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De alternatieve timeline - 24 februari 2017

Nederlandstalig nieuws

NL - De verbijsterende 9/11-missende schakels
NL - Duurzame transitie in de landbouw is noodzaak
NL - Een angstig volk geeft autoritaire leiders meer ruimte en sommigen maken daar gulzig misbruik van
NL - EU roept op tot snel overdragen van macht (25 maart 2017)
NL - Grote merken boycotten kledingtop in Bangladesh
NL - Het boomregister gaat bijen helpen
NL - Hoogste tijd om uitstoot schip en vliegtuig serieus te nemen
NL - IGZ - risico’s in de ziekenhuiszorg verschuiven
NL - IJzerophoping in de hersenen door cokegebruik
NL - Imam Hassan 'DENK-leider spreekt onzin, maar er zijn wel problemen'
NL - Indianenprotest tegen pijplijn dooft uit
NL - Kamer wil meer hulp voor kind van dakloze
NL - Kamerbrief over motie hergebruik van medische apparatuur in ontwikkelingslanden
NL - Langdurige stress bij vijftigplusser kan overgewicht veroorzaken
NL - Merendeel jongvolwassenen positief over toekomst
NL - Pinguïns bestaan waarschijnlijk langer dan tot nu toe werd aangenomen
NL - Van Rijn start nieuwe uitvoeringsorganisatie pgb
NL - Verwarring over nieuwe personeelsnorm verpleeghuizen
NL - Vleesvervangers kun je weglaten in plantaardig dieet
NL - Waarom vind jij een vegetariër soms zo irritant?
NL - Wat moeten staten doen om foltering, dodingen en genocide te voorkomen?
NL - Wereldzaadbank breidt verzameling uit met 50.000 nieuwe zaden

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Nieuwe videos

Video - 9 Body Hacks to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels
Video - A Great White Shark Breached & Just Missed Us!
Video - Baby orangutan rescued after being kept as a pet
Video - Binnen kijken en aandachtig eten - Boele Ytsma
Video - Cell Towers Create A Hazmat Site, Why Would We want Cell Towers on Our Schools
Video - Christina Hildabrand talks about proposed bills destroying hitting California
Video - Dakota access pipeline protest draws to a close
Video - De anatomische les van George Maat - De maag
Video - Do Vaccines Contribute to Your Toxicity? You Might Be Surprised!
Video - Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Hamblin on Photobiomodulation
Video - Dr. Perlmutter on Dr. Mercola's New Book, Fat for Fuel
Video - Endocrine disruptors
Video - Energy Strategies - Kyle's Quick Tips - Know The Cause
Video - Foreign Affairs - Trailer
Video - Fracking Spills - More Than You think
Video - Google Blacklists Natural News
Video - Het horen, voelen of zien van dingen die er niet zijn
Video - Hoe voorkomen we dat jij vanavond weer een hele zak chips leeg eet?
Video - How Endogenous Opioids Control Pain Sensitivity
Video - Human rights groups "target Saudi Arabia"
Video - Natural Solutions for Depression, Happiness, Psychology, Self Esteem
Video - Parents have a right to be informed on EMF exposure
Video - The Adrenal Thyroid Connection - Dr. Jeff Senechal
Video - The Biggest Mistake Doing Ketosis
Video - Wat zegt een DNA gezondheidstest eigenlijk echt over je gezondheid?
Video - We doen het zelf wel - Ex-vluchteling
Video - Wi-Fi Health in Schools
Video - World closer to disaster than you think! Over 100 UK nuke workers have died from contamination
Video - Zetelroof - Joost Niemoller en Geerten Waling

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Internationaal nieuws

5 Magnesium-Rich Foods to Help With Insomnia
Acupuncture for the management of menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms
ADHD symptoms improved by Ginseng Extract, new research reveals
Adolescent sleepiness may contribute to future crimes
After stroke, 'blue' light may help beat the blues
Alzheimer's could be flagged by sleeping in late
Amelioratory effect of coenzyme Q10 on potential human carcinogen Microcystin-LR induced toxicity
Association of perfluoroalkyl substances exposure with impaired lung function in children
Autistic child twice as likely for women with herpes
Baby orangutan rescued after being kept as a pet
Bernie Sanders Takes Down Drug Companies and Washington Lobbyists' Latest Racket
Brain catheterization treats rare tinnitus
Brain scans 'may spot teen drug problems'
Can food poisoning permanently damage your DNA?
Canadian researchers set to study cannabis oil
China’s Weapons of Trade War
Climate change harms hot spots of ocean life
Compounds that show potent anti-cancer activity in breast and colon tumour cell lines
Deep sea life faces dark future due to warming and food shortage
Do YOU sleep for more than 9 hours? It could be dementia
Editorial Misconduct - Finnish Medical Journal Rejects Paper on Suicide Risk
EU Criticised for 'Emergency Authorisations' of Banned Bee-Harming Pesticide
Foot pain often occurs in clusters
Forget five a day, eat 10 portions of fruit and veg
Germany bans meat from official functions
Has the Large Hadron Collider Disproved the Existence of Ghosts?
Headaches often strike before strokes in kids
Healthy Heart in Midlife May Lower Dementia Risk Later
How Clothes Are Polluting the Food Supply
How Do Polar Bears Respond to Climate Change, Subsistence Hunting?
How South Australia can function reliably while moving to 100% renewable power
Iitate village in Fukushima prefecture radioactively contaminated
In the past decade, fracking caused nearly 2 spills a day in just these 4 states
Inflammatory disease trigger revealed
Is GMO Corn With Glyphosate as Much of a Cancer Risk as Cigarettes?
Italy slapped with air pollution lawsuit
Itch Neurons Play a Role in Managing Pain
Labs Can Now Grow Your Guts
Long-term stress linked to higher levels of obesity
Low weight gain in pregnancy linked to schizophrenia in children
Many people with harmful genetic variants show no ill effects
Mayo Clinic researchers discover link between aging, devastating lung disease
Medical fraud - The suppressed truth about heart disease
Men who work out strenuously 'have lower libidos'
Mexico's sugar tax leads to fall in consumption for second year running
Micronutrient deficiencies in patients with chronic atrophic autoimmune gastritis
Mobile phone use and risk for intracranial tumors and salivary gland tumors
Modern living is killing our sense of smell, says leading scientist
Modified Atkins diet helps children with rare form of epilepsy
Mulberry leaf extract could reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes
Muscular effects of vitamin D in young athletes and non-athletes and in the elderly
Nevada considers fracking ban
New autism study looks at brain development before birth
New farmland harvest – solar energy – creating political sparks
New role of cholesterol in regulating brain proteins discovered
Nuclear accident cover-up? Radioactive Iodine-131 detected across Europe... no one knows why
Oil and gas wastewater spills alter microbes in West Virginia waters
One in 100 people suffer from 'sex headaches'
Osteoporosis screening and treatment fall short for women with hip fractures
Palm oil is the most widely consumed vegetable oil on the planet
Proteins in Your Runny Nose Could Reveal a Viral Infection
Psychedelics Help Reduce Opioid Addiction, According to New Study
Rates of bowel disease in Denmark continue to rise
Reasons your blood sugar fluctuates
Researchers Reverse High Blood Pressure in Offspring of Hypertensive Rats
Researchers uncover brain circuitry central to reward-seeking behavior
Rising numbers turn to alcohol to get a good night's rest
Saturated fat, nutrition for your heart
Severe gum disease may be early sign of undiagnosed diabetes
Shifting focus - Vision Problems in ME/CFS
Stressed at work? It could be making you FAT
Studies provide fuller picture of testosterone benefits, risks
Studies show that the cerebellum is crucial to understanding vulnerability to drug addiction
Study finds resistant infections rising, with longer hospital stays for US children
Study Reveals Essential Role of Sympathetic Nerves in Muscle Health
Study Shows Shocking Effect Airport Body Scanners Have On Your DNA
The 8 signs of a nervous breakdown you can't ignore
The bailout business in the EU
The Bountiful Benefits of Bone Broth
The contraceptive pill and cancer
The health benefits of UV ratiation exposure through vitamin D production or non-vitamin D pathways
The role of nicotinamide in acne treatment
The role of weight in postmenopausal women's longevity
This real-time pollution map will enlighten you on your city's air quality
Tiny plastic particles from clothing, tyres clogging oceans
Tired teens 4.5 times more likely to commit crimes as adults
Titanium dioxide nanoparticle ingestion alters nutrient absorption in an in vitro model of the small intestine
Toddler behavioral symptoms may hint at celiac disease
Transplanting Good Bacteria to Kill Staph
TSA caught in massive $100 million cocaine cover-up
Viruses support photosynthesis in bacteria – an evolutionary advantage?
Vitamin D and autism, what's new?
Wearable devices used to help detect dementia
Weight loss drug found to stop diabetes too
Widely accepted vision for agriculture may be inaccurate, misleading
Women who undergo HRT have better dental health

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