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Nederlandstalig nieuws

'Ongezonde' nachtdiensten te lijf met ingenieuze brillen en verstandige snacks
Bayer incasseert klappen op de beurs na Roundup-boete in de VS
Biologische zuivelboer Klaas de Lange waarschuwt buitenland voor onze fouten
Campagne Bomen voor Koeien
De crisis was een gemiste kans
De genetica heeft ons veel geleerd over aanleg maar...
Diabetes verhoogt risico aangeboren hartafwijking baby
Fauvé (9) krijgt medicijn tegen ernstige spierziekte, broertje Tygo (11) niet
Gewichtsvermindering en re-activering insuline-cellen doet diabetes 2 verdwijnen
Glyfosfaat in moedermelk, DDT v2.0
Hoe harder je iets onderdrukt, hoe groter het wordt
Hoe soepeler je bloedvaten, hoe sterker je spieren
Hoe ‘high-tech’ de California-branden worden aangestoken
Intermittent fasting is een vorm van vasten die groeit in populariteit
Levensgevaarlijk, Menzis die wil bezuinigen op GGZ zorg en behandelaars afrekent op resultaten
Medici luiden noodklok over Surinaamse gezondheidszorg
Menzis - Klant, wat ben je mooi als je je premie betaalt
Miljoenen extra bomen in Brabant
Narcist die Vegan Food Festival trolt.....
Steeds meer bestrijdingsmiddelen in voedsel
Toenemende tevredenheid over Wmo in gemeenten
Wilde zwijnen nemen zwembadje over
‘Degrowth’ een onontkoombare maar aantrekkelijke weg

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Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

1st rule of Diabetes - NEVER believe diet advice from an Insulin maker
3D-Printed Device Could Repair Spinal Damage
4 Herbs That Build Strong Bones
A counter balance to Big Pharma at the ballot box
A powerful compound in rosemary protects your brain from damage
About 95% of 138 analyses sponsored by industry had favourable results
Acupuncture is an effective treatment option for babies that won't stop crying
Algal bloom a problem for drinking water in Sweden
Aluminum is far from harmless – here’s how to reduce your exposure
An African ethnomedicine shows potential in treating hypertension
An Ion Channel Differentiates Newborn and Mature Neurons in the Adult Brain
Are you about to lose your freedom to choose homeopathic medicine?
Baby who stopped breathing survived after a cooling blanket lowered his temperature by 4°C
Benzodiazepines are associated with increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease
Biomarkers link fatigue in cancer, Parkinson’s
Blood Test Could Detect Kidney Cancer Up To 5 Years Earlier
Boek - Nature and the Human Soul
Cardiovascular and Other Health Benefits of Sauna Bathing
Coriander oil is a safe and effective way to treat MRSA superbug infections
Ditch your toxic-laden toothpaste
Do You Need Proof Of Weather Geoengineering?
Does Global cooling cause heat-waves?
Environmental concerns stronger among younger religious Americans
Factory Farms and the Lake Erie Algal Crisis
Food Patterns are Associated with Likelihood of chronic kidney disease in US Adults
Four in five Scots adults ‘pressured into drinking alcohol by friends’
High oxidative stress hampers males' production of powerful blood vessel dilator
How Immune Cells Keep Arteries Supple
How to Add CBD Oil to Your Nighttime Routine
How will the UK prepare for a pandemic?
How Your Diet Causes Hair Loss and Premature Graying
Increased Vitamin B12 Levels in Children with Zinc Deficiency
Interior Dept Gives Rules Drafted by Oil Industry Force of Law
Is it time to remove the cancer label from low-risk conditions?
Is Low Stomach Acid Damaging Your Health?
Mentor relationships can help female athletes deal with discrimination, bullying
Monsanto Witness Admits Calculations Were Wildly Wrong
Nourish your brain by choosing organic food
Researchers say this traditional African medicine can naturally treat diarrhea
Rethinking Wearable Technology for Mental Health
Rid yourself of your junk food cravings by improving the quality of your sleep
Roundup weedkiller could be pulled from British shelves after $289m US lawsuit finds link to cancer
Rude to your coworker? Think of the children
Serious? Monsanto was awarded nr 12 in the Newsweek 2016 Green Rankings
Sufficient Preconception Vitamin D Tied to Lower Miscarriage Risk
Sugar Beverages and Dietary Sodas Impact on Brain Health
Teenagers with a weak handshake are more likely to suffer diabetes and heart disease
The danger of coronary artery compression in children is more common than we think
The medicine of the future against infection and inflammation?
Thirty percent increase in risk of fracture after gastric bypass
Toxic Corruption - The Chemical Industry Keeps Pulling EPA's Strings
Treat your fatty liver disease naturally with a traditional Chinese herbal powder
What will refined sugar made from GMO Bt toxic sugarcane do to our immune and digestive systems?
Why is the Trump administration using billions in taxpayer dollars to subsidize GMO agriculture?
Widespread disapproval greets Trump’s rollback of auto emissions and fuel efficiency standards
Will giant cruise ships destroy the wonders their passengers claim to love?
Wind-Blown Pesticides An Issue In Courtrooms, Communities Across U.S.
Women with intellectual and developmental disabilities have almost double the rate of repeat pregnancy

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