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Nederlandstalig nieuws

NL - Aangepast dieet moet geheugen van Alzheimerpatiënten verbeteren
NL - Bacteriën in plastic soep dodelijk voor koraal
NL - CRISPR-Cas9 voor Duchenne spierdystrofie
NL - Deelauto goed voor milieu ’en het scheelt parkeerplaatsen’
NL - Deze dieren redden hun baasje letterlijk uit de brand
NL - Dierenbeul mag straks 10 jaar geen beesten houden
NL - EU schenkt 4 miljoen aan onderzoek mantelzorg
NL - Europees Parlement op dierendag in debat over plofkippen
NL - Geen suikertaks, geen prijsverlaging op fruit
NL - Genetische varianten voor zingeving ontdekt
NL - Glyphosate Linked to Bee Deaths in New University of Texas Study
NL - Groene dagbesteding waardevolle aanvulling op aanbod van dagbesteding voor dementerenden
NL - Het geheim van het dorpje Pioppi
NL - Het randomiseren van diagnostische testen doen of niet
NL - Kunstmatige zoetstoffen zijn toxisch voor darmbacteriën
NL - Maak van je roze wolk, geen rookwolk
NL - Mevrouw, u kunt hier geen maïs meer planten
NL - Minder slepen met dieren - kabinet wil veetransport beperken
NL - Minister Schouten (LNV) stuurt de Tweede Kamer een brief over dierenwelzijn
NL - Nederlanders eten een half miljoen dieren per dag
NL - Nederlandse Europarlementariërs willen bonnetjes alsnog openbaar
NL - Oceanen bieden oplossingen voor klimaatverandering
NL - Onkruid als reddende engel
NL - Oude zieke kater gedumpt in Soest
NL - Petitie tegen eendensector 25.000 keer getekend
NL - Snuffelpalen en astmapatiënten moeten Hasseltse luchtvervuiling in kaart brengen
NL - Stichting Levend Archief brengt alle plantensoorten van Nederland onder één dak
NL - Strengere WIA-maatregelen leiden tot afbraak sociale stelsel en armoede
NL - Tien miljoen kilo bestrijdingsmiddelen gebruiken we per jaar. Waar blijven die?
NL - Toegevoegde waarde van geboortecentra?
NL - Tweede Kamer wil aanpak vernietiging ongebruikte producten
NL - Verhoog de BTW op drinkwater niet
NL - Vitamine B supplementen kunnen de nierfunctie beschermen van kinderen met diabetes
NL - Vragen over overlijden bij GGZ Altrecht
NL - Waarom is het belangrijk dat je ook op latere leeftijd intimiteit ervaart?
NL - Waarschuwingen uit Duitsland
NL - Wallonië verplicht vergunning om dier te houden
NL - Zoetstof Xylitol giftig voor honden
NL - Zonder staart of kapotte oren - Veel dieren verwaarloosd

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Video - 11 Signs Your Soul is Fully Evolved and Healed
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Video - The Exposome and Metabolic Health
Video - True Health Tuesday Live - Gut/Brain Connection Part 2
Video - Use Bile Salts for a Fatty Liver
Video - What's Wrong With Fast Food And Processed Foods? by Joel Fuhrman
Video - Why Cholesterol May Not Be the Cause of Heart Disease with Dr. Aseem Malhotra
Video - Will Lobbyists Create Another Deep Water Horizon Disaster Through Deregulation

Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

A Nerve Pathway Links the Gut to the Brain’s Pleasure Centers
A randomized, controlled pilot study of the effects of vitamin D supplementation on balance in Parkinson's disease
A warmer spring leads to less plant growth in summer
Acne vulgaris and its association with dietary intake
Alternatives to pesticides -- Researchers suggest popular weeds
Angus the robot could soon be cultivating your salads in a robo-farm
Anti-aging effects of compound in some fruits and vegetables verified in novel new research
Appetite-suppressant lorcaserin decreases risk of developing diabetes and induces remission of
high blood sugar in obese and overweight patients
Are Shiftwork and Indoor Work Related to D3 Vitamin Deficiency?
As cruel industrial pig farming persists in the EU
Beneficial role of virgin coconut oil supplementation against acute methotrexate chemotherapy-induced
oxidative toxicity and inflammation in rats
Brain iron loading impairs DNA methylation and alters GABAergic function in mice
Calcium supplementation during pregnancy for preventing hypertensive disorders and related problems
Can Hemp Become a 60 Million Acre Crop and Billion Dollar Industry?
Cancer researchers at Purdue aim to take the ‘accelerator’ off aggressive prostate and other deadly tumors
Cannabis 'more harmful than alcohol' for teen brains
Cataracts Linked to Higher Risks of Osteoporosis and Fracture
Child abuse leaves molecular ‘scars' in DNA of victims’ sperm – study
Commission remains ‘very cautious’ toward novel tobacco products
Common painkiller may substantially increase the risk of heart disease
Controversial oyster pesticide ruled ‘too risky’ for Washington waters
Cooling effect of preindustrial fires on climate underestimated
Crash diets could make you gain belly fat in the long run
CU Anschutz scientists identify genetic causes of mitochondrial diseases
Daily Intake of Soft Drinks and Moderate-to-Severe Acne Vulgaris in Chinese Adolescents
Detecting fake news, at its source
Do your knees hurt? A scientific study shows black cumin seed oil reduces knee pain
Doctor payments back on the table at GlaxoSmithKline with rollback of its total ban
Drain the EU Swamp
Eating bacon and sausages raises risk of breast cancer
Effects of school time on sleep duration and sleepiness in adolescents
EPA stocked full of industry insiders
Evidence shows honey can be used to treat various eye diseases
Facebook faces FTC complaint accusing it of harvesting data on children in Messenger Kids app
Father Of World Wide Web Launches Platform Which Aims To Radically Decentralize The Internet
Fathers' postnatal hormone levels predict later caregiving, study shows
FDA Glyphosate Testing Conspicuously Skips Oats, Wheat Products
First signs of glyphosate weed resistance detected in the UK
Flavocoxid, a Natural Antioxidant, Protects Mouse Kidney from Cadmium-Induced Toxicity
France is wrong to shun OLAF in tackling tobacco smuggling
Glyphosate found in pet food
Health groups warn against vaping advertising in Ontario convenience stores
Helping Children With Angry Outbursts
Here’s where aluminum goes when it’s injected into your body from a vaccine
High HbA1c After T1DM Diagnosis Predicts Psychiatric Comorbidity
High-fat, high-sugar diet can impair females’ future fertility
Insight into the specific needs of autistic people
Is replying to online reviews always good? New research shows downside of over-responding
Is social media addiction a new type of psychiatric condition?
Is Tapping on Acupuncture Points an Active Ingredient in Emotional Freedom Techniques?
Kidney care conflicts of interest: Experts call for transparency on joint-venture dialysis clinics
Light Therapy Offers Nonpharmacologic Treatment for Perimenopausal Depression
Low-dose blue light irradiation enhances the antimicrobial activities of curcumin against Propionibacterium acnes
MegaFood Seeks Ban on Use of Glyphosate as a Desiccant Through EPA Petition
More wet and dry weather extremes projected with global warming
Mouse study mirrors human findings that link chemotherapy and APOE4 to cognitive issues
New study shows cells produce specialised protein factories under stress
NUIG study shows economic impact of caring for children with autism
Opioid overdoses, depression linked
People Who Read Live Longer Than Those Who Don’t
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Can Be Contagious
Pregnancy disorders may lead to more hot flashes
Primary tropical forests are best but regrowing forests are also vital to biodiversity
Pyramid-shaped brain cells provide algorithm for us to recognize, categorize food
Replacing fertilizer with plant probiotics could slash greenhouse gases
Risks of treated anxiety, depression, and insomnia among nurses
Scientists develop a new way to remotely measure Earth's magnetic field
SNP trying to stop Big Food manipulating us into obesity
Superbug MRSA warning - Deadly bacteria 'breeding ground' found on coins
The Association between Vitamin D Deficiency and Sleep Disorders
The DNA Diet, How Your Genes Play a Big Role in Your Weight
The evidence is clear - Saffron is a scientifically-proven therapeutic spice that can treat a variety of diseases
The protective effects of selenium-enriched Spirulina platensis on chronic alcohol-induced liver injury in mice
The risk of dying during pregnancy is five times higher for women with epilepsy
Thirteen ocean solutions for climate change
This new device could teach us how the crud in our air affects our health
Trump Administration Backs Deadly 5G Technology, and His Supporters Are Silent
US Food Brands Petition EPA to Ban Pre-Harvest Glyphosate Spraying
USA EPA to weaken safeguards on ionising radiation
Why are menstrual cups becoming more popular?
Would you rather die of liver failure or live with HIV?
Young people the loneliest, finds BBC survey

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