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Wil je op de hoogte blijven van het laatste nieuws op het gebied van gezondheid en voeding ? Dan is er nu zes dagen per week de alternatieve timeline met nieuws uit zowel de alternatieve als mainstream media. Wil je ook de dagelijkse updates volgen dan kun je je hier abonneren op de dagelijkse nieuwsbrief.


10 redenen waarom experimenten op dieren moeten stoppen
Belgische minister wil verbod, Monsanto reageert
CBG bezorgd om gebruik methylfenidaat door volwassenen met adhd
Clusterhoofdpijn vaak niet of te laat herkend
De dappere strijd van Marc | Helden van de Wildernis
De illegale zeehond
Eerste mensen bereikten Noord-Amerika meer dan 130.000 jaar geleden al
Geen eigen risico voor diabetici
Gemeenten moeten de invasie van fastfoodketens stoppen
Jongeren met complexe psychische problemen tussen wal en schip
Kalfje uit moddersloot gered bij Noordscheschut
Kledingmerken weten zelf vaak niet wie kleding maakt
Melk veroorzaakt multiple sclerose
Minder vlees in horeca, toch tevreden klanten
Nooit meer tampons
Onderzoek brengt drie doden in verband met gebruik Ritalin
Promovendus heeft vaak medische klachten wegens stress
Saaie sigarettenpakjes doen ons stoppen met roken
Verslaafd aan je smartphone
Vlaamse minister wil het gebruik van glyfosaat door particulieren aan banden leggen
Wifi uitzetten - modems van Ziggo, KPN, XS4ALL en Proximus
Zeewier wordt ook wel het nieuwe groene goud genoemd
Zelfs voor crisisplekken is een wachtlijst
Zo schakel je de Windows 10 locatiegeschiedenis uit

TV - De illegale zeehond

Aflevering 5 van Sterk Water. Hessel Wiegman heeft een groot hart voor dieren in nood. Al vijftig jaar haalt hij zieke zeehonden van het strand om ze te verzorgen. Zelfs wanneer Hessel ernstig ziek wordt, vangt hij hen op in zijn schuur. Stiekem. Totdat een boze buurman hem verraad en er een inval komt van de inspectie. Een verhaal over altruďsme, anarchisme en de liefde voor de natuur.



A revolution is taking place in Brazil as thirsty land-less peasants demand reform
All About Autism - Heal The Gut To Heal The Brain
Australia's Great Barrier Reef
Benefits of Mindful Eating (Healthytarian Minutes ep. 28)
Blow to free speech - Ann Coulter cancels her talk at Berkley University
Cannabis in Uruguay | Trailer | Available Now
Cauliflower Potato-Free Pancake Recipe (Low Carb)
CIA Targeting of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is "Disgraceful Act"
Climate Change LIES about Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Dr. Mercola and Dr. Noakes on Diet and Insulin Resistance
Ground Zero for Climate Change - Dr John Walsh
How Sugar Accelerates Aging
How to Beat Your Kid's Asthma
How to treat Glioblastoma GBM
Indigenous people clash with police in Brazil
Is It Better to Advise More Plants or Less Junk?
It's time for Hungary to join the Brexit Club, Mr Orban! - Nigel Farage
Large oil spill in Kingfisher County isn’t company’s first problem with spills
Los Angeles Bans Wildlife Use for Entertainment
Most Americans think the news is biased and inaccurate
NZ Government Seabed Mining Agenda Exposed
Operation Nemesis
Organized Campaigns to Doubt Climate Science
Peru's Monkey Business
Sea of Trouble - nations can do little to protect their fish from rogue vessel
State of Denial - Fault Lines
Stress and Human Evolution - AMNH SciCafe
Supplements & Strategies to Burn Fat More Effectively
Take Action, Tell FDA It's Time to Ban Amalgam
The Plan to Kill Net Neutrality Exposed
The Reality of Climate Change
The Reality Of Truth - Full Film
Turning The Magnetic Key | Eugene Bagashov [OTF2017]
Tusti weet in tegenstelling tot veel andere afvalverwerkers wel raad met vet afval
We importeren chaos uit Afrika en oorlog uit Midden Oosten
What Causes White Tongue?
What do Misfolded Proteins have to do with Neurodegenerative Diseases?
What Is Keto Adaptation?
Why Are We Getting Less Sleep?




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Internationaal nieuws

5 home remedies that will treat yeast infection
5 recipes that will help you manage and halt diabetic retinopathy (DR)
Age discrimination in the workplace happening to people as young as 45, study says
Air Force polluted Michigan town's drinking water, refuses to offer clean supply
Air pollution - Heart disease link found
Animal Testing Essential to Medical Progress but Protocols Could Be Improved
Best Ways To Eat Healthy While Vacationing in Europe
Bill Nye is a mechanical engineer, not "Climate Change" specialist
Bullies and their victims more likely to want plastic surgery
Clearing out old cells could extend joint health, stop osteoarthritis
Cleveland Clinic discovers opportunities to overcome cancer treatment resistance
Common pesticide damages honey bee's ability to fly
Could Parkinson's disease start in the gut?
Did illicit cannabis use increase more in states with medical marijuana laws?
Diet food dangers and why you need to avoid low-fat marketing promises
E-Cigarettes Do Not Promote Cancer Growth in Lab Tests
Energy drinks more dangerous than other caffeine options
Eye test can spot glaucoma 10 YEARS before symptoms
Food photos help Instagram users with healthy eating
Glyphosate May Be Linked to Shorter Pregnancies and Lower Birth Weight
High-fructose diet during and after pregnancy can cause a fatty liver in offspring
Hip-to-waist ratio is more important than BMI, study says
Hybrid, heirloom, or GMO? Do you really know your vegetables?
If you're not using OPTICAL storage, all your data may be wiped out in a nuclear war, solar flare or EMP attack
Ingesting soy protein may ease severity of inflammatory bowel disease
Insane geoengineering experiment could block out the sun and cause global mass starvation
Italian-style coffee reduces the risk of prostate cancer
Link discovered between immune system, brain structure and memory
Longer-lasting pain relief with MOFs
Monsanto back in court over misleading Roundup ads
More therapy dogs bring more smiles at B.C. Children's Hospital
Nanoparticles can travel from lungs to blood, possibly explaining risks to heart
New evidence finds standardized cigarette packaging may reduce number of people who smoke
New model could help predict major earthquakes
Newly prescribed sleeping pills increase risk of hip fracture
Nitrogen-Powered Battery Turns Air Into Energy
Novel Antibiotic Resistance gene in Milk
Ocean warming to cancel increased CO2-driven productivity
People with a normal BMI who carry weight around the middle at greatest risk of death
Plain tobacco packaging 'may cut smokers by 300,000 in UK'
Positive - Baby humpback whales 'whisper' to mums to avoid predators
Prolonged Sitting Linked to Breast and Colon Cancers
Pushback against smart meters continues to grow across the U.S.
Recently discovered solar system could seed life between adjacent exoplanets
Researcher says customized content on political websites hurts democracy
Researchers find alarming NOx-emissions from diesel cars
Scientific papers that use old and new knowledge get the most attention
Scientists propose mechanism to describe solar eruptions of all sizes
Simple treatment for severe bleeding could save lives of mothers around the world
Smartphone-controlled cells help keep diabetes in check
Sugary sports drinks have little benefit for most
Sun's eruptions might all have same trigger
Teenagers can become disruptive if teachers use psychological pressure
Tel Aviv University study links cannabis use in adolescence to schizophrenia
Test may spot glaucoma before symptoms begin, study says
The Health Consequences of Smoking—50 Years of Progress
The One Natural Food That Cuts Recovery Time In Half At The Gym
The reason men need women to orgasm — and why women often fake it — is to feel more masculine
Trumpcare is so awful that House Republicans are building an escape hatch for themselves
Trumpcare just became even more cruel
Trump’s Drug Czar Pick Exposed For Being on Big Pharma’s Payroll
Virtual humans help aspiring doctors learn empathy
Want to better comply with dietary guidelines, and save money? Cook dinner at home
We are more than our DNA - discovering a new mechanism of epigenetic inheritance
Why boys and girls are different when it comes reading and arithmetic
Why Europe Still Needs Cash



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