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Wil je op de hoogte blijven van het laatste nieuws op het gebied van gezondheid en voeding ? Dan is er nu zes dagen per week de alternatieve timeline met nieuws uit zowel de alternatieve als mainstream media. Wil je ook de dagelijkse updates volgen dan kun je je hier abonneren op de dagelijkse nieuwsbrief.


50 jaar farmacologie, wijzer of dommer intussen?
90 hoogleraren pleiten voor radicale omslag naar groene economie
Afslanken? Gezonder worden? Kook je aardappelen en pasta een dag van tevoren
All you can eat-restaurant geld verdient aan jou
Behulpzame rups vreet gaten in kunststof boterhamzakjes
Bevordert vroegseksualisering de bescherming van het kind?
Boer zoekt voedselflat
D66 Groningen - ‘Alle speeltuinen rookvrij’
Dansen hoort bij de opvoeding. Een rijbewijs, en danslessen.
Deze ‘atypische’ symptomen verhogen de kans op sterfte bij hartinfarct
Dit gebeurt er als je chips vervangt door cashewnoten
Doktersassistenten boos om Plus-onderzoek
Dolfijnen hebben mogelijk seks voor hun plezier
Door gratis créches naar maatschappelijke chaos
Drentse boeren zijn tegen, maar het hert komt er aan
Een geslaagd afslankdieet - twee jaar later
Eend met kleintjes steelt de show
Geen windmolens in het IJsselmeer
Groninger Belang wil toch fonds voor proefprocessen bevingsschade
Haaruitval door creatinegebruik
Je moet die jodiumpil niet meteen innemen
Klacht ingediend tegen slachterij VION
Korte intervaltraining tussen de maaltijden houdt afslankdieet op de rails
Meer jongeren doen aan ‘sexting'
Noordelijke IJszee vol plastic
NVWA waarschuwt voor brandgevaarlijke föhn
Productieproces kant en klaar maaltijden KOOC
Psychische gezondheid promovendi in gevaar
Recept noten-groentebrood
Sportdrank met ketonen versnelt spierherstel
Toelichting op het WRR-rapport 'Weten is nog geen doen'
Toerist reist steeds liever duurzaam
Veel patiënten met hersenziekte krijgen onjuiste diagnose
Vrije nieuwsgaring en onafhankelijke verslaggeving vrijwel geheel verdwenen
Waarom de jodiumpil waardeloos is bij een kernramp
Zo klinkt het als een nepmedewerker van 'Microsoft' je wil oplichten

TV - Het vage blauwe stipje

De aarde is getooid met prachtige kleuren. Als we begrijpen hoe deze kleuren ontstaan en wat ze betekenen, kunnen we in het heelal op zoek gaan naar planeten die net zo levendig en kleurrijk zijn als de onze. De aarde wordt verlicht door de zon, maar ook de maan kan voor prachtige kleuren zorgen. Dat zien we in een magische maanboog bij een waterval in IJsland. De kleuren die we zien ontstaan door de manier waarop het licht van de zon gereflecteerd wordt door het oppervlak waarop het valt. De hoofdkleur van onze planeet is blauw, door de oceanen. De unieke kleur die het water in combinatie met licht krijgt, is de reden dat elk jaar duizenden bultruggen samenkomen in de zee voor de Dominicaanse Republiek.



An indigenous leader in Guatemala’s led his community to a landmark court decision
Cancer cures - The Kunnari Family speaks to the Texas medical board
Hormonal Hair Loss
How heated sea salt with vineger to heal skin lesions, fungus and/or joint pains
Lopez persuaded California to provide comprehensive lead testing and cleanup
Monsanto Tribunal - Public presentation of the advisory legal opinion
Passive Solar Greenhouse course
Prafulla Samantara led a historic 12-year legal battle
Public Teaching for Gardeners and Growers in English
Putting his life on the line, Rodrigue Katembo went undercover to document bribery
Quebec maple syrup producers facing huge fines
SAFIRE Phase 2 | Dr. Michael Clarage
Tackling Neurodegenerative Diseases
The Australian Govt is Corrupt to its Core
The People’s Fridge cuts waste and hunger
This 1967 CIA Memo Is Still Used to Discredit Conspiracy Theorists Today
This Doctor Recommends These Foods for a Healthy Brain
Type 2 Diabetes - The New Epidemic
Uroš Macerl, organic farmer in Slovenia, successfully stopped a cement kiln
Wendy Bowman stopped a powerful multinational mining company



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Internationaal nieuws

14 Blatant lies about psychotropic drugs the FDA teaches medical students
14 Foods That May Help Your Sexual Performance
50,000 Year Old Microbes Have Just Been Found In Crystals. Alive.
59% of Britons live in areas where diesel pollution threatens health
6 Healthy Foods that Cause Inflammation
A new study says critical thinking is a teachable skill, but who is going to teach it?
Adults With Autism Have More Than Double The Risk of Substance Use-Related Problems
Altered Immune Cells May Both Contribute to Preeclampsia and Offer New Hope for Treatment
Altered immune cells may both contribute to preeclampsia and offer new hope for treatment
America's Second-Largest School District Says No to McDonald's McTeacher's Nights
American Airlines Pilots are Complaining That Their Uniforms Are Making Them Sick
An Alaskan's fight to ban the chemical that poisoned her childhood
Another Smart Meter Fire—Who Really Is Liable For Damages?
Arctic Ocean starting to resemble the Atlantic
Are food selfies really motivating?
Are Household Fragrances Bad for Pets?
Are you a chocaholic? Your genes could be to blame
As world relations worsen, risk of ‘catastrophic’ nuclear accident increases
Assessment of field re-entry exposure to pesticides
Association Between Serum Vitamin D and All-Cause and Cause-Specific Death
Battle Between Extremists Endangers Free Speech On The Internet
Big Pharma conspired to destroy supply of life-saving cancer drugs by putting profit before people
Boston University Researchers Find Link Between Brain Damage And Excess Sugar In Soda
Can turmeric really shrink tumours, reduce pain and kill bacteria?
Cheese contains a compound that could prevent liver cancer
Chefs and researchers incorporate insects, protein powerhouses into mainstream diet
Chemo Scrambled My Brain
Chronic Pain - Shoes that can hurt you
Climate change clues revealed by ice sheet collapse
Codeine and tramadol can be fatal for children, FDA warns
Conservation not an effective tool for reducing infectious disease in people, study finds
Consuming meat-based diet may up liver disease risk
Conventional acupuncture for cardiac arrhythmia
Could Breast Milk Tests Replace Mammograms?
Could lasers quality-test dodgy fish oil pills?
Dark chocolates save you from impact on health due to ageing brain
Do baby teeth hold clues for mystery of what causes autism?
Drinking 4 cups of coffee a day is NOT bad for your health
Eczema treatment - Allergy link KEY to beating painful skin condition affecting 15m Brits
Effects of whole grain rye on glucose tolerance, gut hormones, inflammation and appetite regulation
Elsevier Announces the Launch of Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry
Enteritis can be prevented with aggressive natural measures
European parliamentarians request forming investigation commission on Monsanto
Exposure to air pollution can hinder the effectiveness of antibiotics and other medication
FDA issues complete response letter for Merk's diabetes drug labeling
Feed your gut and lose weight
Few studies consider hearing loss when assessing communication with physicians
Free bicycles reducing pollution in China
Genetics are key to hormone therapy lowering risk of broken bones in older women
Google Kicks Off $100 Million Project In Predictive Medicine
Higher prostate cancer risks for black men may warrant new approach to screening
Hit the dirt - An ultra-clean house may be bad for your child
How Facebook Became a Home to Psychopaths
How the Human Appetite for Hamburgers is Driving Polar Bears to Eat Dolphins
Immune Modulation by Vitamin D
In experiments on Earth, testing possible building blocks of alien life
Infographic reveals how different animals see the world
Japan sending people back to radioactively contaminated area in Fukushima
Kuki Gallmann, ‘I Dreamed of Africa’ Author, Is Shot in Kenya
Little kids' regular bedtimes and ability to regulate emotions may lessen obesity risk
Liver T Cells Go Rogue In Obesity Relayed Diabetes
Major breakthrough in search for cause of MS
Making America Great Again by reducing the world to ashes?
Malaria sickening thousands in US and racking up millions in healthcare costs, new study finds
Moms of Vaccine-Damaged Children
Nerds Against Humanity – the So-Called “March for Science”
New research suggests that transmission of Nazi-era trauma can affect anxiety levels for generations
Newspaper Owned By Fracking Billionaire Leaks Memo Calling Pipeline Opponents Potential "Terrorists"
Norway - Increase in sales of organic food
Nurse practitioners are not regularly assessing brain health
Obesity ‘causes more deaths than smoking’
Oil companies exploiting famine and financial ruin in South Sudan
Quakers urge Scottish Government to ban 'destructive' fracking
Regular bedtimes make children less likely to be obese
Report links welding fumes with risk of cancer
Research moves closer to unravelling mystery cause of multiple sclerosis
Secret financial documents reveal industry corruption and deep financial influence behind American Council on Science and Health
Short food chains seen as answer to farmers’ pay and product quality
Six-hour workday can make you healthier, happier and energetic
Smartphone Use Can Alter The Brain
Solar cell design with over 50% energy-conversion efficiency
Spain's Canary Islands battles slick after ferry accident
Statins 'don't cut heart deaths risk' says leading heart Professor
Swaddling Babies - Doctors Warn Of Risk As Baby Develops Hip Dysplasia
Synchronized voltage rhythms could maintain the body’s clock
The Age of Disconnection - Are We Truly Connected ?
The Brain Can Distinguish between Real and Fake Laughter
The effects of Spirulina Platensis on anthropometric indices, appetite, lipid profile and serum vascular endothelial growth factor
The grief can damage your mental health
The Importance of Calcium and How to Get Enough Without Dairy
The Myth Of The High Protein Diet And What It Really Means For Diabetics
The Next Fukushima? These Nuclear Power Plants Reside in Earthquake Zones
The Stanford Paradox - Elevated Energy Production Found in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)
Theanine - the unique amino acid in the tea plant as an oral hepatoprotective agent
Think potatoes are the bad guys in your diet? Think again
This device can detect 17 diseases from your breath, including cancer
This is how the food industry is tricking you into making unhealthy choices
Those Going to University Are At Lesser Risk Of Developing Dementia
Thousands of Big Cats Are Suffering in Inhumane Roadside Zoos Across the U.S.
Thousands Sue Merck for Shingles Vaccine Zostavax “Causing What It’s Supposed to Prevent”
Thyroid disrupting pesticides impair the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis of a wildlife bird
Timing and duration matters for school lunch and recess
UCLA Scientists "jump-start" the brain of a coma patient, coma patient wakes up
Umbilical cord blood plasma enhances old mice’s brain activity
Understanding autism may open door to possibilities
Undocumented in Vermont - The Hidden Life of a Migrant Farmworker
University of Hong Kong scientists reveal new ultra-fast laser technology that could slash cancer diagnosis times
Vitamin D and Calcium May Reduce Blood Pressure
Vitamin D may be your best defense against respiratory infections, new science finds
Want to be happy? Just log off.
We Need a Strong Environmental Protection Agency
Whale and boat collisions more common than we thought
What are the early signs of liver damage?
Why is kale a superfood?
WikiLeaks releases CIA manual on how to turn a Samsung TV into a secret microphone
Will Climate Change Help Ticks And Mosquitoes Spread Disease?
Yesterday's Broad Power Outage Likely Caused By Geomagnetic Storm
You Don’t Have the Right to be SILENT about Vaccine Injury



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