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Wil je op de hoogte blijven van het laatste nieuws op het gebied van gezondheid en voeding ? Dan is er nu zes dagen per week de alternatieve timeline met nieuws uit zowel de alternatieve als mainstream media. Wil je ook de dagelijkse updates volgen dan kun je je hier abonneren op de dagelijkse nieuwsbrief.


10 dagen vaderschapsverlof voor alle Europese vaders?
Aanklacht over subsidie NIP-test afgewezen
Achterban van politieke partijen wil groen akkoord bij formatie
Afrika’s olifanten verdwijnen
Agentschap Natuur en Bos - “Houd je hond aan de leiband”
Bacterie die hersenvliesontsteking veroorzaakt maakt meer mensen ziek
Bill Gates gaf kinderen pas smartphone vanaf 14 jaar
Biomassa ontrafeld - kleinschalige bioraffinage voor en door bedrijven
Deze factor bepaalt of je partner trouw is
Dit nieuwe drankje helpt je van je kater af
Dorpsbelangen Drouwen bindt strijd aan met asbestdaken
Een miljoen kippen in één dorp, dat is niet gezond
Eerste door gedachten aangestuurde armklikprothese Radboud
Eindelijk weten we hoe deze ‘Bloedwaterval’ op Antarctica ontstaat
Flexwerker heeft het zwaarder dan zwaar. Is vaker arbeidsongeschikt
Gekraakte waterkokers zijn een groeiend gevaar
Geloofwaardigheid Europees voedselagentschap aangetast
Gemeente geeft jongeren oordopjes tegen gehoorschade
Groningen start proef met waterstof maken uit groene energie
Het gaat weer beter met de bijen
Ik wil geen slimme meter van Stedin, je mag weigeren !!
Is Joey een kind van frauderende oud-directeur spermabank?
Klimaatverandering maakt rivier Nijl levensgevaarlijk
Kwart van jongeren heeft vorm van gehoorschade
Lichte fysieke inspanning heeft een positief effect op de hersenfunctie 50-plussers
Lokale volkeren hebben genoeg van beg packers
Obama casht 400.000 dollar bij ‘fat cats’ in Wall Street
Omwonenden over een illegaal milieuhinderlijk bedrijf
Onderzoekscommissie over Monsanto nodig
Ophef in Marokko. 3-jarige Idya stierf bij gebrek aan zorg in het Atlasgebergte
Papierfabriek zoekt groene warmte
Persvrijheid nog nooit zo bedreigd wereldwijd
Professor Tytgat, moet het weer geld kosten?
Schauvliege wil glyfosaat tijdelijk verbieden voor particulieren
Sterke koffie verlaagt kans op prostaatkanker
Verbied gebruik van glyfosaat tot er bewijzen zijn
Verwarde man neemt NOS journaal serieus
Waarom de jodiumpil waardeloos is bij een kernramp
Wetenschappers zijn er in geslaagd om nieuw koraal te creëeren
ZEMBLA Internationaal - Wegwerpkinderen
‘Monsanto papers’ bevestigen manipulatie GMO-research
‘NAM eruit’ zorgt voor onduidelijkheid

TV - Een fossielenschat in de Westerschelde

Een heel bijzondere fossielenschat, met overblijfselen van nog nooit eerder beschreven diersoorten. Wetenschappers moeten voor zulke archeologische paradijzen meestal naar Peru, of Italië. Maar dat is in dit geval niet nodig, want deze fossielen liggen gewoon in Nederland, in de Westerschelde.



A miracle treatment for children with autism? Pot might be
Amazing Chia Seeds
Are governments finding new ways to suppress the media? – Inside Story
Aseem on Some real Root Causes of Heart Disease
Can plastic roads help save the planet? BBC News
Clean up your fracking mess
Hummingbirds - Nature's Gladiators - Ep. 7
Nederlander krijgt met gedachten aan te sturen robotarm
Philippine surfers re-use sea waste
Preparing Your Body For Pregnancy with Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy
Samuel Myers on Food Plants Nutrients Change to Elevated CO2
Space debris - a journey to Earth
The organized crime of producing and trafficking marijuana and opium 
The Problems with the Atkins Diet (high protein)
Who Are The Slaves Now? - Under The Skin with Russell Brand & Prof. Paul Gilroy
Why Diet Can Prevent Every Major Disease - Dr. Fred Pescatore




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Internationaal nieuws

20 Houseplants That Clear Toxins From Your Home
4 things you need to know about Trump’s attack on National Parks and Monuments
A Deep Dive Into Ethical Label Claims
A more than 100% quantum step toward producing hydrogen fuel
A Pilot Study of Deep Brain Stimulation in Treatment-resistant Schizophrenia
A step closer to 'exercise pill' to replace your workout
Air pollution in Toronto's subways like 'a typical day in Beijing,' highest of Canada's 3 major systems
Alternating no sleep with catch-ups hurts young adults
Ammonium nitrogen input increases the synthesis of anticarcinogenic compounds in broccoli
Androgen and Estrogen Shifts in Men Before and After Bariatric Surgery
Animals Raised for Food Have Deep Cognitive and Emotional Lives
Annual flu jab may pose greater risk for lung cancer patients under immunotherapy
Are dietary guidelines killing us?
Artificial photosynthesis cleans air and produces energy
Bacteria May be Reason Some Foods Cause Heart Disease, Stroke
Bad feelings can motivate cancer patients
Beans, Whole Grains in Diet Beneficial for Colorectal Cancer Survivors
Brain can compensate for loss of sensory input
Breastfeeding woman are at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency than non-breastfeeding women
Burning Fat for Fuel Increases Quality and Quantity of Life
Butter and cream not harmful if you walk 22 minutes a day
Canada Finds Glyphosate in Grains, U.S. Chooses Not to Look
Chemotherapy drug may increase vulnerability to depression
Childhood obesity linked to quadrupled risk of developing type 2 diabetes
Children conceived by in-vitro fertilization at higher risk for pediatric cancers
Children with reading and spelling difficulties lag behind their peers despite special education
Chronic fatigue syndrome linked to imbalanced microbiome
Chronic intestinal electrical stimulation improves glucose intolerance and insulin resistance
College students exposed to toxic dust in dorms
College students exposed to toxic flame retardants in dust from dormitory furnishings
Concerns explode over new health risks of vaping
Converting coal would help China's smog at climate's expense
Daventry teen left hours from death from using tampons
Deaths from infections may be masking opioid deaths
Decrease in cardiovascular diseases benefits persons with diabetes
Diet in Acne Vulgaris - Open or Solved Problem?
E-cigarettes as a source of toxic and potentially carcinogenic metals
Eating high-carb foods in the evening has negative effect on prediabetes individuals
Empathy study finds low dose of MDMA makes people feel more concerned for others
Environmental collapse or sustainable future?
Enzyme treatment reduces alcohol-induced liver damage in mouse models
Estrogen alters memory circuit function in women with gene variant
EU Parliament Greens Look To Sink Bayer, Monsanto Deal
European Commission is unable to turn the page on endocrine disruptors (EDCs)
Experts criticised for saturated fat claim
Exploring the impact of environmental factors on breast cancer risk
Exposure to any pesticide involves a >50% increased risk for developing Parkinson's disease
Facebook Can Be A Tool Against Government Corruption
Facebook can function as safety net for the bereaved, study finds
Fighting infections with a silver sword
For many women, body image and sex life may suffer after episiotomy
Four new types of human blood cell are found by scientists
Four pints of beer doubles risk of irregular heart rhythm, Oktoberfest study finds
Fracking kills newborn babies - polluted water likely cause
Fungus acting ‘like superbug’ showing up in U.S. hospitals
Genes associated with resilience against brain pathology identified
Germany opposes key EU car emission test reforms
Gestational Diabetes Risk May Be Reduced With Probiotics
Gut bacteria tell the brain what animals should eat
Help your hair by eating these 10 foods full of healthy hair growth properties
High-salt diets ‘DON’T increase your risk of deadly high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke’
Hope Below Our Feet - Soil as a Climate Solution
How binge drinking disrupts your heartbeat
How Clean Eating Helped Me Cope with Anxiety
How Mainstream Media Insults the Public’s Intelligence on Vaccines
If a fly lands on your food stop eating immediately
If You Think Breastfeeding Is Natural, You’re Now A Transphobe
Impact of overtraining on the heart to be discussed at cardiovascular imaging meeting
Incredible contamination in Namie, Fukushima
Insane geoengineering experiment could block out the sun and cause global mass starvation
Insecticide-induced leg loss does not eliminate biting and reproduction in Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes
Inside a neonatal intensive care unit
Internet firms winding up for a fight on 'net neutrality'
Is California’s Toxic Waste Regulator Letting Oversight Slide?
Is your pet food slowly poisoning your furry friend?
Legalize heroin for 'less overdose deaths,’ forensic psychologist tells Vancouver conference
Link between alcohol consumption and cardiac arrhythmias
Los Angeles Bans Use of Wild Animals for Entertainment
Losing Key DNA Made Us Modern Humans
Love Wikileaks? Or want to bomb it?
Low levels of 'memory protein' linked to cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease
Lyme disease researchers seek consensus as number of cases grows
Mental health care cuts in England 'to total £4.5m'
Mother develops infection after trimming her PUBIC HAIR
Natural and Cheap Pain Relievers That Work From A Personal Experience
New chlamydia drug targets discovered using CRISPR and stem cells
New method for early screening of colorectal cancer
New study suggests overfishing in one of world's most productive fishing regions
New study uses freezing technique to target vagus nerve and obesity
Parents are to blame for emotional eating, study warns
Parkinson's disease will be curable with cortisol
People Who Talk to Their Pets Are Actually Quite Intelligent
Pharma spending on lobbying skyrocketed in Trump’s first quarter
Plasma Protein Revitalizes the Brain
Popular belief that saturated fats clog up arteries 'plain wrong' say experts
Predicting people's 'brain age' could help to spot who is at risk of early death
Predicting the movement and impacts of microplastic pollution
Preterm birth among women living within 600 meters of high voltage overhead Power Lines
Psoriatic arthritis linked with diabetes, other endocrine disorders
Pushback against smart meters continues to grow across the U.S.
Religious people more likely to oppose reproductive technologies
Researchers Develop Environmentally Friendly Soy-Based Air Filter
Risk of obesity influenced by changes in our genes
Science Comes Clean About The Dangers Of High Protein Diets And Applauds Fruit
Science That Is Bought and Paid For
Scientists find how the brain predicts speech
Scientists unravel how protein impacts intellectual disability
Smartphone case could stop children's phone addiction
Study finds new genetic variants associated with extreme old age
Study on prostate cancer treatment options reveals how ALL medical interventions devastate quality of life for men (and why prevention is better)
Study Shows Slashing Pesticides Won't Hurt Production
SUPER POLLEN could trigger allergy epidemic in Britain
The Kochs have already spent over $3 million lobbying for Trump’s anti-environmental agenda
The Unforeseen Relationship - Psychiatric Medication and Spirituality
Toronto's subways expose passengers to more air pollution than Montreal, Vancouver systems
Turkey's Galata Lokum to invest 2 mln euro in organic farming in Bosnia's Federation
Uncontrolled diabetes can damage reproductive nerves
Vaccine skepticism is rooted in rational science
Water drunk by BILLIONS of people may be contaminated
We're truly happy eight times a week
What the age of your brain says about you
What's the secret ingredient in food that makes you hungrier?
Who you are influences what you eat more than food shopping environment, study finds
Why YOU should pick your nose and eat it
Wikipedia founder to fight fake news with new Wikitribune site
Women with aortic aneurysms fare much worse than men, new study finds



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