Het leefbewust journaal - 11 december 2018

Nederlandstalig nieuws

Aanpak illegaal vuurwerk in gevaar
Aantal kinderen dat wacht op pleeggezin met veertig procent gestegen
Afschieten herten Oostvaardersplassen vanochtend begonnen
Afschot ganzen in Noord-Brabant verboden
Antibioticaresistentie kan de volksgezondheid in gevaar brengen
Artsen willen invoering helmplicht voor snorfietsen
Avocado's zijn vergelijkbaar met legbatterijkippen
Bernice Notenboom en de ijsdikte op de Noordpool
De chaos van het klimaatbeleid
De mainstream media lijkt eindelijk een klein beetje kritisch te worden inzake de klimaatverandering
Dieselfraude, stond erbij en keek ernaar
Dit is hoe je snelle koolhydraten verandert in langzame
Dit is waarom kortere werkdagen goed voor ons zijn
Een kerststal met levende dieren, "een lastige ethische vraag"
Eiwit en inspanning stimuleren nachtelijke spieropbouw
Eiwit en inspanning voorkomen verlies spiermassa in ziekenhuisbed
EMF Health Summit
Energie peperduur
Hersenatlas verlaagt stralingsdosis
Hoe wij met honderdduizenden de straat op gaan
Hoogspanningsleiding in Diepenbeek erg gevaarlijk voor overvliegende vogels
In de winter verbrand je meer calorieën
Kamerbrief onderzoek WIA-instroom
Ketogeen dieet werkt bij epilepsie
Klimaatbeleid is ‘linke soep’
Nederlandse klimaatbeleid scheelt enkele duizendsten van een graad aan opwarming
Onderdrukking emoties heeft negatieve gevolgen bij kinderen
Opnieuw Franse prijs voor Marijn Poels
Rainbow Warrior wordt gesloopt op sloopstrand in Bangladesh
Rechter fluit weer gemeenten terug in Wmo-zaak
Red de Gouden Bloemkool van de verspilling
Slaapdokter Marcel waarschuwt - We treiteren onze biologische klok
Stoken op ijzer is hét alternatief voor gas
Techniek in Catharina ziekenhuis Eindhoven - bij herseninfarct schade gehalveerd
Varkens naar het industrieterrein? Brabant staat niet te springen
Vermindering toepassing glyfosaat
Vragen Beckerman over het lekken van gif door de NAM in Farmsum
Wakker Dier wil verwaarloosde eend uit de schappen
Wetgeving voor zorgrobots schiet nog tekort
Word egoïstisch(er)
Zeewier in voeding - Voordelen voor de gezondheid
Zorgverzekeraars schieten tekort in informatie over dementiezorg
Zorgverzekering onbetaalbaar?


9/11 Cleanup Workers Are STILL Dying From Diseases Related To Cleanup Efforts
Animal Protection Group Sued by Rich Animal Abusers
Another Surprising Cause for Low Testosterone
California Fires May Have Unleashed Toxic Nuclear Waste
Cholesterol, Particle Counts and Heart Disease
Debat NTvG-dag 2018
Detox Drink and Lose Weight “Overnight"
EMF Summit - Experts Talk On Various Subjects
FAKE NEWS - 40 years of prevention through low fat dietary advice by Prof Iain Broom
Film Crew Surrounded by 13 Wild Polar Bears | BBC Earth
Healthy vegetable reduces your heart attack risk and control blood pressure
Inclusie van patiënten aan onderzoek vaak lastig
Jenner's Vaccine cures Liver Disease
Keto Cook Along - Shortbread Cookies
Onvoorstelbaar hoeveel boerengezinnen naar de kloten gaan
Plastics from Potatoes, Rubber from Rice
Scotland Touts Tidal Energy As The Renewable Of The Future
State Of Emergency Declared As "Historic Winter Storm" Pounds Carolinas
Ultra Relaxing Massage Tutorial
United States biggest source of environmental pollution
Vanessa Umboh van Stem zonder Gezicht vertelt over armoede in Rotterdam
Waarom gebruiken we drugs niet meer als medicijn?
Why Does Intermittent Fasting Increase Gallbladder Sludge?
Why you should tolerate intolerable ideas | Nadine Strossen

Internationaal nieuws

10 Delicious Ways to Eat Lentils
7 Ways to Improve Your Circadian Rhythm for Optimal Health
A 'secret' patch shows the future of treating the most common food allergy
A Fungus That Can “Eat” Plastic Has Been Discovered In Pakistan
About Those French Protests - Five Key Insights
Activating parts of the brain could help alleviate opioid-related social isolation
Alberta Tar Sands Production Cuts Here to Stay
Altered functional connectivity in the fear network of firefighters with repeated traumatic stress
Australia's silence during climate change debate shocks COP24 delegates
Australian personal trainer reveals the secret to her impossibly lean physique
Banned toxins passed from mother to young in European dolphins
Ben-Gurion University researchers improve diabetes remission predictors in bariatric surgery
Breast cancer screening programme 'does more harm than good'
Can exercise delay dementia symptoms?
Can Influenza Vaccine Cause Injury and Death?
Cancer cells distinguished by artificial intelligence-based system
Carbon emissions smoked
Carbotoxicity—Noxious Effects of Carbohydrates
Children who spend seven hours or more on smartphones and tablets
Climate change is making sharks 'right-handed'
Could our overuse of statins be the biggest health catastrophe of a generation?
Could you be sacked for your THOUGHTS?
Damning evidence of dam's impacts on rainforest birds
DDT in Alaska meltwater poses cancer risk for people who eat lots of fish
Does Coffee Increase Blood Pressure?
Does vitamin C really help fight off infections?
Don't put Juul's poison in body
Drinking Small Glass Of Orange Juice Daily Cuts Dementia Risk
Eat fibre rich food to avoid brain stroke
Eating "real chocolate" is the key to a healthy heart
EATING a handful of hazelnuts a day can help ward off Alzheimer's disease
Ex-chemicals agency chief ‘Courage’ needed to rethink EU laws
Global cancer study to explore link between gas anaesthesia and likelihood of relapse
Graphic warnings snuff out cigarettes' appeal to kids
Het ijs op Groenland 2018
Home treatment of Parkinson’s disease through remotely supervised brain stimulation
How does cancer spread?
How glial cells develop in the brain from neural precursor cells
HPV type 16 or 18 in young women predicts risk of cervical cancer
In Frankrijk is een regelrechte klimaatopstand uitgebroken
Increasing the amount of protein in your diet may lower your risk for diabetes
Industry Cover-up of Cancer, DNA Damage, and Infertility
Is the Chickenpox Vaccine Creating a Shingles Epidemic?
Israel Fails to Provide 500 Autistic Children With Treatment Promised by Law
Johns Hopkins team identifies promising diagnostic tool for Alzheimer's disease
Julie Doughty claims cancer pill Tamoxifen gives women 'awful' symptoms
Mainstream Media Accuses Merck Of Hiding Harsh Vaccine Side Effects, Human Experimentation
Measles Outbreak in a Highly Vaccinated Population — Israel
Medical researchers still routinely hiding funding from Big Pharma
Memory tests predict brain atrophy and Alzheimer's disease
MIT researchers remake wasp toxin into antibiotic drugs
Monsanto Paid Internet Trolls to Counter Bad Publicity
Monsanto released ghostwritten papers declaring supposed “safety” of their pesticides
New generation of therapeutics based on understanding of aging biology show promise for Alzheimer's disease
Obesity, risk of cognitive dysfunction? Consider high-intensity interval exercise
Parent and grandparent relationships play an important role in encouraging altruistic acts – new research
Parents, Make Your Child Have A Bedtime Routine For Healthy BMI Later
Paris Is Burning Over Climate Taxes -- Is America Next?
Pesticide committee calls for glyphosate to be re-evaluated
Powerful foods that eliminate intestinal parasites
Reality check - Alaska *cooled* 2.4F last decade.
Recent analysis reveals that many yogurt products found in supermarkets contain a dangerous amount of sugar
Respected scientist's experience with being attacked for publishing his studies
Sanderson Farms loses motion to dismiss NGO lawsuit on false and misleading advertising
Scientists claim to have discovered a 'new human ancestor'
Smart life-collar created by Lithuanian scientists will save lives
Study confirms zinc deficiencies' link to early development of autism
The 5 things you need to do to prevent liver cancer
The dark side of mindfulness - Growing evidence the therapy can be harmful
The fitness tracker that can tell if you're getting depressed
The Madness of Our Mental Health System
The Need to Further Investigate MMR Vaccine – Autism Relationship
The World Has Failed Children in Conflict Zones
THREE whistleblowers hand over hundreds of documents 'showing the Clinton Foundation misused funds
Tobacco Industry Influences on State and Local Policy in Oklahoma
Transplanted organs gave patients cancer
Vicky Phelan exposed the CervicalCheck screening scandal in Ireland
Weather Channel - November 2018 Coldest In 50 Years
What Are the Benefits of Drinking Aloe Juice?
What These Medical Journals Don’t Reveal - Top Doctors’ Ties to Industry
Why feeling empathy could lead former drug users to relapse
Why running outdoors is better than using a treadmill

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