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Nieuwe artikelen

Gebruik desinfectiemiddelen verpleegsters en ontwikkeling COPD
Relatie e-sigaretten en arteriële stijfheid, bloeddruk en hartslag

Nederlandstalig nieuws

Adviesorgaan voor bestrijdingsmiddelen CTGB misleidt Ministerie van EZ in glyfosaat kwestie
Al in de jaren vijftig werden we al voorgelogen over chemische stoffen
Algoritme ontdekt Alzheimer jaren van tevoren
Asscher roept werkgevers op zwangerschapsdiscriminatie te bestrijden
Betere behandeling slaapstoornissen nodig, zeggen experts
Bij infectieziekten stelt overheid belang van boer boven volksgezondheid
De landelijke Week Tegen Pesten staat dit jaar in het teken van online pesten
De vervuiler betaalt, maar Defensie niet
Een pensioen is geen beloning, maar een recht
Elk jaar twee baby's dood door vieze lucht in Gelderland
Het wordt tijd dat we beter gaan slapen
Hoe faalangst en stress tot een burn-out kunnen leiden
Hoe je lang jong blijft en gezond oud wordt
Hoe klimaatvolgelingen manipuleren met NOAA data
Honderden beschermde schildpadden overleden door verwaarlozing
Houtrot, roest en andere gebreken maken klimbossen onveilig
Is er wel een Plan B voor na de euro?
Jaarlijks verdwijnen 17.000 geitenbokken spookachtig spoorloos
Kleding van Primark of ZARA komt vaak uit landen als Bangladesh
Late vorst veroorzaakt laagste appeloogst in 10 jaar
Leven we al in een participatiesamenleving?
Melkveehouders krijgen te weinig geld
Nederland telt 180 'dieseldoden' per jaar
Nu al meer arctisch ijs dan in 2008
Octacosanol verbetert slaap bij stress
Op de hoogte blijven van nieuwe postings dotcomnieuws?
Oplossingen voor wereldproblemen
Peking legt bouwprojecten aan banden voor schonere lucht
PvdD Apeldoorn - geen giga-stal vanwege gezondheidsrisico's
Scherp regels voor het gebuik van methylisothiazolinon aan
Vereniging tegen de Kwakzalverij, incompetent of bewust misleidend?
Vliegtuigen hadden al veel eerder gifgasfilters moeten hebben
VS kunnen toch in klimaatakkoord blijven, mits juiste voorwaarden
Waarom resulteert evolutie niet in het eeuwige leven?
Wat is de overeenkomst tussen autisme en een pot crème?
Wereldhonger is vanaf nu weer een groeiend probleem
Wetenschappers - uitbarsting supervulkaan door kernproef Noord Korea
Wie vist met het sleepnet?

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De laatste videoclips

5 Ways to Reduce Inflammation
America's Biggest Corporations Are Going Green
Are Lectins in Food Good or Bad for You?
Bill Faloon - Human Age Reversal
Blind People Describe Racism
De bruine rand van de Duitse Energiewende
Dr. Mercola and Gerry Koenig on Serum Ferritin and GGT (Full Interview)
Een dierentuin in Buenos Aires is niet bepaald diervriendelijk...
How to be a good lobbyst in Brussels
In a Land of Plenty, Faith and Farming Unite This Community
Muziek - Where the Good Way Lies - The Flood and The Flame
Organic farming in Europe
Pharmaceutical industry too often commits fraud in researching and marketing psychiatric drugs
Russiche zeeleeuwen in gevaar door enorme vervuiling
The health benefits of licorice root
The Woman Fighting for Detroit’s Water
Theory Why Dieselgate Fix Damages Engines
Two years after the dieselgate scandal
Unlocking Antarctica's Deep Secrets - Frozen Planet - BBC Earth
What is the Spinal Stenosis?
What You MUST Know About Getting Pregnant
Why You Should Add Vinegar to Your Chicken Stock
Why You Shouldn't Be Applying Antiperspirant In The Morning At All

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Internationaal nieuws

40 minute laser blast that ends years of leg ulcer pain
5,000 deaths annually from dieselgate in Europe
5000 'Dieselgate' deaths in Europe per year
7 Reasons nearly everyone has gluten intolerance to some degree
A fat-regulating enzyme could hold the key to obesity, diabetes, cancer, other diseases
A new approach to high insulin levels
Acupuncture lowering blood pressure for secondary prevention of stroke
Adults without partners monitor their blood pressure less frequently
African firm says Dow subsidiary failed to clean arsenic pollution
American Academy of Pediatrics announces its first recommendations on tattoos, piercings
Animal hoarding is its own mental disorder, study argues
Antarctic Caves Warmed By Volcanic Steam May Harbor Life
Any lice with that salmon? Parasite plagues global industry
Are Facebook and Google the New Colonial Powers?
Are you a Thinker, Craver, Socializer, Foody or Freewheeler? New Australian dieting study
As wildfires burn in west, ash rides wind high across U.S.
Association Between Placental Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHS),
Oxidative Stress, and Preterm Delivery
Astaxanthin alleviated acute lung injury
Avocados found to improve eye health in aging adults
Biblical prophecy predicts Rapture on September 23
Biological effects of combined resveratrol and vitamin D3 on ovarian tissue.
Brain halves increase communication to compensate for aging, study finds
Can You Teach Your Brain To Crave Healthy Food?
Cinnamon Vs. Ibuprofen For Menstrual Pain
Coronary Artery Calcium Rises With Intense Exercise
Dawning On Scientists - Atlantic Ocean Cycles Drive Climate
Did the PepsiCo Foundation Direct Donations to Fight Legislation?
Dirty diesel also worse for the climate than petrol cars - study
Does lack of veggies up obesity risk for Mexican-American kids?
Dr. Ron Paul on Why Politicians Lie
Drug-Herb Interactions in the Elderly Patient with IBD
Expert suggests that type 2 diabetes can be reversed with a plant - based diet
Fever eases behavioral problems in some children with autism
Finnish mobile device for detecting arrhythmia soon available for consumers
Food Industry Tells Kids Sugar is Healthy via Kidnetic.com
France to bring back old thyroid drug after thousands complain over new formula
Fuel from waste and electricity?
Grey Matters - Elderly patients have right to refuse medical treatment
Groups sue biosafety agency, ministers over permit to Mosanto for GMO cotton
Half of Brits would rather give-up sex than sugar
Here's How The VA Manipulates Stats To Make Hospitals Look Good
Hormonal Signaling in the Gut
How Climate Change Hurricanes Are Rapidly Accelerating the Militarization of America
How Factory Farming Is Driving the Sixth Mass Extinction (Video)
How Statins Make Some People Crazy
How you brain becomes addicted to porn
Is the EU getting serious on religious freedom?
Is this exercise hurting your heart?
Jellyfish seek Italy's warming seas. Can't beat 'em? Eat 'em.
Kangaroo Care - The concept for B.C.'s biggest, soon to open neonatal intensive care unit
Later circadian timing of food intake is associated with increased body mass index
Longevity of daily oral vitamin D3 supplementation
Medical News Today - How to use rosemary oil for hair growth
New hope for leaky gut sufferers - Spore-based probiotics found to improve gastrointestinal health
No nuclear industry is NOT emissions free
Onset gluten intolerance in children could be delayed with probiotics, study finds
Parents not confident schools can assist child with chronic disease, mental health
People with schizophrenia have threefold risk of dying
Plasma trans-fatty acids levels and mortality
Pot Smokers Beware - Killer Pesticides, Poison
Preeclampsia permanently alters blood vessels
Revealing the nature of New Zealand's 'extreme waves.'
Revolt against EU - Farage warns Europe must stand up to Brussels bully boys
Same mainstream media attacking football as "unsafe for the brain" says nothing
about brain-damaging mercury in vaccines
Sebastian Luning over How the Sun Precludes Climate Catastrophe
Sexual behavior in Germany
Starving killer whales are losing most of their babies
Stop the loose talk about hurricanes and global warming
Sunshine or supplements? Cholesterol concerns must be considered with vitamin D, says expert
Teens also at risk for organ damage from high blood pressure
The CDCs Deadly Cocktail - Corruption, Deception and Cover-ups
The cholesterol and calorie hypotheses are both dead — it is time to focus on the real culprit
The danger of glyphosate toxicity in animals
The Diabetes Prevention Program - Based on Outdated Propaganda, Not Current Evidence
The Fitness Industry is a Public Health Failure
The Neglected Sun - How the Sun Precludes Climate Catastrophe
The pharmaceutical industry is desperate to find ways of justifying the use of statins
The Salvation of Psychiatry
Therapy could offer new hope for MS patients
Theresa May is in Canada to cook up more toxic trade deals
Unique Israeli research reveals why honeybees are dying
Vaping doubles risk of smoking cigarettes for teens
Videogame boosts sex health IQ and attitudes in minority teens
Want to quit smoking? Lace up those running shoes, study finds
Welfare of zoo animals set to improve
What are the qualities that make for a good doctor and what can patients do if they’re missing?
What if the American Heart Association endorsed the trans-fat diet?
Why the Organic Industry is Suing the USDA Over Animal Welfare
Women of childbearing age around world suffering toxic levels of mercury.
Women who carry excess abdominal fat have a 50% chance of developing lung and bowel cancer



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