to improve heart health in mice
Biodiversity can benefit from new technologies, EU official says
Blackberries are one of the best foods to eat for a healthier immune system
California’s Forced Vaccinations A Violation Of Nuremberg Code
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients are exposed to more proton pump inhibitor (PPI)s compared to non-CKD patients
Climate change damaging male fertility
Combat Adult Acne To Be The Best Version Of Yourself
Curb teenage E-cigarette use
Deepwater Horizon oil spill's dramatic effect on stingrays' sensory abilities
Drink hibiscus tea to naturally lower your blood pressure
EU progressives sow seeds to ‘save’ Europe
Extreme male brain theory of autism confirmed in large new study
Fat-clogged cells explain why obesity can cause cancer
Feeding trials showed cranberry reduces low fiber, animal-based diet effects on gut health
Fewer dental check-ups puts lives at risk
Filament Experiment Proves CO2 Causes Temperature To Fall, Not Rise
Fish oil cuts heart attack risk, vitamin D lowers odds of cancer death
Flaxseed is one of the world's most important medicinal foods
Fracking by Petronas-owned company caused a big B.C. earthquake
Freezing air before it enters homes could stop 99 per cent of pollution
Gene mutation found to cause macrocephaly and intellectual deficits
Global warming has never stopped in the past hundred years
Healthy rivers and lakes are not ‘nice-to-haves’, they are essential
High availability of tobacco raises smoking rates in mothers-to-be
Higher dietary quality associated with improved glycemic control in women with GDM
How Clover the PTSD service dog changed one man's life
How to avoid losing your memory in the digital age
How to Make and Use Elderberry Syrup to Repel the Flu
India’s Deadly Air
Insufficient sleep in children is associated with poor diet, obesity and more screen time
Inuit Plan to Kill More “Climate Change Affected” Polar Bears, to Preserve Public Safety
Just Say No to Agricultural Gene Drives
Lyme Disease Expected to Surge
Meditation and music may alter blood markers of cellular aging and Alzheimer’s Disease in Adults with early memory loss
Mobile technologies may help researchers crack the mysteries of aging
Modern life offers children almost everything they need, except daylight
More flowers around apple orchards can yield higher harvest
New clues to the origin and progression of multiple sclerosis
New insights into the aging brain
New podcast on antibiotic resistance
New study shows an epigenetic link between prenatal exposure to maternal smoking and offspring’s cardio-metabolic health
Nine out of ten 'flushable wipes' do not break down in the sewer
Obesity and food restrictions proven to be associated with less food enjoyment
Obesity both feeds tumors and helps immunotherapy kill cancer
Palm oil from 12 companies driving orangutans to 'brink of extinction'
Penn Study shows regular behavioral counseling leads to clinically significant weight loss
Prenatal food insecurity associated with severity of neonatal abstinence syndrome
Pressure on Girls for Perfect Body Worse than Ever
Prevent the number one cause of premature death by simply taking vitamin C
Public support for fracking has officially nosedived
Rampant use of pesticides hits bird population
Reverse aging with these 4 common vitamins
Rising sea levels may build, rather than destroy, coral reef islands
Samsung is developing a system that might one day allow users to control their TVs with their brains
Sensors Help to Prevent Falls
Shellfish are dying out on the East Coast of the US because of climate change
Short stature in rainforest hunter-gatherers potentially linked to cardiac adaptations
Solving Microplastic Pollution Means Reducing, Recycling
Stop biodiversity loss or we could face our own extinction, warns UN
Strongest evidence yet that being obese causes depression
Study suggests diabetes medication improves heart structure
Suicide risk increases in teens who knew murder victims
Switzerland - Sales of organic products are growing strongly
The flawed scientific foundations of agricultural genetic engineering (part 1)
The greatest bottlenecks can be expected for lithium and cobalt
The illusion of green flying
The link between terrorism and mental illness is complicated
The Risk That Ebola Will Spread to Uganda Is Now ‘Very High’
The world's plastic problem is bigger than the ocean
The World’s First GMO Fish Is Stranded In Albany, Indiana
Those using psychotropic drugs in suicide attempts more likely to have had prescriptions
U.S. Government Defeated In Vaccine Safety Lawsuit
Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms - Be wary of this eye symptom
Warning for synthetic version of stevia sweetener
What would a smog-free city look like?
What’s The Deal With CoQ10 For Improved Health?
WHO warns of dangerously high antibiotics consumption in some countries
Why falling in love is good for blood pressure, pain relief and even allergic reactions
Women favor daughters, men favor sons despite socioeconomic status

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