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NL - Aanpak problemen gaswinning Groningen te gefragmenteerd
NL - Artsenfederatie tegen stervenshulp bij voltooid leven
NL - Beloning voor klokkenluiders slachterijen nu 6.700 euro
NL - Ben Weyts zet door met verbod op onverdoofd slachten
NL - Boer biedt akkervogels de ruimte op zijn bedrijf
NL - Cannabis werkt goed bij slaapapneu
NL - Diëten alleen effectief voor de boekhandel
NL - Ecologisten vechten milieubeleid Trump aan voor rechter
NL - Een baan voor iedereen met een beperking
NL - Een gezin op ontdekkingsreis
NL - Effectiviteit van kunstalvleesklier bij diabetes
NL - Foodwatch vecht door tegen 'foute info' sap
NL - Gelooft u dat whitening tandpasta's uw tanden witter maken?
NL - Generieke geneesmiddelen besparen overheid 1,7 miljard
NL - Hoe transparant kan de voedselketen worden?
NL - Hotelmoord Arnhem niet los te zien van tbs-chaos
NL - Is dit het begin van het einde voor kernenergie?
NL - Is een uur later naar school het antwoord op slaaptekort bij jongeren?
NL - Is vruchtensap even ongezond als frisdrank?
NL - Kan onderwijs kinderen gezonder maken?
NL - Kankerbehandeling kost patiënt nog steeds duizenden euro’s
NL - Keniaanse strijd tegen lood en dood
NL - MST experimenteert met huisdieren in wachtkamer
NL - Nieuw social mediaplatform 'Voor een ander' moet mensen verbinden
NL - Nog vraagtekens rond kunstgras bij SVBO
NL - NZa - slechte verpleeghuizen moeten hervormen voordat zij extra geld krijgen
NL - Oproep Jesse Klaver - Stop CETA
NL - Overheid Haiti verzon kwart miljoen doden voor hulpgeld
NL - Sjoemelvlees - zó belandt het op je bord
NL - Slechte slapers vertonen vaker ongewenst gedrag
NL - SP wil niet dat surfgeschiedenis Europeanen wordt verkocht
NL - Strijd tegen suiker nog lang niet gestreden
NL - Vrijwilligerswerk verkleint kans op dementie
NL - Waarom je zo fucking moe wordt van hooikoorts
NL - Wakker Dier - Dichte veewagen verbergt dierenleed
NL - We kregen een keer eten van een groep mensen, maar dat is al lang weer op
NL - We kunnen arbeidsgehandicapten niet meer helpen
NL - Wethouders uiten noodkreet over financiering participatiewet
NL - Ziekenhuizen verwachten stormloop op NIP-test
NL - Kinderombudsman start onderzoek naar gevolgen voor kinderen van aardbevingen


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Nieuwe videos

Video - Bayer-Monsanto merger is 'marriage made in hell' say activists
Video - Behind the Label - Inside India's blood stained cotton industry
Video - Bijdrage Marianne Thieme tijdens formatiedebat
Video - Debat bijdrage Esther Ouwehand over lijdensweg dieren bij slacht
Video - Dennis Avery - Cold Climates and Wars
Video - Examining the Evidence for Music Therapy with Individuals with ASD and DD
Video - Fred Singer - Where is the CO2 Warming?
Video - How Stress Impacts Your Life Productivity
Video - How to be Inspired (When You're Really Just Tired)
Video - How to Treat Asthma with a Low Salt Diet
Video - Hulphond helpt veteraan van nachtmerries af
Video - Integration of Ozone Therapy in Biologic Dentistry
Video - Jay Lehr - the slide show I showed Trump
Video - Mercury and the Epigenome
Video - Mercury Vapor and Mercury Particulate Exposure in the Dental Operatory
Video - New method for radiolabeling PFASs in fast food packaging
Video - Nigeria's solar stylists
Video - Occult Facial and Dental Pain
Video - Overcoming the Craving Mind
Video - Rev. Tony Muhammad dares to speak the truth about vaccines
Video - Root Canals as the Primary Cause of Heart Attack and Breast Cancer
Video - Seizures in Children and Youth with Development Disabilities
Video - Shelby Kahl, RDH discusses how "Gene Markers Impact Periodontal Disease"
Video - State of Addiction - Desire to perform plays factor in athletes' risk for addiction
Video - The Role of the Mitochondria in Mercury Induced Toxicity
Video - Understanding new threats to privacy and cybersecurity
Video - What is the difference between a pathogen and a pathobiont?
Video - Willie Soon - Could it be The Sun?



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Internationaal nieuws

100,000 deaths by pollution created by Chinese goods
100,000 people die in China every year so you can buy cheap goods
11 Asian Elephants Rescued from Mud-Filled Bomb Crater
20 fitness tips from Elle Macpherson's trainer
400 million people in the 22 countries of the Middle East and North Africa are already living on daily water supplies
A novel method that helps reducing noise problems produced by road traffic
Activist Finds the Perfect Way to Turn Tables on Lawmakers Who Voted to Repeal Internet Privacy Rule
Adults with Disabilities Screened Less Often for Colorectal Cancer
Algae could be the answer to climate change
Almost a dozen raw milk bills to be voted on this spring
Americans are Switching to Plant Protein
Anxiety can lead men to over-treat prostate cancer
As Putin and Medvedev visit the Arctic, shocking images show polar pollution blight
Asthmatic schoolchildren are ‘uncomfortable’ using their inhalers
Atopic dermatitis, psoriasis have similar comorbidities
Big Food is Duping Us Just Like The Tobacco Industry
Big Pharma Company Lobbies Against Legal Weed—So It Could Market Its Own Synthetic Version
Bill Would ‘Combat Candy And Fruit Flavored Drugs Marketed To Children’
Brain Scans Show Dopamine Levels Fall During Migraine Attacks
California Lists Glyphosate as a Chemical Known to Cause Cancer
Cannabis Use May Predict Opioid Use in Women Undergoing Addictions Treatment
Climate change takes a toll on mental health
Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a treatment for anxiety in children with autism
Cough medicines and lozenges are loaded with refined sugars that increase blood sugar levels
Cut sugar in cakes, chocolate by 20%, industry told
Decorated bird bone suggests Neanderthals had eye for esthetics
Does brushing your teeth affect your appetite?
Drinking tea may prevent you from diabetes
Drug overdoses increasing premature death rate in the US
Electricity exposure at work linked to risk of motor neurone disease
Emotional Strategies and Skills for Aspiring Mental Health Workers
FDA approves first drug to treat severe MS after 40 years
Federal agency refuses to ban pesticide used on crops
France tables EU-wide non-agricultural pesticide ban
Groundbreaking technology restores movement in paralyzed man
Healthy eyes - Creating clear vision naturally
Hepatitis B and C linked to risk of Parkinson's disease
Hepatitis B and C May Be Linked to Increased Risk of Parkinson’s Disease
Herbicides are contaminating our food. Where are you eating them?
High-Fat Diet During Pregnancy Compromises Offspring’s Lung Health
Home neighborhood motivates older people to physical activity
How First Nations got ahead of the curve on clean energy
How to measure potentially damaging free radicals in cigarette smoke
Is a restaurant's MUSIC making you spend more money?
Is eating a plant based diet just adding another challenge into the lives of people with eczema?
Ketogenic diet - An alternative to epilepsy medication
Make sure you get enough peanuts for a healthy heart
Microbiome study finds children with Type 2 diabetes more likely to have poor oral health
More vitamin D may be associated with lower cancer risk
New eczema treatment offers hope for devastating skin disease
No decision yet on staying in Paris climate accord
Patients more likely to die if they have surgery on Sunday
Portuguese Blueberry Shows Potent Anti-Inflammatory Effect in Colitis Animal Model
Positive - A positive outlook may be good for your health
Protein in the diet is vital for liver function
Rate of binge-drinking baby boomer women increasing by 4%
Recent Research on WiFi Effects
Researcher lays groundwork for new ways to prevent youth violence in Caribbean
Researchers can track hazardous chemicals from fast-food wrappers in the body
Resilient Red Blood Cells Need Fuel to Adapt their Shape to the Environment
Scientific Discovery Opens New Possibilities for Cancer and Fibrosis Treatment
Scientists have discovered a way to destroy cancer tumors using nothing but sound waves
Scientists may have found the secret to a happy sex life
Should You Take Melatonin for Insomnia?
Social bees have kept their gut microbes for 80 million years
Stem cell technique could help boost transfusion supplies
Stressed teens more likely to be depressed in menopause
Symptoms and Treatment of Xanax Addiction - Dangers and Risks of Abuse
The Global Dangers of Industrial Meat
The Real Reason Diabetics Lose Their Hair And How To Grow It Back
This often forgotten berry has some amazing health benefits
Type 2 diabetes not real illness says top doctor Muir Gray
US climate science hearing descends into bullying 'food-fight'
Video games linked to sexist attitudes in teenagers
Where is the Fruit? – Freshfel report shows there is still misleading consumer information
Why you must reset your circadian clock to live a healthier, happier life
Women 15% likelier to die early if they have gum disease
Workplace exposure to electromagentic fields 'linked to ALS'
Yale students create anti-hangover cure drink

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