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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Avondmensen slapen beter na lichttherapie in de ochtend
Beantwoording Kamervragen over zwerfafval
Britse leverancier kippenvlees sjoemelt met houdbaarheidsdatum
De nieuwe versie van het egelwoonhuis
Defensie mag er niet mee wegkomen
Druktemaker Kees van Amstel - Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert
Duiker houdt haai in een houdgreep
Forse groei sluiting drugspanden
Gezondheidseffecten door mobiele straling bewezen!
Grootste dam Cambodia wordt ecologische ramp
Het is gedaan met de plastic tassen in Kenia
Het tropisch regenwoud wordt ernstig bedreigd door palmoliebedrijven
Hoe de Nederlandse overheid een varkensboer tevergeefs het zwijgen op probeerde te leggen
Jongeren voelen druk om aan het perfecte plaatje te voldoen
L-cyste?e ondersteunt stoppen met roken
Lyme en Aids - menselijke ?uitvindingen??
Meer schade aan huizen rond gasopslag bij Langelo
Miljoenen Nederlanders gaan KAPOT van de financi?e stress
Moeder dode militair Mali hoort niets van legertop
Onderzoekers halen erfelijke bloedziekte uit DNA in embryo
Oproep aan VS - behoud bescherming netneutraliteit
Pupillen luisteraar tonen problemen met het zinsbegrip aan
Raad haalt streep door biovergister in Klazienaveen
Ruim helft geneesmiddelenonderzoek is ondermaats
Slimme camera betrapt vervuilende dieselwagens
Sperzieboontjes met teflon
Steun de Dierenbescherming

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De laatste videoclips

5 Ways to Use Lemon to Improve Your Energy Levels
Antacids and digestion - Know The Cause
Be aware Only Cannabis indica cures
Brazil's Amazon tribes in danger of extinction
Cambodians accuse sugar barons of land-grabbing
Cancer, genetics and you - Damini Morah, MS, CGC
Disorders and Toxins From Vaccines
Dr. Mercola and Rebecca Burgess Talk About the Hazards of Synthetic Dyes
Get More Salt In Your Keto Plan
Mining rare metals with super grass
Ohio State Beat MS Stem Cell Trial
Plastics Key in Spreading Japanese Tsunami Debris
Purifying The Air - Know The Cause
Raquel Welch on FDA Regulation of Dietary Supplements
Study Suggests Air Pollution May Increase Risk For Developing Kidney Problems
Sugar Health Risks and Water Fluoridation with Paul Connett
The Hidden Cause of Weight Gain
The Key To Saving Human Life? Botanic Gardens
The War on Whaling | Trailer
What Do Dementia and Autism Have in Common?
Why Add FAT to Your Salad?
Why Are There So Many Chemicals In Our Lives with McKay Jenkins
Why You Should Exercise At Night
Wim Hof - An Important Message From 'The Ice Man' Wim Hof

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Internationaal nieuws

2 years after Dieselgate nothing has changed
8 ways a man is unknowingly damaging his sperm count
A prominent whistleblower has been banned from travelling to Canada
A review of Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of chronic heart failure.
A stinging report - FSU reserach shows climate change a major threat to bumble bees
African penguins found to work together to corral fish for foraging
Anti-vaccine voices contending link to autism growing louder on Twitter, five-year CU study shows
Antibiotics and livestock production
Are we heading towards a godless society?
Association between passive smoking and hypertension in Chinese non-smoking elderly women.
Asthma medication causes mental health problems, study finds
Baby heart images could help reduce miscarriage, Leeds research suggests
Bad weather can ruin our moods as much as terror attacks and earthquakes, study finds
Bed bugs attracted to dirty laundry, study finds
Being an animal lover is in your genes, researchers say
Bottle deposits could start next year in war on plastic
Breakdown of brain cells' metabolic collaboration linked to Alzheimer's disease
Cancer-Causing Compounds Found in Cannabis Oil
Carey Gillam on Monsanto Cancer and the Corruption of Science
Chimpanzees can learn how to use tools without observing others
Chimps can learn to use tools WITHOUT observing others
Chronic inflammation - How to put out the fire
Climate change predictions - what went wrong?
Computer model showed an optimal anti-amyloid treatment
Conflict censorship? YouTube deletes footage of coalition airstrikes
Consumers being poisoned to death from "cumulative risk" of pesticide
and chemical exposure, warns legal expert
Crooks Still Pursuing Arctic Ice Scam
Database of earthquakes triggered by human activity is growing -- with some surprises
Deadly Immunity Government Cover-up of a Mercury/Autism Scandal
Did rapid sea-level rise drown fossil coral reefs around Hawaii?
Dirty laundry a powerful magnet for bedbugs, study finds
Do People Have More Sex During The Full Moon?
Drinking beer can lift your spirits, researchers claim
Duke Psychiatrist - America Is Having a Nervous Breakdown
Effects of acute and chronic exposure to both 900 MHz and 2100 MHz
electromagnetic radiation on glutamate receptor signaling pathway.
Elderly who have trouble identifying odors face risk of dementia
Environmentalists - UK's Antarctic islands need protection.
Eric Holthaus Called Out For Cheating
EU to lift import curbs on rice and fish from Fukushima
European countries spend billions a year on fossil fuel subsidies, survey shows.
Expert warns wearing knickers leads to vaginal infection
Fear that Coffee Causes Cancer Prompts California to Add Warning Labels
Fever during labor may present risk to mother
Fighting the toxic nightmare next door.
Fish populations are absolutely COLLAPSING across the oceans of the world
For suicidal veterans, loneliness is the deadliest enemy
Frequent sauna bathing keeps blood pressure in check
Get Fewer Antioxidants? Lower Antioxidant Levels May Lessen Intestinal Damage from Colitis
Groundbreaking study reveals 20% of all deaths now caused by junk food and toxic food ingredients
Herbicide Atrazine Found to Affect Health Across Multiple Generations
Highly virulent bacterium causes rampant caries in some children
Hormonal and bone parameters in pubertal girls.
How Big Banks Became Our Masters
How brain develops before birth is tightly controlled by RNA modification
How Our Damaged DNA Kills Us
How the lungs of premature babies can undergo damage
How to make yourself love healthy things
In a changing climate, conservative elephant seals suffer.
India taps solar, storage to ensure all homes have power in 2018.
Judge Roy Moore Shows Anti-Vaxxers How to Win - BE BOLD!
Link between diet and chemotherapy related gastrointestinal side effects.
Love hormone makes men more friendly but women freak out
Manual acupuncture improves parameters associated with oxidative stress
and inflammation in PTZ-induced kindling in mice.
Massive projected increase in use of antimicrobials in animals by 2030
Medication that treats parasite infection also has anti-cancer effect
Medieval Witch Hunts Influenced by Climate Change
Meditation might be useful addition to heart-healthy lifestyle and medical treatment
Neuro-immune crosstalk in allergic asthma
New role for fragile X protein could offer clues for treatment
New Texas law criminalizes drone use near animal farms.
Now wood burning stoves could be banned by radical laws
Online food shopping is RUINING your muscles
Over a quarter of workers 'too busy' to drink coffee at work, European survey reveals
Patients are dying ALONE in hospitals, report reveals
Perovskite solar cells reach record long-term stability, efficiency over 20 percent
Positive Fix for Fibromyalgia
Promising results for 2 genetic weapons against malaria
Recovering alcoholic?s unique court battle for liver transplant shelved after his health improves
Researchers Have Developed Microchips That Behave Like Brain Cells
Researchers Identify Intriguing Link Between Sleep, Cognition and Schizophrenia
Researchers look to protect 'self-reactive' immune cells so they can fight melanoma
Reviewing The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season(So Far)
Revised definition of 'clinical trials' rattles autism researchers
Ron Paul Warns of False Flag Urges Americans to resist Deep State mass-murder
Saving bread for last may help diabetics
Scientists 'able to CONTROL the weather using LASERS'
Scientists develop broad-spectrum inhibitors of influenza virus
Scientists, Break Out of That Ivory Tower
Secrets from inside the womb that could provide clues to miscarriage
Secrets of Earths sunken lost continent revealed
Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in Multiple Sclerosis patients from the North of Portugal.
Sexuality is vital to older peoples health, happiness and wellbeing
Social media feedback can identify high risk hospitals
Steak, chicken and avocados ? the diet that could help you lose weight
Study explores the biology of mending a broken heart
Successful correction of genetic mutation in stem cells offers promise for lung diseases
The 15 foods scientists claim ward off hunger
The battle over Keystone XL and the future of food on one farm
Tons of animals have floated from Japan to Oregon on plastic junk
Tropical forests now emit MORE carbon than they capture
Tsunami enabled hundreds of aquatic species to raft across Pacific
UTA study says zinc can halt the growth of cancer cells
Vitamin B12 deficiency in inflammatory bowel disease: a prospective observational pilot study.
Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Risk in Children.
Vitamin D, neurosteroids and autism.
Why do we fall asleep when bored?



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