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Nieuwe artikelen

Financiële stress is geassocieerd met migraine
Immuuncellen helpen vet om te gaan met milieu uitdagingen

Nederlandstalig nieuws

370.000 kinderen ondervoed door aanhoudende droogte in Kenia
60.000 handtekeningen voor referendum aftapwet
Advies GGD - geen bewoning in twee kilometer rond geitenhouderij
Als het private zichtbaar wordt, kun je geen mens meer zijn
Artsen wantrouwig tegenover e-gezondheid
Bedrijf verkoopt bloed van tieners aan ouderen
Boer keert na de orkaan terug naar zijn dieren
Boerenbond werkt aan ‘scan’ om dierenwelzijn te verbeteren
Dit is wat je niet mag weten over mobiele telefoons
Dotcomradio uitzending 17 september
Dwangarbeid in de bijstand helpt dus helemaal niet!
Een op de vijf doden is gevolg van slechte voeding
EFSA nam letterlijke teksten glyfosaatproducenten over
Elke gram paddenstoel vermindert de kans op borstkanker met enkele procentem
Emotionele dysregulatie bij ADHD
EU wetgeving voor nieuw ontwikkelde voedingsmiddelen wordt rechtgetrokken
Hoe je lang jong blijft en gezond oud wordt
Hoe neuro-inflammatie onze hersenen ziek maakt
Kinderen uit Sint-Maarten komen naar Nederland
Klimaatkloof en groene dictator
Kwik bedreigt jaguar in de Pantanal
Luis in de pels van de farmacie
Macron wil mobieltjes verbieden op Franse scholen
Pieter Stuurman over waarheid, manipulatie, leugens en politiek
Reddingsdrone met superzicht vervangt reddingswerkers
Sociale ongelijkheid groeit door arbeidsongeschiktheidsbeleid
Succes plasticketen begint bij afvalcoach
Vrouwen verliezen sneller hun zin in seks in een relatie en wel daarom
Vrouwen zouden meer op moeten komen voor andere vrouwen in onvrije landen
We worden kwetsbaarder voor druk van politici
Wie van pakjes & zakjes houdt, zit goed bij Knorr
Zeeuwse Gronden laat heilzame werking paarden onderzoeken
Zelfs de imkersbond stimuleert fraude met honing
Zelfverrijking bij kankerfonds?
Zo zette de voedingsindustrie de waarheid naar haar hand

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Nieuwskanaal - actuele grafieken zonnevlammen, zonnestormen, schuman frequentie en meer
Dotcomnieuws - de laatste internationale nieuwtjes
Dotcomradio - iedere week een uitzending die je kunt downloaden in MP3 formaat
Forbiddensource - links naar artikelen in de alternatieve media en meer

Nederlandgids - overzicht van uitjes en evenementen in Nederland

Ahealthylife - populaire blog van Juglen Zwaan

De laatste videoclips

Ascension Science - The Changing Sun
Can You Be Allergic to the Sun?
CO2 does not cause climate change, it RESPONDS to it
Dr. John Casey says new evidence indicates the sun is entering a “solar minimum” phase

Dr. Ron Rosedale - 'The Critical Connection Between Protein, Cancer, Aging and TOR'
EPA Gives Florida Companies A Waiver To Pollute As Much As They Want
Functional Nutrition - Josh Gitalis & Ashley James
Germany - Hundreds picket Bayer HQ protesting against compulsory vaccination
GGZ Eindhoven ontwikkelt unieke methode voor verwerking jeugdtrauma's
How Gut Microbiota Can Affect Mental Health
Insulin, Insulin Resistance & Belly Fat
Ketamine - A Remarkable Antidepressant
Mosquito trap DIY 8,000 mosquito kill reduce
New Solar Research Raises Climate Questions, Triggers Attacks
Pollution linked to higher stress in new study
Protest Seeks Shutdown of Salmon Farms In Washington State
Selenium in Brazil Nuts Burn Fat
Statines - C F van der Horst
Video of Lecture by Prof. Olle Johansson on health effects of emf

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Internationaal nieuws

1-in-20 chance climate change will wipe out humanity
3 Vegan Athletes Blowing the Protein Myth Right Out the Water
4 reasons you should drink your water hot
5 Ways Factory Farming is Killing the Environment
A Cold Shower Just Might Be the Most Effective (and Healthy) Way to Start Your Day
A Lack of Sleep Makes Your Brain Eat Itself
All Claims Regarding Climate Change Are About To be Reversed
Alternative to Medication for Children with ADHD
Antibiotic resistance in fish farms is passed on from fish food
Are “Green” Buildings Killing Us?
Beetroot, the superfood that boosts your muscles
Believing others have more friends could make you unhappy
Brain halves increase communication to compensate for aging, study finds
Can American Soil Be Brought Back to Life?
Can Lyme disease trigger celiac disease?
Chemicals released after exercise can slow breast cancer
Cholesterol medication - is it the solution to a high reading?
Climate Models Can’t Even Approximate Reality
Climate.gov rivals NASA in climate alarmism
Coffee hijacks the brain. Sleep repairs it.
Colorectal screening can also cause significant complications usually not listed among harms
Contaminants in food - Health risks of natural origin are frequently underestimated
Decreased glucose metabolism in medial prefrontal areas is associated with
nutritional status in patients with prodromal and early Alzheimer's disease
Do Animals Murder Each Other?
Do we really need three meals a day?
Does All Mental Illness Derive from a Common Source?
Dr. Robert Lustig Takes On Obamacare, and the GOP Replacements
EPA chief Scott Pruitt calls out Germany's Angela Merkel as climate hypocrite
Epic And Massive Flooding In Europe During The Little Ice Age
Even prisoners are given a balanced diet. Some children aren’t
Fertility research brings death of dogma, birth of hope
Following the Advice of Ancient Philosophers Can Make You Happier
Friends can make your marital conflict less stressful
Ginseng extracts found to prevent obesity
Government Climate Science Reaches Conclusions Years Before The Research Is Done
High-dose vitamin D3 supplementation decreases the number of
colonic CD103+ dendritic cells in healthy subjects
How Medical Marijuana Can Help Those With ADD And ADHD Focus
How Science Is Unlocking the Secrets of Addiction
Immune system linked to alcohol drinking behavior
Insufficient evidence from randomised controlled trials to date to recommend
consumption of whole grain diets to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
Insult to injury - US workers without paid sick leave suffer from mental distress
Internet addiction, 'convenient' social media sites linked to online cheating
LSD may help people suffering from anxiety disorders and depression
Medical students not trained to prescribe medical marijuana
Medical treatment for cramps and restless legs could be putting you at risk for fatal heart problems
Mexico Should Beware the Little-Ice-Age Cycle
Mind the MSG in 'extra tasty' fish soup
Momentum against glyphosate spraying picks up
New skin patch reduces lingering fat by 20%
North Atlantic, Pacific, And Southern Oceans Are Cooling As Glaciers Thicken, Gain Mass
Our Patients Are Guinea Pigs And They Don’t Even Know It
PATIENTS prescribed statins should be given check-up weeks later to see
whether they are suffering side effects
Rewire your brain back to normal and disconnect from technology
Rooftop Solar Dims Under Pressure From Utility Lobbyists
Skin patch dissolves 'love handles' in mice
Solar “Grand Minima” Preparedness Plan
Steroid hormones could hold further clues about age-related bone loss
Sugary secrets of a cancer-related protein
THE ANNUAL flu jab can offer little or no protection against the virus in elderly people, research suggests
The body's own fat-metabolism protects against the harmful effects of sugar
The cholesterol and calorie hypotheses are both dead — it is time to focus on the real culprit
The Importance of Omega-3 Testing
The relation between promotional spending on drugs and their therapeutic gain
The Toxic Story of RoundUp
Thinking others have more friends can affect happiness
This Day In 1944 - Hurricane Damaged 700 Miles Of Coast
Top NASA Climate Modeler Admits Predictions Are ‘Mathematically Impossible’
Traditional Chinese medicinal herbs as potential AChE inhibitors for anti-Alzheimer's disease
Vitamin D and Depression - the Evidence from an Indirect Clue to Treatment Strategy.
What causes heart disease part XXXVI (part thirty-six)
What you need to know & are not told about hurricanes
When it comes to hurricanes, it’s the alarmists who are wrong
While Alberta kills coal, the world is building 1,600 new plants
Why cancer screening has never been shown to “save lives”—and what we can do about it
Why Protecting a Shark Nursery in the Patagonia Sea Is Crucial
Will the 9/11 Case Finally Go to Trial?



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