Het leefbewust journaal - 13 december 2018

Nederlandstalig nieuws

'Plasticvanger' houdt plastic niet vast, Boyan Slat optimistisch over oplossing
Analyse van medicatiefouten door informatietechnologie
Artsen behandelen vaak te lang door bij ongeneeslijk zieke
Asbest gedumpt uit protest tegen windmolens in Groningen
Autisme op de werkvloer - Ik moet doseren, dan gaat het goed
Babyboomers die hongerwinter overleefden, krijgen daar later last van
Belasting op spaargeld is diefstal
Bewoners Loppersum zijn zoveelste informatieronde over bevingsschade beu
Bij een nieuwe griepgolf worden ouderen sneller naar verpleeghuis gestuurd
Bijzonder waterfilter voor Amphia Ziekenhuis
Bodemonderzoek toont aan - vervuild zand gebruikt in Achterveld
Bosch ballonnenverbod dankzij VVD-actie Dijkhoff
Darmklachten na het hardlopen?
De citroenpers van Rutte
De jacht op legionella
De mythe van de onontdekte volksstam
De onderwereld barst van het leven
Dieren bescherm je niet door ze af te schieten
DNA-tests hebben soms een placebo-effect
Door warmte uit water te winnen, kan Amsterdam voor 60 procent verwarmd worden
Dubbele petten Loek Winter nekken IJsselmeerziekenhuizen
Duurzame bananen uit de kas - eerste ‘Nederbananen’ geoogst
Een boom kappen gaat te makkelijk in Den Haag
Eeuwenoude recepten uit de beerput (video)
Europese koehandel maakt voedsel duurder, brengt koopkracht in gevaar
GcMAf is een effectieve immuunsysteem modulator
Geen transparantie in onderzoek naar pesticiden
Hartpatiënte Rondy is bezorgd over kuren pacemaker
Hoe wordt arbeidsvermogen vastgesteld bij de Wajong2015?
Huisdier cadeau doen tijdens de feestdagen? Denk goed na.
IJzertekort en chemotherapie hebben invloed op de kracht waarmee hartcellen kunnen samentrekken
In coma door legionella - podcast met EO-coryfee Andries Knevel
Kamer wil opheldering over ‘nee’ Brussel tegen plan Lelystad
Koolmonoxidevergiftiging kan iedereen overkomen
Nederlanders staan open voor een functie in de zorg
Nieuwe test kan erfelijke darmkanker voorspellen
Oudere vrouwen met tandverlies hebben meer kans op hoge bloeddruk
Partij voor de Dieren maakt zich zorgen om gezondheid omwonenden Gendtse geitenhouderij
Riem nieuw hulpmiddel voor patiënten met evenwichtsproblemen
Seniorencomplexen onvoldoende beschermd tegen legionella
Slaapproblemen leiden tot grote maatschappelijke kosten
Subsidieplafond voor groene schoolpleinen in Noord-Brabant verhoogd
Teflon gif is overal.....
Tegenstanders richten gezamenlijk front op - Code Rood Oostvaardersplassen
TNO pleegde fraude om oorzaak vuurwerkramp Enschede te verhullen
Vervuiling leidt tot risico's voor Arctische ganzen
Vleesallergie gevolg van tekenbeet
Voedselbank - van 120 naar 700 gezinnen
Zorgen over flink hogere energierekening, ook bij coalitiepartijen


Affecting Cancer Cells with Energy (In-Lab Exclusive)
Are There Proven Studies To Demonstrate The Health Effects Of Cell Phones?
Corruption at heart of Tonga’s meth epidemic
Cruciferous Can HELP Thyroid Function, Not Kill It
Earthjustice is suing the federal government to prevent seismic testing in the Atlantic Ocean
Food industry criminality
How to Treat the Symptoms of Diabetes through Naturopathy and Kundalini Yoga?
Is Diabetes Hereditary?
Mushroom and bacteria turn light into clean energy
Never Give a Baby Fruit Juice
Scientists grow placenta in lab
Senator Blumenthal Seeks Answers - 5G Health Risks
Stay Away from the FLu Vaccine and all Anti-Virals
Stratospheric Sulfur Geoengineering - Benefits and Risks, Alan Robock
The Causes of Disease that Western Medicine does not want to Understand
This Pretty Fruit Has High Antioxidant Activities, Protects From Cancer And Inflammation
Thousands Of Parents Believe They Have A Vaccine Injured Child? by Del Bigtree
Zijn smart speakers te vertrouwen?

Internationaal nieuws

2 More Medical Schools in Japan Have Admitted to Discriminating Against Women
A role for microRNAs in social behaviour
A thriving ecosytem beneath the earth's surface
Acne genetic study offers new treatment hope
Air pollution is choking solar energy around the world
Airline bans 'emotional support' animals on long flights
Alpern’s big pharma payments total over $500,000
An invention enables the production of a natural sweetener
Ancient Plague Wiped Out European Farmers
Antimicrobial chemical tied to antibiotic resistance genes in dust
Arctic permafrost might contain 'sleeping giant' of world's carbon emissions
Are Vitamin Deficiencies Keeping You up at Night?
Arsenic contamination is common in Punjabi wells, study finds
As 9/11 fund runs out, a breast cancer diagnosis shows the need to protect future victims
Assessing the effects of planetary electromagnetic pollution
Atherosclerosis and Calcification - Important Paper to Review
Back pain warning - drink this TEA every morning to avoid waking up with backache
Big Pharma Caught in Medicare Drug Scam and Fined $360 Million
Big Pharma's biggest threat in Washington? It may be this obscure research firm
Birth control pills may block blood flow to brain
BMI is a good measure of health after all, new study finds
Brain activity shows development of visual sensitivity in autism
Brain scans reveal how we overcome indecision and can 'learn' to like good choices
Canada’s genocide - The case of the Ahiarmiut
Cannabis use in teens not a gateway to conduct problems, study suggests
Cervical screening error - more women affected
Climate change - Arctic reindeer numbers crash by half
Courage Is Contagious
CRISPR-edited wine grapes could cut pesticide use in Europe, but regulatory hurdles remain
Dangerous Pesticide Preemption Rider Scrapped From 2018 Farm Bill
DDT in Glacial Melt Puts Alaskan Communities at Risk
Dental pulp-derived stem cell conditioned medium to regenerate peripheral nerves in a novel animal model of dysphagia
Do corporations have a legal right to destroy the planet’s ecosystem?
Dockless bicycles have reduced gridlock and smog in China
Emergency allergy shots less effective after heat exposure
Epstein-Barr virus infection and variants of Epstein-Barr nuclear antigen-1 in synovial tissues of rheumatoid arthritis
European network of protected areas has not yet been able to stop the decline of butterflies in Germany
Faster, cheaper test can help predict risk of metastasis in prostate cancer patients
FDA declines to approve Mallinckrodt's abuse-deterrent opioid painkiller
Four simple lifestyle changes to reduce harmful belly fat
Future doctors learn how to prescribe physical activity for their patients
German government accused of spreading propaganda brochure that trained children to spy on their parents
Grandfather’s high access to food increases grandson’s mortality risk
Groups Sue Feds to Stop Seismic Airgun Blasting in Atlantic Ocean
Gut microbiome may affect some anti-diabetes drugs
How skin cells protect themselves against stress
Illegal Gold Rush Destroying Amazon Rainforest
Innovative model helps kids on autism spectrum avoid behavioral drugs in ER
Is a diverse diet better for you?
Is acne genetic? World first study makes a 'huge leap forward' in finding cure for spots
Is modern life too much for you? Maybe a tiny box in the woods is the cure
Is Mysterious South Polar Heating Electrical?
Is this social anxiety, or just awkward?
Israelis Overuse Sedatives and Antibiotics, Health Ministry Reports
Knee osteoarthritis research to head-off disability and health decline
Lethal combination - Drug cocktail turns off the juice to cancer cells
Little Foot mystery solved?: Scientists may have confirmed new species of human ancestor
Looking for a natural, effective way to boost your immune system?
Lots Of Antibiotics Are Used In Beef Production
Macrophage cells key to helping heart repair -- and potentially regenerate
McDonald’s Commits to Reducing Antibiotic Use in its Global Beef Supply
Moderate consumption of alcohol is associated with fewer hospitalizations
Monsanto's Roundup Found in Baby Food
More heatwave summers will affect animals
Neurons in the Brain Work as a Team to Guide Movement of Arms, Hands
New review of scientific studies confirms food cravings can be reduced
New ways to make plant-based medicines in space and on earth
Pesticide suppliers must comply with labelling regulations
Pesticides could be painting black howler monkeys yellow in Costa Rica
Possible connection between cardiovascular disease and living near oil and gas wells
Post-traumatic stress disorder may mimic autism in some children
Radical environmentalists are fighting climate change – so why are they persecuted?
RED2 - what is next for palm oil?
Researchers discover unique immune cell likely drives chronic inflammation
Researchers reverse engineer way pine trees produce green chemicals worth billions
Rift Valley Fever is Catastrophic to Developing Fetuses
Romanians protest poor air quality in congested Bucharest
Scary warming at poles showing up at weird times, places
Scientists develop new brain scan to detect Alzheimer's disease by 'lighting up' dementia-causing plaques
Stress could be spotted by looking at your EYES
Stronger pesticide regulations likely needed to protect all bee species, say studies
Studies reveal role of red meat in gut bacteria, heart disease development
Sun’s mesmeric shapeshifting atmosphere revealed in stunning timelapse video
The Conflict Over a Monsanto Chemical that Led to a Man's Murder
The Crisis In Physical Science And What Can Be Done About It
The Doctor Who’s Beating Diabetes One Patient at a Time
The problem of drinking in pregnancy
These tiny sensors may detect cancer early
Type 2 diabetes symptoms - Ketones in your urine could be warning sign - how to check
U.S. Navy to release genetically engineered organisms into the ocean, unleashing
mass genetic pollution with devastating consequences
Valencia researchers analyse worldwide anaesthetic-caused deaths in animals
Victory for Transparency in the European Parliament
Vitamin Treatment For Sepsis Is Put To The Test
Warming in Arctic raises fears of a ‘rapid unravelling’ of the region
Wet season changes under future climate change could harm 'vulnerable' Africa
What alcohol is really doing to your body
What social stress in monkeys can tell us about human health
Why Cancer Patients Should Consider Acupuncture
Why HIIT should be part of your workout routine
Women and girls less likely to be considered for 'brainy' tasks – study
Your drinking water could be saltier than you think

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