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Vetmetabolisme lichaam beschermt tegen schadelijke effecten suiker
Vlees eten in verband gebracht met hoger risico op diabetes

Nederlandstalig nieuws

89 procent geeft nooit iets aan goede doelen. Asociaal?
Achtergelaten honden weer opgehaald door eigenaar - mag dat zomaar?
Belgische consumentenbond waarschuwt voor schadelijke stoffen in lippenbalsem
Chronisch zieken schieten niets op met wetsvoorstel eigen risico
DSW verlaagt onverwacht zorgpremie en eigen risico
Een marathon lopen? Aan de whey!
Forse prijsverschillen tussen ziekenhuizen
Groot stuk Braziliaans regenwoud gered van mijnbouw, althans voorlopig
Half uur intervaltraining per dag heft de negatieve gezondheids-effecten
op van het aller-aller-aller-slechtste dieet denkbaar
Ham en kip in groentenloempia's van Mora
Hart- en vaatziekten versnellen achteruitgang hersengezondheid
Het maatschappelijk ongenoegen in Nederland is groot
In combinatie met intervaltraining halveert dit laag-glycemische dieet de symptomen van astma
Is er verschil tussen suiker en fruitsuikers?
Japanners doden ondanks kritiek 177 walvissen ‘met wetenschappelijk doel’
Meester Danny over passend onderwijs
Meldpunt over bodemvervuiling op COA-terrein Ter Apel
Mijmeringen over klimaatdiscussies uit mailtjes met vrienden
Open brief Europese Wetenschapsraad mbt homeopathie
Patiënt die al 15 jaar in coma ligt reageert weer na nieuwe behandeling
Pluimveehouders en dierenartsen hebben forse kritiek op communicatie NVWA
Tijdens zware fysieke inspanning versterkt Chlorella het immuunsysteem
Twee weken extra vitamine D - fitter, minder snel vermoeid, en minder cortisol
VRIJHEID – een handleiding naar vreedzame maatschappij door Adam Kokesh
VW mag kosten Dieselgate fiscaal aftrekken
Waarom je bent minder vaak ziek bent als je elke dag 100 gram champignons eet
Zwitserland - Homeopathie werkzaam, doelmatig en besparend

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De laatste videoclips

Alto Maipo - Water Conflict in Chile
Anderson, SC Chemtrailed Sky! So Sick Of Witnessing Life Itself Being Killed Off
Babies Who See Parents Struggle Do Better
Biology of Virus and Prion
Can eating animal products cause more impact on climate change than the entire transportation industry?
Cost Of Healthy Foods May Explain Heart Risks Linked To 'Food Deserts'
Establishing a strong immune system - Know The Cause
Fight Cravings with the Ketogenic Diet
Global climate stabilized by 'Earth's thermostat', study says
Here’s why America’s chicken meats have to be washed with toxic chlorine
I'm Not Scared Of Walking With Elephants
Julie Kelly "Climate Change Is About Higher Taxes, More Government & NOT About Science
No-Bake Apple Crisp Recipe
Reasons Why We Get Sick When We Travel
Research Evidence That Cell Phone Radiation Can Cause Cancer Dr. Anthony Miller
The Amazing Benefits of Cauliflower
The Fascinating Link Between the Pyramids & Otherworldly Visitors
The health of our oceans & human health are inseparable
The Orwellian State After US Power Grid Fails (EMP)
This is Where Your Cancer Donation Goes
Whole Food Plant Based Diet vs Medication
Worst Atlantic Hurricane Ever | The Case for Irma
Yet Another Giant Iceberg Has Broken Free From Antarctica

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Internationaal nieuws

1 million people recruited to study how genes, habits and environment affect health outcomes
72 drugs should warn against autoimmunity muscle disease
A promising therapy for Type 1 Diabetes is in the works
A quarter of cancer patients use medical marijuana
A warming Arctic can actually make our winters colder
Another New Paper Dismantles The CO2 Greenhouse Effect Thought Experiment
Arkansas defies Monsanto, moves to ban rogue weedkiller.
Autism-related genes found to include genes involved in cancer
Bees are in decline but backyard hives wont save them.
Brain damage in fish affected by plastic nanoparticles
Brain Stimulation Partly Awakens Patient after 15 Years in Vegetative State
Brain, behavior distinguish autism from language delay
Businesses should foot the bill for the pollution they cause, says UN environment chief.
Can a Nation Be Mentally Deranged?
Can overfeeding permanently set baby' metabolism?
Child abuse affects brain wiring
Chips, chocolate and coffee – our food crops face mass extinction too
Climate alarmists demand imprisonment of climate change skeptics ...
want to charge them with MURDER
Climate Change Could See Millions of Acres of New Farmland
Coffee sold in California could carry cancer warning labels
Creating brain cells to detect Tourette's
Deforestation impacts climate change more than fossil fuel use, new study finds
Diet, in addition to alcohol consumption, may play important role in liver problems
Dubai centre warns of vitamin D deficiency link to infertility
Early-life home environment and risk of asthma among inner-city children.
Eat Your Fiber - Soluble and Insoluble
Eczema flare-ups linked to THIS household issue is it making YOUR symptoms worse?
EU power generators warn plan to cut use of coal may backfire.
Expiration dates are bogus
Facial metrics can predict sex drive and attitude towards infidelity, study reveals
Factory Farms and Superstorms Don't Mix
Fibromyalgia and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
From Ambient to Personal Temperature - Capturing the Experience of Heat Exposure
Gene associated with schizophrenia risk regulates early brain development
He protected the chemical industry's most toxic chemicals from regulation
Healthcare research focused on white people study says
High manganese levels tied to low IQ scores in children.
Higher risk of heart failure in cold weather, study suggests
Higher risk of Lyme disease for the South of England
How Big Pharma and Big Food have made us fat and sick
How getting less sleep could help improve depression
How soya and almond milk may put health at risk
How your music taste could reveal if you're a psychopath
Human antibodies from dengue patients can effectively treat Zika infection in mice
Humans are herd animals - Study finds people are more unethical when operating in groups
Increased drugs use threatens aquatic environment, report says
Ingredient in coffeecreamer linked to neurological dysfunction
Iron Seeding of the Pacific Ocean May Have Played a Role in Global Climate Change
Journalist cures life long eczema in just one week by changing her diet
Lactation hormone also helps a mothers brain
Leaky gut symptoms - Five health problems that could be caused by the MYSTERIOUS syndrome
Lifelong Residential Exposure to Green Space and Attention
Maintaining high status can spur bribery
Marijuana and 'spice' could trigger seizures, study says
Maternal alcohol use and nutrition during pregnancy
Maternal diet could affect kids' brain reward circuitry
ME/CFS in School Age Children
Medical News Today - Antidepressants and weight gain - What's the connection?
Mindfulness meditation can completely rewire your brain
More twists emerge in long-running saga over glyphosate
Multinationals operating in tax havens avoid reporting specifics, finds study
New delayed-release stimulant improves morning ADHD symptoms and all-day functioning
New Zealand experts reveal the dreams that indicate stress
New ‘bioactive’ glass puts minerals back into damaged teeth
Patients who get opioids in the ER are less likely to use them long-term
Peer-reviewed studies on endocrine disruption excluded from EU glyphosate assessment
Pensioners who stop aspirin up heart attack risk by 37%
People who regularly eat nuts are less likely to be obese
Porridge is better for you than statins, experts say
Prenatal Exposure to Perfluoroalkyl Substances and Cardiometabolic Risk in Children
Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 and
6–12 Years of Age in Mexico
Preventing Glaucoma By Unclogging The Eye’s ‘Drainage Canals’
Prostaglandin EI inhibits leukemia stem cells
Protein worsens brain damage from Alzheimers toxic tangles
Psychological impacts of natural disasters on youth
Regulation of Chromatin Assembly and Cell Transformation by Formaldehyde
Exposure in Human Cells
Relationship between acne vulgaris and cosmetic usage in Sri Lankan urban adolescent females.
Researchers aim to improve gut health of livestock animals
Serum Institute's vaccine demonstrates significant efficacy against severe rotavirus
Sexual harassment from work colleagues causes more harm
Should states ban abortions when Down syndrome diagnosed?
Sleep deprivation in modern society is killing people
Smoking super-strength cannabis may trigger seizures
Some have higher risk of chlamydia due to vaginal bacteria
Something in the water—life after mercury poisoning
Sporty people likely to drink more alcohol, survey finds
Study - The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life
Study examines legacies of rainforest burning in British Columbia
Study links suicidal thoughts to brain inflammation
Switzerland - Nations meet in Geneva to make mercury history
Tell-tale tea errors that may point to dementia
The big 2010 oil spill killed aquatic life and ecosystems; now its killing the cleanup crew
The effect of vitamin D status on pain, lower limb strength and knee function during balance
recovery in people with knee osteoarthritis: an exploratory study.
The nurse driven to brink of suicide by anti-depressants
Three or more cups of coffee daily halves mortality risk in patients with both HIV and HCV
Tiny plastic particles are accumulating in fish brains
Touching helps build the sexual brain
UNLV study reveals breakthrough in decoding brain function
Violent crime increases during warmer weather, no matter the season, study finds
Vitamin D3 Supplementation Decreases a Unique Circulating Monocyte
Cholesterol Pool in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes.
Warning issued over health consequences of genetically modified dogs
Whales washed up on Germany's shore found to have stomachs full of plastic trash
What muscle cramps can mean
What your sleeping position says about you
Why India's farmers want to conserve indigenous heirloom rice
With extra sugar, leaves get fat too
Younger start in football linked to higher risk of behaviour, mood problems



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