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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Aanpak autisme bij individuele verschillen
Adviesgroep valt minister af over Lelystad Airport
Amazonewoud bedreigd door extreemrechtse president Brazilië
Bea Pols legt uit welk vet het beste is om in te bakken
Beantwoording Kamervragen over het testen van zenuwgassen op proefdieren door Defensie
Brussel verhoogt de stralingsnormen om 5G mogelijk te maken; wetenschappers worden genegeerd
De gascentrales kunnen uit de mottenballen, of zijn er andere mogelijkheden?
De gezondheidswaarde van het mineraal selenium
De meeste yoghurts zijn suikerbommetjes
Depressie door een lichamelijke oorzaak
Eilandrepubliek Palau voert verbod in op zonnecrème om koraalriffen te beschermen
GenX aangetroffen in Helmond
Geraffineerde inuline richt mogelijk leverschade aan
Grote fouten gemaakt door minister bij mestregels
Hoge kosten voor geringe bijdrage Nederland aan CO2
Honderden kalveren moeten worden afgemaakt na stalbrand Coevorden
Menstruatieklachten en PMS
Nederlander maakt nauwelijks gebruik van nieuwe privacyrechten
Omstreden teckelfokker verkast naar Hongarije
Overheid moet meer gehandicapten aan baan helpen
Peru maakt stappen op ban plastic voor eenmalig gebruik
Pleegde zanger van Soundgarden zelfmoord door angstremmers?
Psychische stoornissen bestaan niet
Staatsbosbeheer mag vangweide bij Oostvaardersplassen afmaken
Utrecht bouwt energiezuinige huurhuizen in Zuilen
Vitamine C niveau crasht tijdens knieoperatie
Vitamine D-tekort gerelateerd aan slaapstoornissen
Vragen over herbouw en uitbreiding van mega varkensstal De Knorhof
Wist jij van deze producten dat ze veganistisch waren?
Zelfmoordpreventielijn lanceert gespreks-app

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De laatste videoclips

Agema(PVV); 'Ergelijk is de VVD-botheid als het gaat om de sluiting van ziekenhuizen!'
Are we passing down heavy metals to our children or understanding generational toxicity?
Ascension, The Truth about The Void in Spiritual Awakening
CDC Confirms the Wild Doc-Polio Illness Is NOT Caused by a Virus
Climate Vengeance - A New Approach to Environmental Law (w/Guest Professor Marry Wood)
Court Rules Nestlé Can Be Sued In America For Use Of Slave Labor Overseas
Deze minister heeft echt niks gedaan voor deze ziekenhuizen
Dr Myhill On Lyme Disease
Future of cars is....Plastic?
How alcohol causes blackouts and affects memories
Ketosis VS Fat Burning (Beta Oxidation) + Carb Cycling w/ Peter Defty
Met deze kaart maak je zelf hartfilmpjes
National Toxicology Program Animal Study - Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer
Natural Home Remedies For Acne
Organic is Not Without Some Pesticides
Reasons For Cancer–This is How it Happened to Him
Reckless Disregard for Human Safety and Monsanto's Ability to Pay
Slachtoffers chroom-6 hopen op duidelijkheid van defensie
Some Indonesian zoos continue to restrict elephants movements by chaining these majestic animals
Space Weather - Impacts on New Zealand
The Monsanto Trial - Beyond Spraying
The Monsanto Trial - Discover the Truth with Brent Wisner and Jeffrey Smith
The Monsanto Trial - Hitting the Pocketbook
The Monsanto Trial - Monsanto's Bad Faith Budget
Unieke traumabehandeling van start in klooster Kranenburg
Vaccin risk deniers loosing ground
What Does The Term Monoculture Mean And Why Should It Concern Us? by Andy Dyer
Wie betaalt de zorg van Bella de poes?
Youth e-cigarette epidemic - Unintended consequences or strategic marketing?

Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

Adding probiotics to your fruit salad is a delicious way to enjoy a nutrient-dense meal
Aggressive Control of BP, Lipids in T2DM May Up Kidney Risk
Arctic Oil Drilling Project Approved by Trump Administration
Are children's television programs too cool for school?
As Insect Populations Decline, Scientists Are Trying to Understand Why
Bee diversity and richness decline as anthropogenic activity increases, confirm scientists
Breakthrough in childhood brain cancer
Can chocolate, tea, coffee and zinc help make you more healthy?
Children who experience violence early in life develop faster
Chronic inflammation is associated with higher risk for diseases of major internal organs and shorter lifespan
Deadly summer heatwaves are going to get worse over the next three decades
Dow wants to bolster use of a pesticide shown to hurt bees’ reproduction
Factory Farming Is Extremely Inefficient
FDA approves DNA test for what drugs will work for you
Garbage-eating shark drone takes to the water in Dubai
Glyphosate Found in Human Hair as Unique Testing Project Releases First Results
Glyphosate in pulses - Maharashtra FDA starts collecting samples
Grandparents - Raising their children's children, they get the job done
High exposure to radio frequency radiation associated with cancer in male rats
How our red blood cells keep evolving to fight malaria
How to live longer - the ‘wonderfood’ oil to prevent heart disease and early death
Identify autism at early stage
Inflammatory Markers and Severity of Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Injury to a parent can lead to sleep issues in children and teens
Instant soups and noodles responsible for burning nearly 10,000 children each year
Lifestyle & heart failure
Low-fat diet increases cancer survival rate in mice
Magic mushrooms evolved to scramble insect brains, send them on wild trips
Major Study Finds ‘Some Evidence’ of Link Between Cellphone Radiation and Brain Cancer
Mental health diagnoses among US children, youth continue to rise at alarming rate
Millennials are at higher risk for mental health issues
Nature of immune cells in the human brain disclosed
New study finds evidence of brain injuries in football players at surprisingly young age
OAA’s industrial fish farming plan threatens oceans and fishing communities
Nutrients may reduce blood glucose levels
Oral sex and smoking fuel 50% rise in mouth cancer
Pesticides? Genetics? France launches probe after more birth defects cases revealed
Scientists find brain area that inhibits fear
Scientists look at the anti-diabetes potential of Rhaponticum acaule essential oil
Searching in soil, scientists find a new way to combat tuberculosis
Stinging nettle can be used to remedy diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and allergic rhinitis
Strengthening self-regulation in childhood may improve resiliency later in life
Study Says Children’s Apps Targeting Young Kids With Ads
Survey finds 'alarming' percentage of families share leftover antibiotics
Sweet potatoes and diabetes
Take a lot of sick days? Who you know and where you live might be partly to blame
Taking multivitamins can reduce your risk of death from any illness by up to 70%
Tests to Detect Gene-Edited GMO Traits Could Be Available Within a Year
The Oceans Are Heating Up Faster Than Expected
The Rise Of Modern Greenhouse Gas Climate Fakery
These 6 Houseplants Will Boost Your Wellbeing
These are the best foods to eat to fight or prevent cancer
Tick-borne disease is not just Lyme
To ward off fatty liver, breast is best for mom
Toxicity of formulants and heavy metals in glyphosate-based herbicides and other pesticides
Traumatic brain injuries can lead to long-term neurological and psychiatric disorders
Unpublished medical research 'a threat to public health'
Watchdogs to sweep social media for adverts that promote gambling, junk food or alcohol to children
We all want 'healthy aging,' but what is it, really? New report looks for answers
Where Icebergs Go to Die
Where water goes after fracking is tied to earthquake risk
Will there be enough water in the future? Interactive world map visualises water scarcity around the globe
Your showerhead slime is alive

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