Het leefbewust journaal - 7 december 2018


Aantal meldingen vliegtuiglawaai RThA ruim verdubbeld
Afschieten 1.830 edelherten Oostvaardersplassen mag van rechter doorgaan
Alcoholisme en psychische stoornissen delen dezelfde genen
Antwoord op vragen van het lid Geleijnse over de werkdruk in de thuiszorg
Beter slapen dankzij steen die verkeerslawaai absorbeert
Bij hartinfarct door aderverkalking speelt pech een belangrijke rol
Bijwerkingen van medicijnen verminderen via scheikundig onderzoek
Cellen blijven jong door conditietraining
Chocoladeletter levensgevaarlijk voor huisdieren
Convenant preventie gehoorschade versterkte muziek ondertekend
De groene economie is niet de oplossing voor de klimaatcrisis
De Oostenrijkse regering heeft de plastic tas en zak de oorlog verklaard
Drinkwater wordt uit de stoffige woestijnlucht gezogen
Er komt geen strafzaak tegen de tabaksindustrie
Farmaceutische wereld moet waken voor monopoliepraktijken
Fysiotherapeut MC Slotervaart schrijft protestlied
Gelekte documenten tonen donker kantje van Facebook
Gemeentesites nog altijd niet ingesteld op gehandicapten
Gruwelijk dierenleed in Europese viskwekerijen
Heeft de bubbel waar wetenschappers in zitten invloed op hun onderzoek?
Het Groothertogdom Luxemburg maakt alle openbaar vervoer binnenkort gratis
Hoe worden herinneringen opgeslagen in het brein?
Huisartsen zien contracten Zilveren Kruis niet zitten
Kankerpatiënt onvoldoende ingelicht over gevolgen behandeling
Klacht tegen de overheid over rol in onderzoek naar vuurwerkramp
Kunstgrasvelden met rubberkorrels op hun retour in de regio
Kwetsbare hersenen moeten in de gaten gehouden worden
Macht zonder moraal is niet duurzaam
MIND over de wachtlijsten in de GGZ
Ook in Engeland zie je nauwe banden tussen industrie en reguliere dietisten
Oude donornieren voor oude nierpatiënten
Patiënten klagen over gebrek aan privacy
Pijn bij honden is een onderwerp waar velen mee te maken krijgen
Provincies onderzoeken of er bij bruggen gebruik is gemaakt van de ziekmakende verf chroom-6
Shell betaalt inderdaad geen belasting over de winst
Situatie kinderen azc's moet beter
Snelle evolutie door "ontdooide" genen uit de voorlaatste ijstijd
Sneller veroudering door chronische immuunziekten
Sociale media en depressie - een ingewikkelde relatie
Uitzetting kind onverantwoord, kan tot hersenschade leiden
UMC Groningen start muziektherapie bij te vroeg geboren baby's
Vakbond KLM-personeel betaalt voor website 'tegengeluid' in discussie Schiphol
Verbetert Passiflora incarnata de slaap?
Waarom je zoveel honger hebt tijdens je menstruatie
Warmtepomp is zorgenkind in oudere huizen
Warmtepompen werken niet goed in oudere huizen
Wat doet Rijkswaterstaat tegen de kankerverwekkende stof chroom 6?


8 Signs Your Body Is Begging for Vitamin D
Aquaponics farm produces fish, greens for Calgary restaurants
Are heartburn medications safe? Can we heal from diabetes, chronic pain, hormone issues & other illness?
Autoimmune 101 - Live presentation
Coronal Mass Ejection Bringing Energy Boost
Coronary Calcification - and Fixing the Root Causes of Heart Disease
De Nederlandse Bond tegen Overheidzaken
Dealing With Lyme Disease Naturally - Scott Forsgren & Ashley James
Electro-magnetic bio resonance works
Geoengineering and Weather Modification Exposed
Health Benefits Of Cabbage for Cancer, Constipation, Weight loss and Digestive system
Hot & Cold Cycles Repeating on Earth
Keer Diabetes2 Om
Kringlooplandbouw - De rol van de bodem | WUR
Managing Comorbid Asthma and Depression
Monsanto Said That Weeds Would Never Adapt To Round Up, But Now 50% Of Wheat In America Is Resistant
Natural Lyme Disease Treatment Potential?
Neuroimaging Inflammation in Clinical Depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Opioids from dentists could put youth at risk later in life
Pushing animal rights up France's political agenda
Quinoa Krispie Treats
Scientists develop 10-minute cancer test
Should Men Get A PSA Test To Test For Prostate Cancer? by Allan Cassels
Taking Iodine Safely
The Alzheimer's Antidote - Can we prevent Type 3 Diabetes? | Amy Berger
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for ASD - Research Updates
Unresolved Low Back Pain?
Woman Rescues Paralyzed Kittens And Finds Them Homes


A New Connection between the Gut and the Brain
A Potential Mechanistic Link between Neonicotinoid Insecticides and Hormone-Dependent Breast Cancer
Air pollution, environmental chemicals, and smoking may trigger vitamin D deficiency
Alterations in brain networks explain why some children are resilient to maltreatment
Are carbs really bad for you? New study suggests we need carbs "in moderation" for optimum health
Association of phthalates, parabens and phenols found in personal care products with pubertal timing in girls and boys
Australian heatwave giving men 'summer penises'
Australian scientists claim they can 'cure obesity' after identifying fat gene
Babies are being WRONGLY diagnosed with milk allergies
Biologics R Vaccines - Beware of “Informed Consent”
Bots increase exposure to negative and inflammatory content in online social systems
Brushing your teeth lowers your risk of hypertension by 20%
Can I take vitamins after the expiration date?
Chemicals on our food - When “safe” may not really be safe
Classifying brain microglia - Which are good and which are bad?
Climate Interventionists Won’t Stop with a Carbon Tax
Conditioning on Parity in Studies of Perfluoroalkyl Acids and Time to Pregnancy
Detecting Heart Failure At Home
Dirty air now could harm hearts of offspring later
Does weight affect likelihood of experiencing severe flu-like symptoms?
Evaluation of Bisphenol A (BPA) Exposures on Prostate Stem Cell Homeostasis and Prostate Cancer Risk
Extreme heat threatens ‘systemic failure’ of hospitals
Girls 'more likely to face loneliness'
Glutamate receptor affects the development of brain cells after birth
Going to bed at the same time each night keeps your heart strong and benefits your metabolism
Honeybees may hold the secret to stem cell youth
How cow’s milk protein allergy is extending the reach of infant formula manufacturers
ImplantFiles – Inside Delhi’s alleys, operation theatre, patient ward for breast implant surgery
Infections during childhood increase the risk of mental disorders
Insufficient nutrition during fetal development may lead to early menopause
Irritable bowel syndrome could be relieved for thousands using hypnosis, study reveals
Is the Chickenpox Vaccine Creating a Shingles Epidemic?
Is There a Link between the Heart and Liver?
Las Vegas man blames flu shot for triggering rare disorder
Link between newborns with vitamin D deficiency and schizophrenia confirmed
Memory B cells in the lung may be important for more effective influenza vaccinations
Men's penises are made smaller by chemicals in non-stick frying pans
Monsanto Paid Internet Trolls to Counter Bad Publicity
New Evidence of the Scale of Corruption in the Illegal Turtle and Tortoise Trade in Southeast Asia
New PET tracer identified for imaging Tau in Alzheimer's disease patients
Older women who suffer from tooth loss are more likely to develop high blood pressure
One in ten children feel lonely, with youngsters who get free school meals more likely to be unhappy
Ongoing 'toxic' feud between NHS surgeons at a heart-unit is putting patients at risk, report warns
Overzealous use of the CDC’s opioid prescribing guideline is harming pain patients
Possible alterations in the DNA involved in cancer
Protecting cell powerhouse paves way to better treatment of acute kidney injury
Protecting Children from Pesticides
Report reveals link between air pollution and increased risk for miscarriage
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Vaccine Obstruction Case Forwarded To DOJ
Scientists paid off to suppress the truth about harmful effects of SUGAR
Selenium, aging and aging-related diseases
Silicosis is on the rise, but is there a therapeutic target?
Skin Autofluorescence Predicts T2DM, Heart Disease, Mortality
Stress from using electronic health records is linked to physician burnout
Study Finds Women Are Happier With Less Attractive Men
Study links vitamin D-deficient older adults with greater risk of developing depression
Study of Environmental Exposures and Early Biomarkers in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Superbugs that are considered resistant CAN be treated, doctors reveal
The 4 best plants that clean your indoor air
The deadly connection between flame retardants and poor health
Tissue Stiffness is a "Mosh Pit” Where Cancer Cells Thrive
Trump Said to Advance Seismic Surveys for Oil in Atlantic
Type 2 diabetes - A therapeutic avenue is emerging
Why snacking could be damaging your health
Working out on a Friday means you can lounge around at the weekend
World's smallest wearable warns wearers how much UV they are REALLY exposed to
Young minds filled with green mush

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