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De alternatieve timeline - 16 maart 2017

NL - 34 wetenschappelijke studies tonen de schadelijkheid van Wi-Fi aan
NL - Al ruim 25 jaar uitstootfraude bij Renault
NL - Australische blogger veroordeeld voor leugens over kanker
NL - België dringt uitstoot broeikasgassen niet snel genoeg terug
NL - Betere beveiliging beschermt neushoorns, niet het afzagen van hoorn
NL - Blijvend boos op 'graaiers' in de zorg
NL - Borden tegen gaswinning bij stembureaus
NL - Canada - slimme meter in de fik
NL - Circulaire economie kan watertekorten wereldwijd sterk reduceren
NL - Circusdolfijn moet hulpeloos naar adem happen tijdens voorstelling
NL - De fax is nooit aangekomen in Afrika, maar het internet wel
NL - De sprookjes van Erdogan
NL - Draagt lesmateriaal over zwerfafval bij aan waardenontwikkeling?
NL - E-waste in het hoger onderwijs
NL - Een op vijf gezinnen leeft in energiearmoede
NL - Europa verscherpt voedselcontroles
NL - Europese Commissie vraagt alcoholbranche te komen met zelfregulering voor etikettering
NL - Gaat ons politieke beleid nog om mensen?
NL - George Soros aanzet tot een nieuwe Burgeroorlog?
NL - Greenpeace exposeert Amazonerif in Ecomare
NL - Het aanlanden van bijvangst - zin of onzin?
NL - Het topje van de IJsberg – Stress- en burn-outcoach Jolanda Jelsma
NL - Is dit het meest gehate standje?
NL - Je wilt toch niet klant zijn bij een bank waar je moet bibberen voor je spaargeld?
NL - KankerMaffia
NL - Kap oude eiken zet kwaad bloed in Fort
NL - Klokkenluiders Luxleaks ook in beroep veroordeeld
NL - Kwart van de werknemers voelt zich ongelukkig op het werk
NL - Meerderheid Europees Parlement wil bescherming voor konijnen
NL - Melatonine en lichttherapie voor kinderen met slaapproblemen
NL - Mensen leven niet in een lab
NL - Opwarming leidt tot enorme toename regenval in het Noordpoolgebied
NL - Rol van darmbacteriën en DNA-methylatie op gezondheid
NL - Sociale werkplaats biedt onwettige contracten
NL - Stadsboerin Suzanne Monnier gaat het komende jaar aan de slag op een bijzondere plek
NL - Supermarkten en onze gezondheid
NL - Veel traphekjes zijn onveilig voor kinderen
NL - Zijn mensen verantwoordelijk voor de Sahara?

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Video - 7 Tips to Lower Uric Acid
Video - Coen Vermeeren neemt geen blad voor de mond, Delft
Video - Congo Child Miners - Are We Still Using Slavery?
Video - Could Bullying Cause Chronic Disease?
Video - Do lobbyists have too much influence?
Video - Dr. Mercola, Dr. Slocum and Travis Christofferson on Cancer Treatment
Video - Health Benefits of Carrots
Video - Helping the digestive system - Know The Cause
Video - How Suppression of the Immune System Leads to Cancer - Dr. Bita Badakhshan
Video - How technology is killing our eyes | Daniel Georgiev
Video - Jason Silva - Death Is No Longer Necessary
Video - Lange Frans neemt geen blad voor de mond, Delft
Video - Marianne Thieme legt nog 1 keer uit wat er echt belangrijk is
Video - NOS gedraagt zich als communistische staatsomroep
Video - Prof. Mark Maslin "Climate Change"
Video - Surveillance should only be carried out where law provides appropriate safeguards
Video - This Might Surprise You About Gluten
Video - Uitspraak over hulp bij zelfdoding is 'absoluut teleurstellend'
Video - Vaccine Ignorance
Video - Which Intestines for Food and Cosmetics?



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12 Reasons To Add This Superfood To Your Latte
2.7 Million Animals Killed by Federal Wildlife-destruction Program in 2016
3D visualisation of the pancreas – new tool in diabetes research
8 superfood swaps to eat healthy on a budget
A creative approach to waste
A Genetic Link Between Autism and Prodigy?
A spy chief is warning us about our TVs, but leaves out the embarrassing bits
Acupuncture in Patients with Allergic Asthma
Add this to your coffee to make your joints younger
After years of secrecy, cellphone radiation risks are finally being revealed
Anti-inflammatory Foods Mediate Link Between Body Fat and Pain
Antibiotics do little to ease kids’ eczema flare-ups
Are gambling addictions more common than previously thought?
Are Protein Diets Helping Or Hurting Weight Loss Goals?
Are skinny jeans really harmful?
Are walnuts the key to fighting prostate cancer? Researchers think so
Association between blood lead and blood pressure
Author exposes the "Vaccine Deep State" ... a massive criminal fraud and embezzlement ring inside the CDC
Autistic boy dies after routine dental procedure, report says
Babies with eczema may have tooth decay later
Big Brother in the Bedroom
Bisphenol A is more potent than phthalate metabolites in reducing pancreatic ?-cell function
Brexit to endanger penguins, whales and seabirds as EU wildlife grants dry up
Bronchiectasis in COPD Linked to Sinus Inflammation
California can demand cancer risk warning on weed-killer Roundup, judge rules
Can A Vitamin Deficiency Cause Depression?
Can high-intensity interval training delay the aging process?
Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is rising at the fastest rate ever recorded
CDC - Mumps outbreak can still occur in highly VACCINATED communities
Changing climate could worsen foods' nutrition
Chemical Dye Doubles Roundworm Lifespan, Could Extend Human Longevity
Coloring Book Shows Kids Females Can Farm
Conflicts of interest among National Academies’ GMO committee members
Cooking at home tonight? It's likely cheaper and healthier, study finds
Could probiotics ease YOUR diabetes? Gut-improving bacteria could REDUCE disease risk
Craving chocolate? Psychological technique could help you resist
Dementia ‘the biggest health challenge Scotland faces’
Democracy Over Sovereignty in Europe
Depression can be effectively treated by altering how you think
Do This Every Morning Before Brushing Your Teeth
Earwax removal - Five signs YOU could be suffering from earwax build-up
Ending fracking's methane releases is crucial to averting a climate crisis
EPA official accused of helping Monsanto `kill' cancer study
European media ‘deeply regrets’ EU plans to ditch search engine payouts
Expert calls for painkillers to only be sold in pharmacies
Experts to discuss effect of Vitamin D deficiency
Extreme exercise an 'escape from life', Cardiff Uni says
Exxon concealed Tillerson's 'alias' emails in climate fraud probe, NY AG claims.
Facebook use predicts declines in subjective well-being in young adults
Fake news isn't the problem. The media's credibility is
Farmers in Italy Fight Soil Contamination with Cannabis
Fukushima 6 years later - radioactive boars and $188 billion in clean-up costs
Fungal Compound Boosts Axon Regeneration, Offering Clue for MS Treatment
Geomagnetic disturbance - A new field in multiple sclerosis research
Gluten-free diets adopted by rising number of consumers enhance risk of Type 2 diabetes
Glyphosate - Discord at the US Environmental Protection Agency
Going Deep to Measure Earth's Rotational Effects
HALF of Arctic ice loss is driven by natural swings
Heart attack fears over use of common painkillers
How Much Europe Can Europe Tolerate?
How to quickly release stress in less than five minutes
How UK schools are embracing beekeeping
If Trump So Concerned About Government Spying, He Should Fix It
In race to curb climate change, cities outpace governments
Is Radiation Overused in Breast Cancer Care?
Is the Vault 7 Source a Whistleblower?
Knee Patients Spending Millions on Wasted Treatments, Study Finds
Loud noise may pose more harm than we thought
Low Levels of 'Anti-Anxiety' Hormone Linked to Postpartum Depression
Luxembourg researchers decipher how the body controls stem cells
Men's diet affects their sperm quality, study finds
Mercury contamination ongoing issue for First Nation communities
Mesenchymal Stem Cells "Guardians of Inflammation"
Miners expose children to mercury
Mobile phone use and risk for intracranial tumors and salivary gland tumors—a meta-analysis
Monsanto Colluded With EPA, Was Unable To Prove Roundup Does Not Cause Cancer, Unsealed Court Docs Reveal
Monsanto Weed Killer Roundup Faces New Doubts on Safety in Unsealed Documents
More and More Studies Linking Multiple Sclerosis to the Gut Microbiome
Nervous system reaction may worsen asthma attacks
New method for producing leading anti-malarial drug
New research suggests bowel cancer medication could help combat early-onset Parkinson’s disease
New Strategy May Help Combat Alzheimer’s Disease
Obesity crisis
Older women taking statins face higher risk of diabetes
Orangutan Kept in Cage so Small She Couldn’t Straighten Her Legs Needs Your Help
Overdose warning over sleeping pills and painkillers
Painkillers warning - common pain pills, including IBUPROFEN, increase risk of heart attack
Polluted air causing early deaths in fossil-fuelled Balkans
Power plants’ methane emissions much higher than thought
Probiotics only work for people with atrocious diets
Queen’s University researchers make major brain repair discovery in fight against Multiple Sclerosis
Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation from cell phone causes defective testicular function in male Wistar rats
Repeat after me - Carbon pollution is causing climate change
Role of Vitamin D in Uremic Vascular Calcification
Screen Time Morbidly linked To Diabetes In Children
Solutions for reducing chronic inflammation in our patients' bodies
Stress of major life events impacts women more than men, shows poll of 2,000 people
Study finds internet filters won't protect kids from porn
Study shows childhood bullying may up heart disease, diabetes risk
Sulforaphane Ameliorates Bladder Dysfunction
The right bedcovers could help protect kids from severe asthma attacks
The Scientist Harnessing 'Toxic Fat'
Tricky Fungus Sneaks Into Brain Using 'Trojan Horse'
UNBC study shows vitamin D boosts brain function
Up to 90% of urinary tract infections caused by E.coli strains that might be coming from chicken meat
Vitamin E may decrease the risk of acute kidney injury after coronary catheterization
What nutritionists eat when craving something sweet
Where Do We Go From Here?
WHO agency targeted by Monsanto lobby group over glyphosate cancer study
Why Did Big Pharma Send 4 Million Opiate Pills to a Town of 400 People?
Why the sex YOU'RE having is painful
Woman almost dies from an allergic reaction after taking prescribed antidepressants
Woman who adopted plant-based diet, saw MS symptoms fade will speak at nutrition conference


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