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Mindfulness door vergetelheid en onwetendheid - Column Pauline Laumans
Relatie antidepressiva en significant verhoogd risico op overlijden

Nederlandstalig nieuws

Aanvraag voor kwekerij met 480 volwassen honden in voormalig varkensbedrijf
Bacteriële infectie snel te meten met uitgeademd etheen
Bedreigde diersoorten financieren Noord-Koreaans haatregime
Ben jij allergisch voor sporten?
Consumenten moeten de échte prijs van groente, melk en vlees gaan betalen
Dierenwelzijn promoten met spek en worst? ‘Je verzint het niet’
Geef mij tijd
Germaanse Geneeskunde - Introductie - Mies Kloos
Gezicht verraadt je innerlijk
Groningers in gasgebied hangen niet graag de vuile was buiten
Haarscheurtjes kerncentrales België al bij bouw ontdekt
Hartstilstand op het sportveld - 'in veel gevallen ziet men het te laat'
Het kostbare fiasco van windenergie en zonnestroom
Hoe Wientjes van klimaatprobleem een verdienmodel maakt
Houdt seks boven de vijftig het hoofd gezond?
Indianen in de woestijn hebben eindelijk een melkkoe - zonnepanelen
Journalist Peter Teffer dook een jaar lang in het dieselschandaal en schreef onthutsend boek
Klimaatverandering - zou de zon de boosdoener kunnen zijn?
Kunstmatige zoetstoffen overspoelen het winkelschap
Lichaamspanning en elektrische veldsterkte; ervaringsverhalen
Meer Zeeuwen bezorgd over kerncentrale Doel
Melk in Aldi chips
Milieudefensie teleurgesteld over hoger beroep van de Staat bij aanpak luchtvervuiling
Omwonenden zendmast Noordscheschut gaan tot het gaatje
Philip Morris pompt $1 miljard in anti-rookinstituut - Suïcidaal?
Politie vindt weer illegale schapenslachterij
Praat eens met dieren en luister naar ze, zegt filosoof Eva Meijer
PvdD voert actie tegen verkoop levende schaaldieren Jumbo
Schrap de strafkorting op de Wajong
Surinaamse jungle wijkt voor oliepalmplantage
Vrije handel met Canada - kaas ruilen tegen GMO zalm
Wat merken we van het niet verhogen van het eigen risico?

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De laatste videoclips

Exploding the Antidepressant Myth - Dr Irving Kirsch
Alcohol and Your Brain
Are Cell Phones Causing This Condition?
Blind People Describe What Scares Them
Candida--Hidden Epidemic or Fad Diagnosis?
Climate Change Just Changed
Climate Hysteria Vs Hurricane Resilience
Climate Politics as Manichean Paranoia - Roger Pielke Jr
Dicamba Drift, Varroa Gate and GMOs
DNA Study Reveals Fertility Clue
Documenting the beauty — and destruction — of our blue planet | Steve De Neef
Dow’s Toxic Chemical Released to the Public
Dr. Irving Kirsch - The Emperor's New Drugs - Exploding the Antidressant Myth
Fukushima Expedition For Life 2.0
GWPF Lecture - "The Great Climate Fervour" - Christopher Essex
Harvey’s toxic clean-up - Controversial help for residents left homeless
Heroic bathers race to save dolphin stranded on Spanish beach
How to Grow Microgreens in Your Home & Make $100,000+ a Year
If I Have Arthritis, Should I Avoid the Nightshades?
Internet privacy in a digital economy - Counting the Cost
Is it safe to rinse your sinuses with a neti pot?
Jose Cordeiro - The Death of Death
MIT Geophysicist Says Earth Will Hit an Extinction Tipping Point by 2100
New Solar Research Raises Climate Questions, Triggers Attacks
Normal Blood Sugars, BUT...Insulin Resistance Symptoms?
Nutritional Benefits of the Herb Basil
Screens, Cell Phones, Wireless and Children's Health
Secrets Of The Fathers
Souping Is The New Juicing - Cherie Calbom & Ashley James
The Business of Sleep – The Wake-Up Call
The Poisoned Land
The Radioactive Puppies Of Chernobyl Are Finally Getting The Help They Need
Vaccinations Are Often Cause of Shaken Baby Syndrome & SIDS
Watch a Seal Get Up Close and Personal With Diver | Nat Geo Wild
What Is GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid)?
Why Steroids Are NOT the Answer for Inflammation

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Internationaal nieuws

9/11 - Explosive Evidence Experts Speak Out (On-Demand AIA CES-Approved Course)
A landmark case just found that cheap, foreign-made solar panels are hurting US companies
A sustainable future powered by sea
Acupuncture for the management of cancer-related pain?
Alarm as 'super malaria' spreads in South East Asia
Alzheimer's disease may be type 3 diabetes
Blocking protein may turn bad fat brown
Chronic migraine cases are amplified by jawbone disorder, according to research
Climate optimism versus fatalism
Co-exposure to methylmercury and inorganic arsenic in baby rice cereals
Depression, evening salivary cortisol and inflammation in chronic fatigue syndrome
Diet Diary - The harmful effects of Glyphosate residue in food items
Discovery of a new genetic syndrome which predisposes the body to cancer
Dispersant likely caused health problems for BP spill cleanup workers
Early-Life Phthalate Exposure and Adiposity at 8 Years of Age
Editor of BMJ raises genuine doubts about the value of statins
EPA removes waste at Texas toxic sites, won't say from where
Failing grade for companies dealing in palm oil
Farage is BACK - Fury over Theresa Mays offer to Brussels sparks leadership bid
Farmer wants a revolution - How is this not genocide?
Fat and Carbohydrate Intake Affects CVD and Mortality
Google And Facebook Are More Powerful Than The U.S. Government
How herpes can cause stillbirth
How Many Viruses Can Live In Semen? More Than You Might Think
Iowa’s dwindling bee population is part of a larger, frightening trend
Israeli university study counters Freud on link between OCD, IQ
Johnson Johnson was alerted to risk of asbestos in talc in 70s, files show.
Long-term sexual satisfaction: What's the secret?
Mapped nonstick chemical pollution in the water of 15 million
Mexico earthquake survivors face same health woes as 9/11
Neuroprotective effects of coenzyme Q10 on paraquat-induced Parkinson's disease
NHS refusing services to smokers, obese patients until they go to
health boot camp for six months
NYU dentistry study pinpoints role of proteins that produce pearls
Our weight tells how we assess food
Pee in indoor pool made employees sick, CDC says
Permissible limit of lead in food
Prenatal Exposure to Nonpersistent Endocrine Disruptors and
Behavior in Boys at 3 and 5 Years
Purple potatoes may slash risk of colon cancer and IBD
Recent Monsanto Roundup Lawsuit Targets Alleged Marketing Violations
Researchers describe mechanism that underlies age-associated bone loss
Resistance exercise linked to reduced anxiety
Scientists have reversed brain damage in a toddler who lost her
speech and mobility after drowning
Smartphone apps reduce depression
Solidarity between good and justice keeps a society together
Study Finds Chemicals in Yellowfin Tuna Are Widespread
Study Shows These Types Of Alcohol Lead You To Make The Worst Decisions
Sugar over sex? Almost half of those polled would rather give up sex
for a year than sacrifice their daily sugar hit
The One Reason Why Vegans Don't Have Strokes
The PCBs story isn't over
These tiny robots can kill cancer cells
Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods for the Vegan Athlete
Two Group A Streptococcus genes linked to 'flesh-eating' bacterial infections
UCI scientists identify important aspect of the brain's navigational system
Uncovered carcinogenic chemical in drinking water and consumer products
US scientist sues New York Times over Monsanto allegations
Vitamin warning - Take THESE three supplements in winter to avoid becoming deficient
Want to live to 100? Eat right, exercise, be social (in real life),
stay positive, and have plenty of sex
WHO Fears Antibiotic Collapse
Why going to bed angry will stop you from sleeping well
Wide-faced people may have a higher sex drive
Winter cold extremes linked to high-altitude polar vortex weakening
You Need to Add These Cancer-Fighting Foods to Your Diet ASAP
Your Towels Are Dirtier Than You Think, New Study Says
YouTube Suspends, Deletes Anti-Islamic Jihad Truth Tellers Account



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