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Nederlandstalig nieuws

4 november - het eerste vuurwerk slachtoffer geopereerd
5G antennemast test en dode vogels in Den Haag
6 tekenen dat je last hebt van een ijzertekort
Beantwoording Kamervragen over het fors toenemend aantal ZZP’ers in de zorg
Beroepsgroep erkent seksverslaving
Bloed, zweet & luxeproblemen
De 10 beste voedingsmiddelen voor meer stikstofoxide
Dieren verraden grotere problemen
Dierenrechten organisaties maken schokkende beelden paardenmarkt Hedel
Dotcomradio 4.11.2018
Het bos van Amelisweerd wordt opnieuw bedreigd
Het Europees Octrooi Bureau heeft het patent op de broccoli met een lange steel verworpen
Hoe de (Britse) mainstream media de realiteit verdraaien
NZa waarschuwt voor forse premiestijging
Onderwijsmodel 2050 – deel I, November 2018
Rechter buigt zich over afschot herten
Rookmelder met moeder’s stem wekt kinderen beter dan hoge toon alarmsignalen
Staatsbosbeheer gaat 1830 herten afschieten
Supplement met tryptofaan maakt dominant
TV - Het vrije internet
Veel inzet onbevoegd personeel in zorg
Veel onnodige controles na behandeling borstkanker
Vervuilde grond illegaal onder Barneveldse nieuwbouwwijken
Waarom is elke soort van belang binnen een ecosysteem?
Waarom kant en klaar-trucs tegen ‘minder stress’ niets opleveren
Waarom verteld lubach niet dat er dagelijks 150 ton radioactief vervuild water de zee instroomt
Wetenschappers klagen blinde vlek aan in onderzoek naar depressie
Yoghurt beschermt tegen hartaanval, melk niet
Zo gaat het er nachts aan toe op de paardenmarkt in Hedel
Zorg dat Shell de olievervuiling in Nigeria opruimt

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De laatste videoclips

4 things for Depression and PMS
Addiction and mineral deficiency
An Aspirin a Day? Not So Fast
Apple’s 5G iPhone will arrive in 2020, It's Worse Than I Thought
Better Glute Activation with Resistance Bands, More Effective Squats
Big Pharma Is Spending HUGE Bucks To Keep Price Gouging Your Medicin
Het hele ''klimaat denken'' behoort tot de grootste zwendels van onze tijd
Is Alcoholism an advanced form of allergy?
Is The Global Temperature Record Credible?
Muziek - Josh Alexander - Canter
Peru - Animal welfare group tries to stampede bullfight
Stunning drone videos of humpback and gray whales aid new UH marine mammal research
Unfair Global Tax System Makes Sustainable Development Impossible

Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

7 Ways Back Pain Can Affect Your Life And How To Fix It
A cure for cancer - how to kill a killer
A plant found in tropical Africa is being studied for its strong antioxidant properties
Air pollution, everything you should know about a public health emergency
An Ethiopian ethnomedicine found to regulate blood sugar levels in diabetics
Big, high-calorie meals after 6 p.m. may increase heart disease risk for Hispanics
Birds have plastic in their bellies via plastic-eating mosquito larvae
Black infants may have higher cardiac arrest rates
Blood vessel function takes harmful hit from hookah tobacco smoking
Canada struggles to meet huge demand for legal cannabis
Chronic exposure to excess noise may increase risk for heart disease, stroke
College education aids in proper use of dietary supplements among young adults
Complication of broken heart syndrome associated with both short- and long-term risk of death
Daily weighing may be key to losing weight
Does dietary restriction protect against age-related leaky gut?
Dow wants to bolster use of a pesticide shown to hurt bees’ reproduction
Firework packaging should show graphic injuries, doctors say
For older adults, does eating enough protein help delay disability?
Fracking firm Cuadrilla say shale gas is now flowing from its controversial site
Genetic factors tied to obesity may protect against diabetes
Happy childhood memories linked to better health later in life
Here are the healthiest fruits you can eat
How to turn fruit juice pulp into a delicious veggie burger – recipe
If you smoke, now is a very good time to quit
Impact of Transcendental Meditation to prevent, curb rise of violence in America
Interactive world map reveals how scarce water will become
Just one energy drink may hurt blood vessel function
Lead, mercury exposure raises cholesterol levels
Major Danish study identifies nine new EDCs
More protection - UN says Earth's ozone layer is healing
Music improves social communication in autistic children
Nature of immune cells in the human brain disclosed
New device improves balance in veterans with Gulf War Illness
New glimpses into brain uncover neurological basis for processing social information
New studies on student alcohol use can inform interventions to reduce blackouts
NICE should change antibiotic guidelines for dental patients
NUS researchers turn plastic bottle waste into ultralight supermaterial
Nuts for nuts? Daily serving may help control weight and benefit health
Opioid use may increase risk of dangerous heart rhythm disorder
Overweight kids often left in the dark about their high blood pressure
Possible Breakthrough In Treating Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes
Public health is littered with examples where economic interests trumped scientific advice
Remedy against superbacteria was found in crowberry
Researchers use genetics to predict response to antipsychotic medications
Saber-toothed cats with oral injuries ate softer foods
Scientists find this traditional Mexican remedy to be effective against hepatitis
Scientists propose panel to guide gene-editing decisions regarding conservation
Seed banking not an option for over a third of threatened species
Skin gel allows wounds to heal without leaving a scar
Smartphones and tablets are causing mental health problems in children as young as two
Spraying aerosols high in the stratosphere could dampen global warming over land, but may not prevent the oceans from heating up
Steeds meer jongeren in coma na overdosis GHB
Stroke survivors and those at risk urged to focus on yoga and tai chi
Studies highlight lasting effects of early life stress on the genome, gut, and brain
Study shows that mothers prefer daughters and fathers prefer sons
Thousands of ships could dump pollutants at sea to avoid dirty fuel ban
Trial finds diet rich in fish helps fight asthma
Trump’s EPA concludes communities don’t have the right to know about potentially toxic emissions
Turmoil erupts over expulsion of member from leading evidence-based medicine group
Two novel studies explore why women receive less CPR from bystanders
Vegan jokes are in bad taste, but hardly a reason to be pilloried | Barbara Ellen
Violent crime raises blood pressure even among those living in safe areas
We could ALL learn a lesson from this baby bear
What kind of personality are psychopaths attracted to?
Yoga to relieve tense shoulders
You need exercise to keep your bones strong

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