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Acne? Smeer bacteriën op je huid
Advocate calls for chicken irradiation in Canada
Afvalverwerkers te laks met brandveiligheid
Bijlo belt over… loodvrij vissen
Biologische sector vreest macht grote supermarkten
Buitenlandse diesels ontsnappen aan boetes in lage-emissiezone Antwerpen
Concentratieproblemen mogelijk gevolg van slaapgebrek
De controle op zaaddonatie ontbreekt
De Monsanto Papers. Speelt Monsanto wel open kaart?
Deze groep jongeren wil hulpverlening op Middellandse Zee verstoren
Dieet met veel ontstekingsremmende factoren helpt hartaanval voorkomen
Dit zijn de kinderen waar de mensen op de tram niet naast gaan zitten
Dodelijk virus bedreigt populaire tilapia
EU-landen akkoord met strengere keuringseisen voor nieuwe auto's
Gasboringen in kleinere velden - Onrust in Woerden
Handig 'kastje' Radboud spaart levens
Het beste dieet tegen spierverlies bevat veel eiwitten, maar ook veel antioxidanten
Huidskleur ook te achterhalen met DNA
Kinderwens? Pak eerst jezelf aan
Meer tv-spotjes voor ‘foute’ kweekzalm
Nierschade door gebruik pijnstillers
Ontwikkelingshulp wordt instrument om migratie af te remmen
Personeel lokken met een villa
Planten in tuincentra vol met gif
Rechtszaak tegen slachterij VION gewonnen
Sluit Dagblad Trouw en Milieudefensie af van aardgas
Ventilatiegaatjes in sigaretten dragen bij aan longkanker
Zorgen over de weidevogel, maar wat is de oplossing?



3 Supplements That Help Chronic Pain
Americans Free At Last – The Ties Have Been Permanently Broken
Dr Melillo-Neurobehavorial Disorders, Learning Disabilities & Persistent Primitive Reflexes
Effect of Childhood Trauma, Abuse, Humiliation, Etc. On One's Life As An Adult
Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LD - Top Ten Nutrition Fails That Trigger ADHD
Katherine Reid, PhD - Unblind My Mind = What are we eating?
Rajka Milanovic Galbraith, MD - An Orthomolecular Approach to Treating ADHD Naturally
The Brilliant Strategies Needed to Optimize Learning and Success
Victoria Dunckley, MD-Resetting the ADHD Brain
Wild Untamed Brazil - Jewels Of The Jungle | Nat Geo Wild [HD]




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Internationaal nieuws

4 Personal Care Products You Should Never Buy Again
?-carotene and antioxidant markers in human breast cancer (MCF-7) cells
A 100-year old drug might be the cure for Autism
A drug used to treat sleeping sickness may also help with autism
Anti-fossil fuel activists take war against energy agency to Capitol Hill
Are you a fussy eater? Have your meals personalised to your DNA
Arthritis symptoms - Should you stop eating this group of vegetables?
As Japan plans reactor startups, its nuclear waste crisis grows
Assessment of exposure for baby cosmetic care products in a Korean population
Associations Between Maternal Depressive Symptoms and Nonresponsive Feeding Styles
Australian researchers using silkworms to repair damaged eardrums
Avoiding salt makes you ‘put on weight and raises risk of type 2 diabetes’
Been Traumatized? Here's How PTSD Rewires the Brain
Binge-drinking teens 5 times more likely to commit suicide
Borissov accuses EU of ‘apartheid’ over lower quality food in Eastern Europe
Can regular aspirin use reduce your cancer risk?
Carotenoids from microalgae to block oxidative stress
Cellphone study shows irregular eating habits
Children are being led to believe they are mentally ill
City living linked to increased risk of mental health issues in teens
Copper hydroxide nanoparticles provide protection against toxic oxygen radicals in cigarette smoke
Could Cupping Be the Solution to Your Back Pain?
Could parasitic worm spit hold the key to healing wounds?
Designer viruses stimulate the immune system to fight cancer
Diesel pollution linked to heart damage
Doctors say putting mushrooms in the MICROWAVE increases availability of antioxidants (seriously?)
Dramatic shift in gut microbes and their metabolites seen after weight loss surgery
Ear lobe crease is tell-tale sign of a stroke
Early Collapse of Arctic Sea Ice Is Another Ominous Sign of Rapid Warming
Early deaths recorded in aged care increase across Australia, study reveals
Excessive private ultrasound procedures putting babies' health at risk
Experts reveal how images can fool our brain
forbidden - Angry Mother Exposes Dead Daughter’s Pic Being Used In Manchester Event
Found, gene that raises hope of weak bladder cure
Global warming steadily ruining our sleep, study says
Great Barrier Reef bleaching worse than first thought
Having sex leads to more affection in relationships
Healing wounds with cell therapy
High dietary vitamin D intake associated with a decreased risk of early onset of menopause
High levels of PFOA found in mid-Ohio River Valley residents from 1991 to 2013
How maggots can put China’s mountains of food waste to good use
How much vitamin D is needed to achieve optimal levels?
Hunting Big Game - Why People Kill Animals for Fun
Influence of Diet on the Course of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Influence of Dietary Avocado on Gut Health in Rats
Keeping secrets harmful to health
Ketogenic diet is an effective treatment for cancer patients, confirm studies
Laid-off workers suffer effects for years - study
Legalizing marijuana will harm health of youth in Canada
Marine species distribution shifts will continue under ocean warming
Massage relieves stress of couples
Melting glacier released a 6.7 gigaton 'megawave'
Methicillin resistance among clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus in Egypt
Missing DNA could hold clue to why some get breast cancer young
Mites transmitting viruses that kill bee colonies
Nagoya University researchers break down plastic waste
New genomic analysis promises benefit in female urinary incontinence
Obesity can cause cardiovascular ill-health, even in the young
Overusing Facebook Makes You Sad and Unhealthy
p,p'-DDT induces testicular oxidative stress-induced apoptosis in adult rats
Paediatric IBD patients not meeting recommended calcium & vitamin D intake
Penn study finds gray matter density increases during adolescence
Poor housing linked to rising asthma cases in Europe
Positive - Can solar pumps give Nepal's women farmers a brighter future?
Poverty must be eradicated for kids to have a chance
Preeclampsia increases stroke risk six fold
Research shows getting children outside is good for health
Researchers studying century-old drug in potential new approach to autism
Salt won't give you a heart attack, says scientist
Scented candles fill the air of homes with dust and spores, warn researchers
Scientists confirm that slight global warming is GREENING the Antarctic Peninsula with new life, dramatically boosting ecology
Scientists identify protein linked to chronic heart failure
Study finds Congo's miners often resort to hunting wildlife for food
Study sweetens connection between cancer and sugar
The gut-brain axis in Parkinson's disease - Possibilities for food-based therapies
The idea that you need to get sun for vitamin D is a myth
The immune system promotes spontaneous heart regeneration
The Self-Destructive Young Woman as Feminist Archetype
The Solar Industry Is Creating Jobs 17 Times Faster Than the Rest of the U.S. Economy
Time to go nuts! Almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts and cashews, linked to lower risk of colon cancer
Toxic BPA Found in Nearly 40% of Food Cans Tested From America's Largest Grocery Stores and Dollar Store Chains
Trump Is a Drug—and the Media Is Addicted
Urban emissions could be cut by seventy per cent
Vitamin B12 deficiency might be related to sarcopenia in older adults
Vitamin D in pregnancy may help prevent childhood asthma
Vitamin D supplementation in the critically ill
Why Do Thyroid Disorders Affect Women More Often Than Men?
Wild Amazon faces destruction as Brazil’s farmers and loggers target national park
World first study reveals increase in premature deaths in Australian nursing homes
World No Smoking Day - Increasing the price of tobacco by 5% reduces consumption by 3.5%
You won’t believe what’s slaughtering millions of bees
Your Fleece Jacket Pollutes the Ocean. Here’s the Possible Fix.



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