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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Alcohol niet duurder en frisdrank niet goedkoper
Antibioticaresistentie en ongecompliceerde lageluchtweginfecties
Beantwoording Kamervragen over bericht dat in nieuwe verf dubbel zo veel chroom-6 zit
Bos is beste technologie om klimaat te regelen
Cholesterol is onze beste vriend - Uffe Ravnskov
Gemeenten krijgen voorlopig geen extra geld voor de jeugdhulp
Gemeenten weten zich geen raad met bromtoon
Glutathion en de longen
Hergebruik van medicijnen, het kan maar vraag niet hoe
Het dilemma van een giftige Berkel
Het gesjacher met chemische stoffen daalde intussen naar dierlijke dimensies
Jongeren met ADHD nemen almaar hogere dosissen Rilatine
Kamer bezorgd over tekorten jeugdzorg
Lieve dokter Hans Moolenburgh Rust zacht
Longontsteking vergeten kindermoordenaar
Minder natrium betekent minder cortisol
Ontwikkelingshulp meten? Niet evident.
Ook Achmea mogelijk voor rechter wegens woekerpolis
Pleegouders haken af om slecht contact met instellingen
Relatie ‘Helicobacter’, intracellulaire stress en autofagie met het ontstaan van maagkanker
Roken tijdens zwangerschap kan leiden tot oogaandoening kind
Schiphol lijkt landingsbanen in zee niet meer uit te sluiten
Speciaal fonds voor zonnepanelen op scholen
Statische belasting 'sluipmoordenaar in de zorg'
Steeds meer diabetes bij jonge kinderen - Huizen te schoon?
Steeds meer kinderen krijgen diabetes type 1
Stijging zorgpremies kan minder
Twijfel bij juist gebruik pijnstillers
Vrijwel alle scholen in Nederland krijgen zonnepanelen
Waarom intensieve cardiotraining niet altijd werkt
Zestien procent van de werknemers heeft burn-outklachten
Ziekenhuisopnames jichtpatiënten in 22 jaar ruim verviervoudigd
Zorgverzekeraars hebben 2.4 miljard euro over
Zorgverzekeraars potten teveel op

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De laatste videoclips

Antibiotic DB launches in the fight against antimicrobial resistance
Argentina - Post-Glyphosate Pioneers - ARTE
Beating the hell out of chronic fatigue and chronic pain
Blanche Schroen – Finding a cure for heart failure
Building Human Connection in A Digital World with Dan Schawbel
Cancer patient beats Monsanto in court
Dr. Mercola and Dr. Nicolantonio Discuss ‘Superfuel’ and the Importance of Healthy Fats
Dr.Hans C.Moolenburgh Sr. te gast bij 'De Zondag'
Drink Ginger + Turmeric Everyday Then This Will Happen To Your Body
Ev Liu van Straw by Straw vertelt over plastic afval
How Talk Builds Babies’ Brains with Dana Suskind
Nutritional Endocrinology - Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo & Ashley James
The Monsanto Papers | Trailer | Available Now
What Is The Link Between The MMR Vaccine And Autism? by Mark Blaxill

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Internationaal nieuws

6 Myths About Sugar that Will Blow Your Mind
A better way to diagnose depression? Scientists can now 'see' mood disorders in brain signals
A Modest Privacy Protection Proposal
African swine fever found in animal feed raises China's contagion risk
Alarm over talks to implant UK employees with microchips
Alzheimer's and cardiovascular disease share common genetics in some patients
Animals raised on organic selenium supplements produce fresher meat
Beaches at risk due to the increase in atmospheric CO2
Bleeding vegan burger arrives on UK supermarket shelves
Brain pattern behind bad mood identified
Breakfast consumption pattern and its association with overweight and obesity among university students
Children with autism thrive in mainstream pre-schools
Chronic pot use may have serious effects on the brain
Cleaning up after GM - Is it possible?
Clinical study finds Chinese medicine improves survival rates in colorectal cancer patients
Coronary calcium levels a better predictor of patients at risk for coronary heart disease
Could blue light reduce blood pressure?
Decrease in specific gene 'silencing' molecules linked with pediatric brain tumors
Defective DNA damage repair leads to chaos in the genome
Delhi homeless to be given masks as smog worsens
Dementia could be detected by FIVE MINUTE neck scan, study finds
Diabetes drug prevents heart failure
Dietary polyphenols and their roles in fat browning
Drilling at Preston New Road site in Lancashire has triggered 37 minor quakes in three weeks
Efficacy of blue LED in microbial inactivation
Efficacy of two plant extracts against acne vulgaris
EPA grants extension for dicamba use
Even adverts for ‘healthy’ fast food are bad for children
Excessive posting of selfies linked to increase in...
Exosomes 'swarm' to protect against bacteria inhaled through the nose
Fatty liver imposes 91% higher risk for cancer
Fight disease with an anti-inflammatory diet
Five food mistakes to avoid if you’re trying to lose weight
Grief linked to sleep disturbances that can be bad for the heart
Heart failure therapy improves outcomes for patients with acute illness
How Cancer Causing Viruses Evolved Alongside Humans
How much debris is lying on glaciers?
How your diet affects your manhood
I was in excruciating pain from excess iron
Inhibitory Effects of Ginsenoside Rb1 on Early Atherosclerosis
Is The Pentagon Modifying Viruses To Save Crops — Or To Wage Biological Warfare?
It's not trails that disturb forest birds, but the people on them
Kawasaki disease - One disease, multiple triggers
Lack of exercise impacts mental health in Japanese expats
Leading researchers call for a ban on widely used insecticides
Low-dose methotrexate does not reduce risk of cardiovascular events
Major traumatic injury increases risk of mental health diagnoses, suicide
Making wind farms more efficient
Montreal researchers explain how your muscles form
NASA find new iceberg 3 times the size of Manhattan in Antarctica
Natural climate change has major influence on hydrological cycle over 'China water tower'
Near Fish Farms, Lobster Catches Plummet
New catalyst turns pollutant into fuel
New phone app can identify heart attacks ‘with near accuracy of ECG’
New study sheds light on medicines storage practices on UK dairy farms
One way to reduce food waste
Overtreating patients for hypothyroidism could raise their risk of stroke, study finds
Phase I Study Considers Potential for Personalized Immunotherapy in Glioblastoma
Plastic microfibers found for first time in wild animals' stool, from S. A. fur seals
Pollution in cities damaging insects and ecosystems
Punching Bags Is Fun And May Relieve Frustration
REDUCE-IT reveals high dose of pure EPA in omega-3 drug cuts risk of cardiovascular events
Removing GMO foods from your diet can improve 28 different health conditions
Research reveals the dangerous impact of increasing temperatures on children
Salmonella found to be resistant to different classes of antibiotics
Simple Scoring System Could Help Patients Avoid Diabetes
Six warning signs on your skin that indicate diabetes 2
Solar power -- largest study to date discovers 25 percent power loss across UK
Spending too long on Facebook increases rates of depression and loneliness
Spying on bees reveals pesticides impair social behavior
The Associations between Dietary Patterns and Short Sleep Duration in Polish Adults
The Climate Crisis Term for a Shift of Species Range
The effects of caffeine on wound healing
The potential antidiabetic benefits of moringa
The World’s First GMO Fish Is Stranded In Albany, Indiana
These natural supplements have been proven to keep your blood sugar levels in check
These Plant Chemicals Could Help Your Heart's Health
This is why scientists were freaking out about the 'object from afar' that visited our solar system
Turning Plastic Bottles Into Aerogels
Vehicle Pollution Could Increase Risk of Childhood Obesity

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