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Hoe buikvet het risico op kanker kan verhogen
Om postoperatieve pijn te verminderen, overweeg slaap – cafeïne


Nederlandstalig nieuws

70% supermarkt bestaat uit omstreden ‘ultra-processed foods’
Acht vissers vast voor 'poging tot doodslag' op NVWA-inspecteurs
Bange burgers zijn brave burgers
Beantwoording Kamervragen over uitbreiding geitenstallen
Centrum Veilig Wonen sluit social media na dreiging
Daarom laat je de airco in het vliegtuig beter aanstaan
De dienstbaarheid van een co-dependent
Een kwartier kijken naar modellen, kan je mentale gezondheid schaden
Eieren voor ons geld?
Enorme asteroïde zal vrijdag langs aarde scheren
Erfelijke aanleg bepaalt kans op verzakking
Geen geiten meer erbij in Gelderland, 'gezondheid inwoners gaat voor'
Geldgebrek bij Jongerenfoon - amper 1 oproep op 8 beantwoord
Geraldine Kemper vertelt over haar nieuwe programma ‘Misbruikt’
Hij weet écht wat klimaatverandering betekent
Je vraagt je af in welk universum deze lieden leven
Jinek heeft een heftig gesprek met misbruikte kinderen
Kamerbrief over evaluatie Actieplan Stalbranden 2012-2016 en vervolg
Kamerbrief over verzamelbrief dierenwelzijn
Kerncentrales houden groene energie-investeringen tegen
Kinderen ervaren minder stress als voogdij eerlijk verdeeld is
Koolhydraten lijken schadelijker voor gezondheid dan vetten
Lunchpauze is vaak stressmoment voor kinderen
Mensen met autisme hebben unieke talenten
Met dit monster krijgen we binnenkort te maken
Niet-reanimerenpenning alleen na overleg met arts
Onderzoek naar gif in moestuinen rond DuPont in Dordrecht
Politiechef Harderwijk over wietplantjesrel
Protest bij magnesiumdagen Veendam
Samsom - Wees nou maar blij met die 27 miljoen
Schreeuwend dure medicijnen.. Hoe werkt dat?
Seksueel misbruikte Melissa confronteerde haar opa
TV - BinnensteBuiten 29.8
TV - BinnensteBuiten 30.8
TV - Nesj Nasj - Apfelstrudel
TV - Wildpark Nederland
Vogels niet dupe van windmolens Eemshaven en Delfzijl
Waarom is er zo'n gebrek aan Wijsheid bij Wereldleiders en Regeringen?
Waarom reageren ouders met zoveel woede op school?
Zo voorkom je dat ISP's slimme spullen begluren
Zo ziet de supermarkt eruit als de grenzen dicht gaan
Zonnepark op geluidswal langs A12

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Alternatieve TV

A farmer from rural China with cerebral palsy is not a likely candidate for fame
Angela tells her story about her children and her foundation to help others in her area
Are Hunted Turtles Making A Comeback?
Are you addicted to your phone?
Argentina's indigenous Mapuche fight for ancestral lands
British farmers are engaged in massive criminal pollution
Diet study suggests it's carbs, not fats, that are bad for you
Doping Tests Found To Fail In Majority Of Cases
Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt - Gesundheitliche Auswirkungen von Chemtrails

Dr. Paul Blanc discusses his book "Fake Silk" that explores cellulose viscose
Dramatic Dolphin Rescue by Bangladeshi Fishermen
Eating Chickens is Killing Jaguars
EPA Chief Says That Science Shouldn’t Dictate Policy In America
Exposing The Global Climate Modification Assault
Fertility and flame retardant products
HUMAN FLOW Trailer (Documentary - 2017)
I was a scientist and will now never vaccinate my children
Is Coconut Oil Bad? Interview with Cardiologist Dr. Weiss
Ivorian chocolatier makes fair-trade chocolate ingots
Kelly recalls life before and after given vaccines during a swine flu epidemic
Keto Recipes - Bulletproof Golden Milk with Turmeric
Liver Cancer - Know The Cause
Many Animals Need Help In Texas and Louisiana After Harvey
Microbiology & Immunology
My mother was never the same after vaccinations
My vaccinated child gave my 4 month old baby chickenpox
School is trauma based mind control, David Rodriguez
Study Shows Mental Health Linked To Retirement Savings
Sugar more addictive than cocaine, study says
The brutal reality of fishing
The highly-anticipated trailer for Dominion, a new Australian documentary

Dominion (2018): Official Trailer from Aussie Farms on Vimeo.

The Internal Benefits of Aloe - Know The Cause
The nr 1 Food You Should Stop Eating Immediately
Vissers redden walvishaaipup uit visnet
Weed for PTSD
What Type of Food Triggers Ketosis?
Wolter werd blind door een foutje in zijn DNA
‘Purpose in life’ may help healthy aging


Internationaal nieuws

Altered bacterial communities in the gut could be an indicator for Parkinson's disease
Anti-cancer breakthrough CICD can eradicate tumours, researchers say
Anti-inflammatory injection significantly reduces heart attack risk, finds study
Are Some Psychiatric Disorders a pH Problem?
Bone-Derived Hormone Reverses Age-Related Memory Loss in Mice
Cartilage degeneration algorithm predicts progression of osteoarthritis
Children of unintended pregnancies may experience depressive symptoms in early adulthood
Coconut oil protects cortical neurons from amyloid beta toxicity by enhancing signaling of cell survival pathways
Cosmetic surgery may help patients quit smoking
Cutting saturated fats could shorten your life, study claims
Dark chocolate strengthens the heart
Demand for Plant-Based Products Is Up by 140 Percent
Ditch that low fat diet, it’s worse for your health
Do you feel alone with fibromyalgia?
Does the midlife crisis really exist?
Dog walkers motivated by happiness, not health
Don't take ibuprofen if you go to the gym, study finds
Dr Sarah Brewer explains benefits of curry for pain relief
Exclusion from school can trigger long-term psychiatric illness
Extreme exposure
Farmed and Dangerous? Pacific Salmon Confront Rogue Atlantic Cousins
Founder of Weather Channel blasts total fraud of climate change - Science fraud run by the Left
From alcohol to milk, here's how you have been harming your skin
Get politics, lobbyists and profits out of health care
Hadza study links diet changes to altered microbiome
Harvey Triggers 'Unbearable' Pollution as Refineries Spew Cancer-Causing Chemicals
Here’s Why Vegans May Smell Better Than Meat Eaters
High carb diet worse than high fat
Higher dietary magnesium intake was associated with a reduced risk of CHD in Japanese men
How Big Pharma Secretly Funds The Fight To Keep Drug Prices High
How Moldy Hay And Sick Cows Led To A Lifesaving Drug
Increased use of Facebook linked to decrease of actual friends
Indigenous farmers fight eucalyptus damage to water source in Ecuador
Inherited Herpesvirus Study Finds Links To Ancient Humans
Largest study to date evaluates occupational health risks to hardmetal workers
Low-fat diet could kill you, major study shows
Lyme disease put a fitness instructor in a wheelchair
Mouthwash could raise heart disease risk, expert claims
Nanoparticles loaded with mRNA give disease-fighting properties to cells
New Documentary Seeks to Expose the Cruel Ways Humans Use Animals
Omega-3 supplements proven to be powerful medicine by drastically reducing CXCL-10 inflammation factors across the body
Only 20 minutes less sitting per day is enough to maintain good health and muscle mass
Peasants in late medieval London faced extreme violence
Phytoestrogens and Related Food Components in the Prevention of Cancer
Pinpointing the origins of autism
Positive - Renewable energy generates enough power to run 70% of Australian homes
Protein turnover could be clue to living longer
Radioactive iodine has been “legally” released by European nuclear power plants for over fifty years
Recommended fat intake should increase, Canadian researchers say
Researchers discover new immunotherapy combination effective at killing cancer cells
Researchers reveal link between PCOS, type 2 diabetes
Rise of male individuals in stingless bees colonies leads to queen's death
SeaWorld Is Under Investigation by the Department of Justice
Shared custody equals less stress for children
Sick Cows/Sick People – The Grassfed Antidote
Solar cell breakthrough paves the way for new applications
Study finds hormone therapy improves sleep quality for recently menopausal women
Study shows slow walking pace is good predictor of heart-related deaths
The Stomach-churning Violence of Monsanto, Bayer and the Agrochemical Oligopoly
Tossing and turning at night increases heart attack risk
Towards early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease - the role of DNA methylation
Toxic groundwater threatens 60 million in Pakistan
UNICEF just finished vaccinating 355,000 children to halt a polio outbreak caused by vaccinating children in the first place
Vaccine tyranny throughout history
Whale gets entangled in cruise ship anchor for half a day
Women are being driven to near suicide due to Essure



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