Het leefbewust journaal - 6 december 2018


App die dove kinderen leert lezen
Banken stop met investeren in palmolie-industrie
Bescherming van hart bij operatie bij diabetici
Betere lessen? Zet iemand achterin de klas
Bijna 90% van de Nederlanders wil geen smartphone aan tafel
Botsen op de sociale snelweg
Boyan Slat en andere strijders tegen de plasticsoep - We gaan niet zitten wachten
CO2-neutraal vliegen zit er voorlopig niet in
De meerderheid in de Tweede Kamer wil geen permanente zomertijd
Duur medicijn kan plotseling 80 procent goedkoper
Fluoride verstoort schildklier bij jodiumtekort
Gelre ziekenhuizen zet vaker immunotherapie in tegen kanker
Jawel, u kunt uzelf letterlijk doodwerken
Last van regels in de zorg? Mail minister Bruins
Meer wetenschappelijke artikelen vrij te raadplegen
Mogelijkheid tot vrijwilligerswerk tijdens WW-uitkering verruimd
MRI verbetert opsporing van prostaatkanker
Natuurlijke alternatieven voor antibiotica
Nog een reden voor gewichtstoename tijdens de wintermaanden, afwezigheid zonlicht
Opnieuw vervuilde hartmedicijnen teruggeroepen
Polen grote bedreiging Nederlandse legsector
PvdD wil spoed­debat over schok­kende beelden dier­trans­porten
Stad te ongezond voor huismus
Tachtig procent van de Nederlandse kinderen met angstklachten krijgt geen hulp.
Tandplakbacterie Porphyromonas gingivalis nader onderzocht
Terugroepactie aantal bloeddrukmedicijnen met valsartan
Thuiszorg wordt bevrijd van onnodig papierwerk
Toelichting op het varend ontgassen van tankschepen
Toezichthouder kritisch over uitvoering nieuwe inlichtingenwet
Trazadon en risico vallen en ernstige fracturen bij ouderen
Verlichte schouder op echo kan wijzen op diabetes
Vinden planten CO2-uitstoot eigenlijk wel fijn?
Vragen over pleegzorg door grootouders
Wanneer mag je naar de Voedselbank?
Welkoop Harderwijk teruggefloten na stunten met Roundup
Wetenschappers hebben twaalf genetische varianties ontdekt die de kans op ADHD kunnen vergroten
Xtc-gebruik jongeren gevolg drankverbod


"Women's Heart Health" with Dr. Mark Menolascino. - Dr. Tom O'Bryan
Are You Using the Correct Fats on the Ketogenic Diet?
Dry Dog Food Recall - toxic Levels Of Vitamin D
EMF Health Summit
Health Risks From Electromagnetic Fields From Cell Phones
Heart Surgeon - “They Tried to Silence Me When I Got My Patients Off Cholesterol-Lowering Meds!”
Home Remedies to Get Rid of Food Poisoning Quickly | Life well lived
How this drug lord created a hippo problem in Colombia
How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally
Is biohacking de toekomst?
Is our food system a solution to climate change? with Paul Hawken
Kankerverwekkende stoffen worden door heel Nederland aangetroffen
Men Today Have Half The Sperm Count That Their Grandfather's Had, That's A Fact. Here's Why.
Pets, GMOs and Pesticides
Recycling plastic for free public transport
The Healing Promise of the Microbiome for Autoimmune Disease
The Hidden Cause of Acne
The Impact of Oil Drilling in the Arctic
Vaccine Misinformation?
Water Fasting - The 3 Myths (Part 2) - Dr. Edward Group
What you need to know about Farmed Salmon
Why the Mediterranean Diet Has Not Worked for You


A step closer to fusion energy
A toxin that travels from stomach to brain may trigger Parkinsonism
Agricultural insecticide contamination threatens U.S. surface water integrity at the national scale
Al in 1902 waren gletsers aan het verdwijnen terwijl het erg koud was
An embellished coat for bone implants
Astaxanthin truly is the king of the carotenoids
Busting nutrition myths with Dr. Zoë Harcombe PhD. Episode 358
Can We Grow More Food on Less Land?
Cannabis-based compound may reduce seizures in children with epilepsy
Children born through IVF are more likely to suffer from asthma
Chronic nonpulsatile tinnitus can be remedied with acupuncture
CMAJ article links hunger in residential schools to Type 2 diabetes, obesity
Court grants Monsanto motion to dismiss suit claiming Missouri man's son was denied health care benefits
Duration of infertility in men may affect sperm count
Elderly people visited by volunteers feel emotionally and physically healthier
Evidence thin on medical pot, EU illegal drugs body says
Fascinating study shows vitamin C reduces the risk of cognitive impairment
Fasting for lab tests isn't good for patients with diabetes
Flint, Michigan lead crisis should have buried the city in water bottles. So, why didn't it?
Hackers could spy on your children using security flaw in tablet
High lead levels found in some spices purchased abroad
High levels of cellphone radiation linked to cancer in male rats
Hospital admissions for stress and anxiety have risen by 37% in the past decade
How the brain hears and fears
Is the pancreas regeneration debate settled? An original theory renewed
It's All about Vibrations, Man
It’s Never Too Late To Gain New Brain Cells
Maternal smoking during pregnancy and autism
Melissa Gallico identifies fluoride as the root cause of the modern acne epidemic
More Monsanto Victims Will Soon Get Their Day in Court
Mysterious Radiation Melting Antarctica From Below
NASA Scientist Says Aliens May Have Visited Earth
Natural ocean fluctuations could help explain Antarctic sea ice changes
Natural selection in the womb can explain health problems in adulthood
New cancer immunotherapy approach turns immune cells into tiny anti-tumor drug factories
Office workers who stand at their desk to lose weight only burn nine calories an hour more
Old coal mines could be turned into giant underground FARMS
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Suppress Allergic Conjunctivitis Symptoms
Possible alterations in the DNA involved in cancer
Realistic exposure study supports the use of zinc oxide nanoparticle sunscreens
Record number of British women are dying because of alcohol
Reduce your risk of macular degeneration by a whopping 61% just by eating oranges
Research examines causes of complications during pregnancy and delivery in adolescents
Risk factors for falling are different in older men versus older women
Risk of hospital-treated infections & use of antibiotics after hip fracture surgery
Scientists warn poor plumbing is fueling dangerous bacteria
Single workout can boost metabolism for days
Solar Magnetic Field Oscillations Confirm Global Cooling Is Here
Some rare homoeopathic medicines in the treatment of acne
Study reveals sleep problems in young adult students
Study shows how mussels handle microplastic fiber pollution
The complicated relationship between social media and depression
The future of the sweetened beverages tax in Portugal
The Temperature Of The Atmosphere
The Truth About Low-Protein, High-Carb Diets and Brain Aging
Unsealed Court Docs Reveal Monsanto Colluded With EPA To Stifle Cancer Research
Uranium in mine dust could dissolve in human lungs
US Senator presses FCC Commissioner to Disclose his claim of evidence of 5G Safety
What's under the Antarctic Ice Sheet?
Why food allergies are on the rise - Hyper-cleanliness may be making kids weaker, doctors warn

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