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NL - 35-plusser onderschat risico hartinfarct
NL - 8 schokkende statistieken over water die je moet weten
NL - Aantal meldingen van discriminatie daalt niet meer
NL - Ambtenaren vliegen massaal businessclass, luxere reizen kosten miljoenen extra
NL - Apothekers verontwaardigd over 'gekaapte' medicijnen
NL - Babykrampjes door laaggradige ontsteking
NL - De harteloze man achter de nieuwe wereldorde gestorven
NL - Dieet met veel plantaardige eiwitten niet slecht voor spieren
NL - Dit restaurant wil geen avocado’s meer op de kaart
NL - EU weert mogelijk Braziliaans vlees om vleesschandaal
NL - Floortje Naar Het Einde Van De Wereld
NL - Gekmakend zinktekort
NL - Helft Nederlandse jongeren geeft voorkeur aan nieuw kiesstelsel
NL - Het gaat te vaak fout na miskraam
NL - Het vollehoofdenboek
NL - Hoe knapper je bent, hoe slechter je relaties
NL - Hoe stop je met stressen? Nou zo!
NL - Investeer in vernieuwende zorg
NL - Is mest-injectie/milieubeleid netto slechter voor weidevogels dan ‘de intensivering’?
NL - Kamerbrief met reactie op klacht over besteding pgb
NL - Klimaatverandering zit Zeeuwen niet lekker
NL - Klok gaat uur vooruit - Zomertijd is pure flauwekul
NL - Mediterraan dieet en paleodieet allebei gezond
NL - Meer kans op depressie en dementie bij ouderen met lage zinkspiegel
NL - Meerdere Nederlandse bedrijven sjoemelen met vrachtwagens
NL - Monsanto in e-mails - Aandacht afleiden van giftigheid Roundup
NL - Onderzoekers willen landelijke richtlijn voor handelen na miskraam
NL - Paardenmarkt nog op te kleine locatie
NL - Saneerder Thermphos - We doen het veilig of we doen het niet
NL - Snel opheldering over schades buitengebied
NL - Strijd over reclamefolders naar spannende fase
NL - Tips om van je smartphoneverslaving af te komen
NL - Verband slaapproblemen en agressie onderbelicht in forensische psychiatrie
NL - Vitamine D goedkoopste oplossing tegen sterfte
NL - We volgen een jaar lang de 21-jarige Cynthia Stomphorst en haar zwakbegaafde moeder
NL - Zo weet je of je de verkeerde beha draagt
NL - Zuidpool telt miljoenen pinguďns meer dan gedacht
NL - Zweedse moeder geeft dochter geen suiker meer

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Internationaal nieuws

A cave in France changes what we thought we knew about Neanderthals
A Clinical Trial Just 'Reversed' Type 2 Diabetes in 40% of Participants
A new tool to predict the potential public health benefit of e-cigarettes
A probiotic mouthwash might soon treat migraines
A search for clues to what causes whale strandings
A Trip inside the Schizophrenic Mind
Air pollution denial is the new climate denial
Aliens created our genetic code and signed it with the number 37, scientists say
Amazon tribe have the healthiest arteries ever studied
Amchoor, a Delicious Indian Dried Mango Powder That Adds Amazing Tartness to Dishes
An avocado a day keeps bad cholesterol away, finds new research
Ancestral Climates May Have Shaped Your Nose
Artificial light and jet travel has "outsmarted" our body clocks
Asians With Type 2 Diabetes At Greater Risk Of Cancer
Australian Jessica May overcame acute anxiety by setting up a recruitment firm
Autism breakthrough - Vitamin D link shows promise
Beijing shuts last coal power plant in switch to natural gas
Biomonitoring of Danish school children and mothers including biomarkers of PBDE and glyphosate
Blood Test Can Detect Heart Damage after Non-Cardiac Surgery
Blood Test For Autism Detects Disorder With 98 Percent Accuracy, Research Reveals
Both genders can suffer 'post-coital dysphoria' after sex
Breaking down to hormones
California judge rules against Monsanto, allows cancer warning on Roundup
Cannabis users 'more likely to have a heart attack'
Changes in gut microbiota after unhealthy diet may protect from metabolic disease
Chevron Pipeline Spills 4,800 Gallons of Oil on Public Land in Colorado, Kills Wildlife
Children as young as six have out of body experiences
China's trading partners alarmed by food import controls
Coal Lobbyist Could Be Next EPA Deputy Administrator
Coffee 'stops vitamin pills working'
Could your favorite pain medicine send you into cardiac arrest?
Could your low-carb diet be wrecking your gut?
Cyberbullying Is Rampant; What Should Parents Do If Their Kids Are Involved?
Decreased vitamin D levels may contribute to peripheral arterial disease
Diabetes Drug Could Prevent Spread Of Aggressive Breast Cancer
Discussing Nutrient Formulas Without Naming Them
Do you really have high blood pressure?
Do You Want Your Children to Protect Nature?
Eating anti-inflammatory foods may reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
Emails show Monsanto tried to 'ghostwrite' research
End-of-life planning talks often fail to communicate goals
Energy Drink Induced Lipid Peroxidation and Oxidative Damage in Rat Liver and Brain
EPA scientist warns that glyphosate (RoundUp) herbicide strips minerals out of food, leaving the body deficient in Zinc and Magnesium
EPA to Investigate Civil Rights Abuses Over Pesticide Use in Hawaii
Europeans have evolved to eat more vegetables and grains
Facing Famine, 20 Million People Need Food, Not Bombs
Fears raised of ‘cover-up’ over drug’s link to birth defects
Global Warming Is Killing the Great Barrier Reef
Growing Food for Profit on Leased and Borrowed Land
Heart Procedure Linked with Bleeding in the Brain, Neurological Impairment
Hospital hazard - Rookie doctors can now be forced to work 24 hour shifts
How does broccoli help prevent cancer? Study sheds light
How Gut Inflammation Drives the Evolution of Harmful Bacteria
How much water does your food drink?
How Old Are Your Arteries?
How Oral Health Impacts Your Overall Quality of Life
How will climate change affect the cost of water? A natural resource economist explains
Human skull evolved with two-legged walk
Increase in yellow fever cases has Brazil on high alert
Indoctrination - Canadian schools are teaching children that GMOs are safe
Kids getting hands on adults' pain pills, study finds
Lactate may be key for cancer development
Lawsuit filed against maker of "drinkable sunscreen" over "pseudoscience" claims
Liquid storage of solar energy – more effective than ever before
Low Magnesium Can Increase Risk of Prediabetes
Manipulating the Collective Consciousness of Humanity Using Mass Black Magic Rituals
Map of all anti-aging organizations I could find on the internet
Meta-analysis finds increased vitamin E intake associated with lower lung cancer risk
Modern mothers 'watched and judged', study finds
Multiple Infant Vaccines Linked To Dramatically Increased Mortality
Mystery of how sperm swim revealed in mathematical formula
New California bill could be first in nation to require food dye labeling
Oregon may let farmers sue Monsanto, other GMO patent-holders, for crop contamination
Organisations funded by George Soros
Pacemaker Program Can Reduce Dangerous Fainting Episodes
Periodontitis Linked to Diabetes Mellitus
Poison centers receive 32 calls a day about kids exposed to prescription opioids
Preserving the memory of glaciers
Protective effect of Moringa oleifera oil against HgCl2-induced hepato- and nephro-toxicity in rats
Rosacea Is Linked to the Liver And Type 2 Diabetes
Skilled Workers More Prone to Mistakes When Interrupted
Skin creams containing paraffin linked to fire deaths
Sleep apnea in children tied to changes in brain
Study reveals link between endovascular procedures and microbleeding in the brain
Study Suggests Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Muscle Injuries
Targeting immune cells in obese can treat diabetes, hypertension
Teens are getting liver damage from overeating
The cholesterol drug that outperforms statins
The Farm Report - If A Tree Falls In The Forest
The Reasons Why Organised Religion Failed
This Young Man is on a Mission to Plant 1 Trillion Trees and He’s Inspiring Others to Help Him
UK Study Unveils Novel Link Between Cell Polarity and Cancer-Associated Inflammation
Unhealthful Food-and-Beverage Advertising in Subway Stations
Vitamin D deficiency cripples elite athletes, study finds
Want a smart child? Give them fish-oil pills
Want to eat fish that's truly good for you? Here are some guidelines to reeling one in
Water filter from wood offers portable, eco-friendly purification in emergencies
Whistleblowers 'to be protected' if they apply for NHS job
Why pickle juice is better than every sports drink on the market
Will Humanity Learn From the Past?
Will the doctor see your child now?
Women 'should be told' sex of foetus in pregnancy scan
Women Taking Statins Faced Increased Diabetes Risk
Yes, You Should Eat Dark Chocolate Daily

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