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Puffen of niet puffen? Waarschijnlijk: niet puffen
Stadskinderen met astma lijden minder als ze in de buurt van een park wonen

Nederlandstalig nieuws

Blijft de winter- en zomertijd bestaan of niet?
De griepprik - is het de moeite waard om 'm te gaan halen?
Deze broer willen met hun drone de wereld landmijnvrij maken
Dotcom.radio 76
Een van de stoffen die scheten laat stinken blijkt bijzonder goed voor je
GD spin in web bij gezondheid landbouwhuisdieren
Genetisch materiaal kan nu ook tijdelijk bewerkt worden
Hoe sociale media verstrikt raakten in verkiezingen
Houd uw hersenen jong met kerrie
Initiatiefnemers referendum sleepwet 'Uitspraken Buma totaal absurd'
Klimaatverandering - invloed van CO2
Man doodgestoken in beschermd wonen-huis, veiligheid onder de loep
Meer kans op diabetes en hart- en vaatziekten door nachtdienst
Na 30 jaar - de otter is terug in Vlaanderen
Natuurorganisaties praten met ministerie over otteroversteekplaatsen
Noodklok voor pukkelpompoenen in Friesland
Patiënten met ME/CVS eindelijk serieus genomen
Purechild oktober 2017
Rabobank verkoopt in reclame valse sprookjes
Schokkende foto’s tonen zee van plastic in tropisch paradijs
Schroef voor botbreuken van echt bot
Tienduizenden gasmeters vervangen om fout
Twitter is goed voor uw gezondheid
Vervolgonderzoek darmkanker weinig zinvol
Vrouwen hebben verhoogd bewustzijn tijdens orgasme
Wat de Nederlandse kranten misten over Monsanto en glyfosaat
Wetenschappers ontdekken oorzaken van epilepsie
Whatsapp en Facebook hebben nog steeds een privacyprobleem
Xellisia heeft een vondelingenkamer in haar achtertuin
Zo giftig is een peuk écht - schaamlijst voor sjoemelsigaret

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1 in 11 pregnant women die from flu?
Are These Causing Permanent Damage to Babies?
Ask A Diabetic - Why Carbs Are Great & Fat Is Bad
Baby Rhino Picks Fight With Car, Changes Mind
Become a Part-Time Whale Warrior
Breakthrough Made In Treatment Of Deadly Brain Cancer
Diabetes and Diabetes Medications, What Should You Do? by Pamela A. Popper
Dr. Scott R. Werner - The Next Step in Human Evolution
Edwin Spina - Integrating Your Higher Self - The Key to Blissful 5D Living
Eileen Meyer - Koyopa, the Return of the Feminine and what it really means to go Within
Experts say we should ditch the toilet tissue
FDA applies flawed statistics for approving drugs
Filming Walrus With The Megadome - Blue Planet II
Glutathione-Producing Probiotics - Know The Cause
Harvest Eating - Chef Keith Snow & Ashley James
Health Risks of Wireless - James S. Turner
Here Are Just A Few Of The Amazing Benefits Of Chia Seeds
How Eating Animal Products Impacts Diabetes by Baxter Montgomery, M.D.
How Junk Food Affects Your Brain
How Psychiatry Has Convinced Us to Believe in Its Far-Fetched Science and Dubious Treatments
How To Become A Morning Person
How Will Climate Change Affect You? Expert Panel
If A Person Is Anti-Vaccine Is He Anti Science?
Larry Dean Hunter - Recent Trips to Ark of Noah & Egypt
MACHU PICCHU - You NEED to see this place before it's too late
New Cancer Remedy - Making Dandelion Root Tea
Poisoned Honey, Poisoned Environment, Poisoned Pollinators
Rebuilding your immune system after gluten
Sel Sarkin - Plant Medicines, their role in Spiritual growth, Healing & medical conditions
Silent Spring 10 26 17
Talk to Al Jazeera - Murder in the Amazon - Brazil's natives under threat
Tamra Oviatt - Transforming the Collective Consciousness and Sub Consciousness
The hidden biodiversity in Nicaragua’s volcanic lagoons
The Potential for Natural Products in Treating Alzheimer's Disease
Tom Paladino - Scalar Energy Healing
Top 3 Healthy Fats and Which Fats to Avoid
Truth About Cancer Part 2- Overdiagnosis in Cancer
What happens when we die? Ask the brain
What is Vitiligo?

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Internationaal nieuws

8 Fermented Foods to Boost Digestion and Health
A dietary supplement dampens the brain hyperexcitability seen in seizures or epilepsy
A film research study shows how the brain reacts to difficult moral issues
A New Study Suggests A Lack of Sleep Makes Your Brain Eat Itself
A pilot study of cortical glutathione in youth with depression
A snack doesn't fill you up as much as a sit-down meal
A Sweet Potato A Day May Help To Keep Tooth Pain Away
Advanced artificial limbs mapped in the brain
Advancing the sleep/wake schedule impacts the sleep of African-Americans more
than European-Americans
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - An Acupuncture Approach.
Are some people hard-wired to handle break-ups better?
Artificial intelligence to evaluate brain maturity of preterm infants
Association between a history of periodontitis and the risk of systemic
lupus erythematosus in Taiwan
Asthma is associated with atherosclerotic artery changes
Blocking enzyme in normal cells may impede pancreatic cancer, Penn vet team shows
Bt toxins in adulterant cottonseed oil may be seeping into your samosas
Cannabis IMPROVES sexual performance and boosts libido
Cannabis oil ends misery of a sciatica patient from Orkney
Censorship and surpression
Check out the "poison papers" website
Chocolate Isn’t Just Good for Your Heart — It Also Improves Your Gut
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - a disease hidden in plain sight ME/CFS Alert Episode 94
Coal Kills And Coal Is Not Dead
Comet from another solar system may have just passed Earth
Complementary and alternative medicine in Brazilian children and adolescents
with type 1 diabetes mellitus
Conservation Association Concerned About EPA Approval of New Roundup Product
Cracks Open In The Mainstream Media Climate Dam
DEA hopes to put the brakes on opioid addiction drug take back day
Do Coffee and Caffeine Inhibit Iron Absorption?
Doctors warn toilet paper does little to remove feces
Drinking red wine improves chances of getting pregnant
Dry mouth symptoms can be side effect of certain medications for older adults
Easing refugees' trauma with psychotherapy
Effect of broccoli sprouts on thyroid function
Effectiveness of beta-blockers depending on the genotype of congenital long-QT syndrome
Effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields on turkeys
Environment plays key role in changing movement behaviour of animals
EPA sets 2018 rules for dicamba herbicide
Epstein-Barr virus infection and oral squamous cell carcinoma risk
Evaluation of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome
Experts tout the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet
Eye surgeon warns bonfire night injuries could BLIND you
Fatty liver disease on the rise in children—from too many sweet treats
Flavonoids as detoxifying and pro-survival agents
Forever Damaged From An Untested 8-in-1 Vaccine
Glyphosate Ban - Not about Green. About Greed.
Google & Soros-backed ‘Fact-Checkers’ Join Forces To Control News Search Results
Green tea polyphenols alter lipid metabolism in the livers of broiler chickens
Gut microbiome of mothers delivering prematurely shows reduced gut microbiota diversity
Has Global Cooling Begun?
Having a cold shower means you take fewer sick days
HIIT alters brain glucose metabolism in insulin resistant people
How does a C-section birth affect the child?
How Homeoprophylaxis Effectively Prevents and Treats Infectious Disease
How often does your heart skip a beat? The answer may explain why fewer blacks
have AF than whites
How One Powerful Herb May Cure Depression
How to Boost Your Immune System with Dry Brushing
Hypothyroidism as a risk factor for open angle glaucoma
Is drinking wine really good for your heart?
Isabel Losada on how long-term couples can have good sex
Lack of vitamin D linked to diabetes-related autoimmunity
London’s Latest Diesel Traffic Pollution Scare Exposed
Long-Term Benefits of Linoleic Acid In Type 2 Diabetes
Medicinal herbs to alleviate allergies
Men lacking a caregiver face a greater risk of being placed in a nursing home after stroke
Monsanto and Dicamba, a drama of Shakespearean proportions
Monsanto Defends Herbicide as Farmers Say It Harms Crops
Montmorency tart cherry juice increased sleep time among participating adults ages
50+ by 1 hour and 24 minutes
Neonicotinoid pesticides can reduce honeybee colony genetic diversity
New patent will allow for the relief of chronic neuropathic pain
New study suggests 21 percent increase in childhood peanut allergy since 2010
New treatments help those with mild, moderate and severe eczema
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and the development of nephrolithiasis
Nutrition has benefits for brain network organization
One-fifth of global deaths now linked to processed junk food and toxic ingredients
PHE warns to not prescribe antibiotics for sinusitis
Prenatal vitamin D supplementation reduces risk of asthma/recurrent wheeze in early childhood
Protective effect of berberine on renal fibrosis caused by diabetic nephropathy
Psychological well-being in elderly adults with extraordinary episodic memory
PTSD linked to changes in gut bacteria
Red wine could HELP you get pregnant
Regular marijuana use linked to more sex, Stanford study finds
Relationship between vitamin D deficiency and diabetic retinopathy
September 2017's intense solar activity viewed from space
Serum IGF-1 is associated with cognitive functions in early, drug-naïve Parkinson’s disease
Shell, BP Climate Disclosures 'Just a Marketing Tool'
Shocking new study proves that the vaccine industry is just an extension of the abortion industry
Single injection could relieve back pain for three years
Studies in mice show promise for human treatment helping reverse symptoms of autism
Sworn Enemies of EPA Now Just One Step from Heading Key Agency Offices
The 5 health benefits of eating oranges you never knew
The Glyphosate Ban, A Cautionary Tale For The U.S.
The Role of the Gut Microbiota in Bile Acid Metabolism
The State of Animal Psychiatric Research
Traffic-related air pollution exposure over a 5-year period is associated with increased risk
of asthma and poor lung function in middle age
U.S. Govt Oceanographer Exposes The Global Warming Scam
Vitamin-D Toxicity And Other Non-Malignant Causes Of Hypercalcemia
What is ‘Added Fiber,’ and Is it Healthy?
Why Bathing A Newborn May Be Unhealthy
Why Being Busy Is Killing Our Ability to Think Creatively
Why you need to eat more fat
Woman with Lyme disease says NHS doctors laughed at her
Yes, It Really Is Possible to Restore Mitochondrial Function
Zika virus infects developing brain by first infecting cells meant to defend against it

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