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5.000 sterfgevallen per jaar in Europa door dieselgate
Yoga en meditatie verbeteren de hersenfuncties en energielevels

Nederlandstalig nieuws

90 procent kindertoetjes niet gezond
Barbara Muller gaat tot het uiterste om van oorsuis af te komen
Beantwoording Kamervragen over het bericht dat zorginstellingen
verontrustend vaak verlies leiden
Behandel kinderen niet als watjes
Bril kan weg na oogyoga
Dames, laat eens wat vaker uw onderbroek thuis
Darmflora en gezondheid kinderen hangen nauw samen
De gigantische rekening van de bankencrisis is voor de slachtoffers
Defensie had dood militairen in Mali door mortierongeluk kunnen voorkomen
Eerste strafrechtelijk onderzoek naar arts na euthanasie
Eigenaren Chickfriend nog zeker twee weken in de cel
Europese Commissie pakt voedseldiscriminatie aan en wil beter voorlichten over voedselgevaren
Fipronil-spuiters blijven nog zeker veertien dagen vastzitten
Grenzen aan het internet
Hardlopen werkt als medicijn tegen burnout
Hebben deze wetenschappers gevonden hoe je het vet rond je buik wegkrijgt?
Honderdduizenden dieren zijn slachtoffer van onverdoofd slachte
Hondsbrutale leugenaars bij Schiphol hebben schijt aan alles en iedereen
Hormoonverstorende stoffen - industriële belangen staan niet boven de wet
In de jaren ’70 was er in Colombia een levende handel in kinderen
Intimidatie buitenlandse natuurbeschermers
Maak verbod op borstvoeding strafbaar
ME is een complexe ziekte
Nederland steunt de fossiele industrie met 7,6 miljard euro per jaar
Nog 200.000 handtekeningen nodig voor referendum sleepwet
Oud bloed is even veilig als vers bloed
Peperdure sanering van Thermphos pakt negatief uit op de begroting provincie
PvdD steunt referendum over sleepwet
Rusland vaardigt aanhoudingsbevel uit tegen klokkenluider van dopingschandaal
Steeds meer werknemers in Nederland vallen om door een burn-out
Strenge selectie, prestatiedwang, sociale media, bijbanen en andere
verplichtingen leiden tot medische of psychische klachten bij studenten
Therapie met een VR-bril
Varkens in Nood wil intrekking vergunning voor De Knorhof
Veel Chinese jongeren zijn zó dik dat ze niet meer in het leger kunnen
Veranderingen in magneetveld veroorzaken kanker en verwarren zintuigen
Verplicht kinderpsychiatrie om jongeren op te nemen
Vlees in zijn achteruit
Voorkom burn-out vanaf eerste leerjaar
Vrees voor verspreiding van 'supermalaria'
Waarom we nu al moeten nadenken over wat we in de toekomst gaan eten
Zorgbestuurders aangehouden wegens miljoenenfraude met pgb
Zorgen over opwarming Waddenzee - garnalen steeds kleiner
Zorgleerlingen blijven te lang op het reguliere onderwijs

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De laatste videoclips

4 Foods That Mess Up Your Hormones
70% Of All Deaths In Western World Are From Diet And Lifestyle
A forgotten ancient grain that could help Africa prosper | Pierre Thiam
Agent Orange puts a new generation at risk in Vietnam
Brazil probes ‘Amazon massacres’ by illegal miners
Coronary Artery Disease and Prescription Drugs by Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D., N.D.
Dr. Maryanne Demasi Applauded For Exposing Statin Con
Foods That Can Help Prevent Cancer
Mammals, Milk, and Microbes — The Role of Milk in the Establishment and Function of the Gut Microbiome
Mother recalls accounts of her son's reaction to vaccines
Onderzoek op het Hijkerveld wijst uit dat nachtdieren niet van groen licht houden
Opioids - The Alarming Data
Protest slachterij Izegem
Salmon prices skyrocket as sea lice infect fisheries - scientist
SIBO Symptoms How To Get Rid Of Bacterial Overgrowth
Stem Cells - Reversing Stroke Damage
Sugar - The Kiss of Death - Global Sugar Addiction with Brian Clement
Underground air-raid shelter feeding London restaurants
Why Diabetics Get High Blood Pressure

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Internationaal nieuws

140-Year Data Show Correlation Between CO2 Emissions And Cyclone Energy Essentially Near Zero
2.9 Million Children Are Threatened by Toxic Air Pollution From Oil & Gas Development
7 Foods To Avoid If You Suffer From Anxiety
A Japanese doctor who studied longevity and lived to 105 reveals the key to living a long life
A look at acrylamide, and other chemicals that California officials would rather we not digest
A View on the Water Quality of Reservoirs
Absolutely scandalous that the case for women to have statins depends on trials done
mainly on middle-aged men.
All Of The Solar Cycles Are Coming Together
An Australian company testing audio treatment for autism just reported 'excellent' test findings
An Overlooked Issue in Fibromyalgia? Study Highlights Problems Standing (Orthostatic Intolerance)
Ancient ink for cancer treatment
Another New Paper Slays CO2 Greenhouse Gas Thought Experiment
Anti-cancer diet - Five superfoods that fight cancer naturally
Antidepressants Are Killing People
Anxious moms may give clues about how anxiety develops
Aronia juice suppresses the elevation of postprandial blood glucose levels in adult healthy Japanese
Artificial sweeteners raise the risk of type-2 diabetes, new study confirms
Attorney Who Exposed DuPont's Teflon Treachery Wins 'Alternative Nobel Prize'
Avoid when anxious - Avoidance bias in anxious people
Battling belly fat - Specialized immune cells impair metabolism in aging
Breakthrough discovery provides glimmer of hope to prevent blindness
Can Your Genes and Environment Affect Your Physical Activity and Weight Loss?
Cellular messaging system may bring new way to treat disease
Climate-Change Policy Webcast with Professor Robert Stavins
Coffee does not help Parkinson's despite previous research
Congress’ Russian probe searching for fracking-related social media ads
Consuming alcohol with controlled diet can save you from the risk of liver problems
Consumption of Low-Calorie Sweeteners among Children and Adults in the United States
Dark Secrets Behind Big Pharma's Renewed Push of Estrogen Supplement
Dirty yoga mats can carry herpes, expert warns
DNA surgery on embryos removes disease
Do You Struggle to Keep Eye Contact? Here's What's Happening in Your Brain
Doctors prescribing drugs should be 'transparent'
Dr Says Antidepressants Make it Harder to Empathize and Harder to Cry.
Early cesareans raise risk of infant respiratory illness
Earthquakes literally broke hearts in New Zealand
EMF pollution and chronic disease - The untold truth exposed
Energy and sports drinks in children and adolescents
FAO official - GMOs not needed but we should be open to biotechnologies
Fast food without antibiotics? It tastes just like chicken
Fatal glandular cancer will soon be possible to treat
Fishing for trouble - How Europe is losing money by overfishing
Food safety advocates speak out as MEP attacks acrylamide regulation
France to criminally prosecute drug company for false marketing of diabetes drug
that killed 2,000 people
France Will Phase Out Glyphosate Weedkiller By 2022
Frequent ejaculation and prostate cancer, what's the link?
Fuel cell breakthrough could extend battery life
FUKUSHIMA - The silent voices
Genetic Factors Account for the Majority of Autism Risk
German vote shows federalism has FAILED Yanis Varoufakis warns of 4 years of EU collapse
Green Tea with Coconut and Raspberry
Healthwashing is a dirty business – a close cousin of whitewashing
Here's What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Fostering Animals
Here's why porridge is the healthiest option for breakfast
Heres how your brain realizes youre full
High blood pressure in pregnancy linked to child obesity
Hold on - panic attack and stage fright
How Eating a Poor Diet Makes Us Feel Depressed
How Food Packaging Claims Can Fool You
How military outsourcing turned toxic
How the EU Starves Africa into Submission
How to reduce brain inflammation with a keto diet
How Trumps Chemical Safety Nominee Greenwashed Toxic Pesticides for Monsanto, Dow
How tuberculosis hides in the body
How you may be consuming your co-workers' poo
If Africa Learnt to Feed its Chickens it Could Feed its People
Increased arterial stiffness linked to restrictive spirometry pattern and
reduced forced vital capacity
Iron supplements have long-term benefits for low birth-weight babies
Johnson & Johnson to give $57 million woman mesh implant
Magnetic field exposure to wireless charging stations for mobile phones.
Many US scientists to skip Monsanto summit on dicamba
Medication that treats parasite infection also has anti-cancer effect
Miami may sue big pharma over opioid epidemic
Middle-aged women prescribed twice as many opioids as middle-aged men, report finds
Monsanto Must Face Claims In Portland PCB Case
Murder of Mainstream Media Journalist Exposes Banking Industry at Highest Levels
Music brightens the often bleak lives of elderly in residential care
New antioxidant protects neurons
New class of molecules may protect brain from stroke, neurodegenerative diseases
New gravitational wave hits Earth -- For the first time, 3 detectors zoom in on location
New mechanism points the way to breaking ribosome antibiotic resistance
New study finds aluminum in vaccines triggers autism, esp. in boys
New Study Found Plastic in the Most Unlikely Region of the World
Noise caused by building wind farms could be killing fish
Obesity is causing 160 amputations A WEEK
Organic Trade Association sues the USDA for refusing to enforce its own
organic livestock standards
Osteoporosis can be prevented by timely use of Vitamin D
Oxford scientists create microchip that mimics human brain
Pass the salt - Mapping the neurons that drive salt cravings
Photosensitizer Enhances Cancer-Killing Ability Of Malaria Drug
Plant substance inhibits cancer stem cells
Plastic waste now polluting Arctic Ocean, scientists find
Polar Bear Experts Anti-indoctrination Book Goes Global
Politicians Start to Run Away from Global Warming
Post office workers grow vegetables, breed chickens on Paris rooftop "farm."
Products of new GM techniques must be strictly regulated as GMOs, say scientists
Removing nitrate for healthier ecosystems
Researchers Develop a Way to Better Predict Corrosion from Crude Oil
Researchers Uncover Our Brain's Filing System for Storing Experiences
Researchers uncover the source of diabetic pain
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and World Mercury Project Issue Report Regarding
New Evidence of Ongoing Corruption and Scientific Misconduct at CDC
Role of Glutathione-S-Transferase Family Genes in Male Infertility
Schizophrenia risk gene plays key role in early brain development
Scientists discover neurons that make salty chips tasty
Secrets from inside the womb that could provide clues to miscarriage
See a massive dam's big impacts on tribal communities.
Smoking tied to frailty in older adults
Something in the water - Life after mercury poisoning
Statin drug-pushing doctors now targeting blacks and low-education patients
Study examines survival of very low birthweight babies
Study explores the biology of mending a broken heart
Study reveals troubling disparities in prescribing opioids for patients with nonmalignant chronic pain
Teen died after HPV jab as experts brand vaccine 'useless'
The Effect of Ibuprofen on the Nervous System
The hormone that could be making your dog aggressive
The Trailer for a New Documentary About Jane Goodall Is Here and Weve
Watched It 100 Times (VIDEO)
The War on Drugs Has the Wrong Targets
This Scientist Is Taking the Next Step in Geoengineering
Those with links to the pharmaceutical industry should NOT have any say in
how statins are regulated
Too much Facebook can give you 'virtual autism', researcher warns
Unlocking the mysteries of memory -- and potentially enhancing it
Vanishing Antarctic Snowflakes May Alter Sea Level Rise
We Can Now Grow Human Bones From Stem Cells
What Happens If You Eat Saturated Fat?
What happens when nerve cells stop working?
When Teens Use ADHD Stimulants to Study
Why We're Throwing Away $29 Billion in Food Each Year
Why your kids could see better if they play outdoors
Yale Researchers find a way to help older adults burn fat
Young endangered orca likely died of malnourishment



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