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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Administratieve rompslomp in zorg gegroeid
Anorexiapatiënten verdienen een passende behandeling
Biologen vinden mogelijke achilleshiel van beruchte bananenschimmel
Diervriendelijker eieren in schappen Berlijnse supermarkten
E-health is geen wondermiddel
Einde eendagshaantjes in zicht
Europese rechter oordeelt negatief over Nederlands natuurbeleid
Geen vergoeding voor chroom-6-slachtoffer Henk
Geluidsnormen Schiphol zijn onrechtmatig gewijzigd
Geneesmiddelenprijzen ontsporen en medische noden zijn hoog
Het nieuwe houtstoken - de zorgelijke opmars van de pelletkachel
Hoe gevaarlijk zijn chemische stoffen?
Kamerbrief over inspectieresultaten dierenwelzijn bij primaire bedrijven
LTO vindt heffing op kunstmest 'waardeloos idee'
Luchtvervuiling en geluid verhogen het risico op hartaanvallen
Meer voor- dan tegenstanders van kernenergie in Nederland
MIT-wetenschappers - streng kwikbeleid is hoogdringend
Onderzoek naar behandeling van schimmelnagels van start
Patent broccoli ingetrokken - kwekers winnen van chemiereus Monsanto
Persoonlijke zoektocht rond vaccineren
Preppen voor een noodsituatie
Rijverbod voor oudere diesels nu ook in Keulen en Bonn
Schreeuwen tegen baby kan negatieve gezondheidsgevolgen hebben
Site geeft ggz-patiënt inzicht in behandeling
Tihange 1 is ‘afgeleefd en gevaarlijk’
Tot de jaren zeventig lagen kinderen eenzaam en alleen in ziekenhuis
Vragen over bericht wijkzorg sjoemelt tegen ondervoeding
Vragen over bericht windmolenhaters radicaliseren, boeren gesaboteerd
Vragen over het fors toenemend aantal ZZP’ers in de zorg
Waarom het niet uitmaakt wie de olieramp in Nigeria veroorzaakt
Wakker Dier ziet supermarkten steeds meer stunten met vlees
Wat te doen tegen teveel straling?
Zaak niet-gecontracteerde zorg dient voor de rechter

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De laatste videoclips

An Awakening to Ecological Interconnectivity part 1
Climate change and the food system, particularly in Italy
Coffee Enema Benefits with Wendy Myers
De oorzaak van psychische klachten
Does The MMR Vaccine Have Any Impact On Gastrointestinal Health Or Autism? by Del Bigtree
Experts Confirms Grand Solar Minimum & Freezing Earth - Its Worse Than Projected
Gaswinning Waalwijk mag ondanks flinke bezwaren toch worden uitgebreid
Ghee Health Benefits
Here Is Why You Should Rinse Your Hair With Potato Juice
Het internet past in een koffiebeker
Hoe vinden we de balans tussen vrijheid en zekerheid in de nieuwe platformeconomie?
How Sugar and Stress Alter Your pH (acid alkaline levels)
Is This Linked to Autism?
MSM Pushing RFID for Medical Purposes, Comparing It to A Tetanus Shot
Niacin (vitamin B-3) natural treatment for chronic depression and anxiety
Nijmeegse milieuorganisatie haalt gelijk bij Europese rechter
Op jacht naar sterke zaden
Pakketjes komen steeds sneller, maar het kost nachtwerker zijn gezondheid
Poor Diet - A Greater Public Health Threat & other topics
The Dark History of Bayer Corp
The lies of Wikipedia
Tiny robots swim through the eye to deliver medicine
What is Aging? - Loss of Proteostasis
Wild jaguars cruelly poached in Suriname

Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

A natural pigment can help decrease cardiovascular risk
Acupuncture at these specific points alleviates pain in cancer patients
Alarmist Study On ‘Overheated Oceans’ Fails Scientific Scrutiny
Alum wins lawsuit against Monsanto for hiding side effects of pesticides
Amazon forests failing to keep up with climate change
An eco-friendly, low-cost solution to wastewater treatment
Antibiotic resistance to 'kill 90,000' in Britain over the next 30 years
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria responsible for over 33,000 deaths in Europe in 2015
Beyond Damaging Crops, Dicamba is Dividing Communities
Body clock researchers prevent liver cancer growth in mice
Breakthrough to stop spread of breast cancer to other organs
Breast milk & babies' saliva shape oral microbiome
Call for probe into pesticide banned by France after illnesses
Characterization of vitamin D supplementation and clinical outcomes in a large cohort of early Parkinson's disease
Chemicals used to fight BP spill were ineffective and toxic, study says
Children have over 1,000 pictures of them posted online before they turn 13
Chlamydia attacks with Frankenstein protein
Climate change causing more severe wildfires, larger insect outbreaks in temperate forests
Colectomy Appears to Increase Later Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
Conference on HPV Vaccine London 11 November 2018
Could thinning out clouds combat climate change? Scientists propose radical plan
Eating Brazil nuts and other varieties of nuts daily may prevent weight gain
Effect of High-Dose Vitamin D Supplementation on Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Symptom Severity in Healthy Children
Electrical properties of dendrites help explain our brain’s unique computing power
EPA quietly telling states they can pollute more
EPO revokes patent on Bayer/Monsanto’s broccoli
Europe should protect its farmers, not big food multinationals
Feeling Lonely? You might be self-centered, says new research
Finding a rhyme and reason to CRISPR-Cas9's mutations
Florida monarch butterfly populations have dropped 80 percent since 2005
Freezing air before it enters homes could stop 99 per cent of pollution, scientist find
Global Warming Will Cause Rat Apocalypse
Green coffee can aid your weight loss goals
Higher BMI Linked to Lower Brain Volume in MS
How Dad’s Stresses Get Passed Along to Offspring
How Marijuana Harms a Developing Baby’s Brain
How massive solar eruptions 'probably' detonated dozens of US sea mines
Immigrants have fewer mental disorders than U.S.-born Americans. Why?
Infection during childhood may aggravate autism risk from mutation
Is cupping therapy effective in patients with neck pain?
It takes 16 years to undo the damage of smoking
Korean ginseng prevents oxidative stress caused by work
Learning music early can make your child a better reader
Low LDL is intimately linked to cancer
Low wintertime pre-diagnostic vitamin D status is associated with an increased risk of
internal malignancies in kidney transplant recipients
Making one change will drop your risk of lung cancer by 39 percent
Manage diabetes to give your body the fuel it needs
Men focused on muscle building struggle with binge drinking and other problems
Molds in food supplies are thought to be responsible for thousands of cases of liver cancer, immune suppression in children
Mushroom farming - The agribusiness of the moment
New Zealand Ends New Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration
Otago study calls for sugar tax
Over 65s find it hard to stick to statins
Perinatal Glyphosate-Based Herbicide Exposure in Rats Alters Brain Antioxidant Status, Glutamate
and Acetylcholine Metabolism and Affects Recognition Memory
Plans for world's largest ocean sanctuary in Antarctic blocked
Rogue chemicals threaten positive prognosis for ozone hole
Save wildlife? Researchers use geology to track elusive animals
Schädigen Pestizide die Babys schon im Bauch?
Should there be a tax on red meat?
Skin-like sensor maps blood-oxygen levels anywhere in the body
Stressed? Your relationship with your boss may be playing a role
Study explores timing of muscle-related problems of statin use
Subset of neurons may underlie brain’s response to experience
The 5G Grid and the Planned Obsolescence of Health
The making of an opioid epidemic
The Oil Industry Spent $31 Million to Kill a Climate Change Measure
The Role of Toxic Stimuli Combinations in Determining Safe Exposure Limits
The World’s First GMO Fish Is Stranded In Albany, Indiana
Three huge asteroids up to 100 feet wide will skim past Earth THIS WEEKEND, Nasa warns
Tiny molecule has big effect in childhood brain tumor studies
Tiny titanium barrier halts big problem in fuel-producing solar cells
Vaccine court admits that the chickenpox vaccine permanently disabled a young boy
What do metastatic cancer cells have in common with sharks?
Why Is This Legal? Presentation on Vaccines by Laura Hayes
Will Sexbots Devalue Our Human Relationships?
With mindfulness, life’s in the moment

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