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De alternatieve timeline - 15 maart 2017

NL - 24 miljoen Amerikanen verliezen hun zorgverzekering door zorgwet Trump
NL - Als de pijn onverklaarbaar is, wat is er dan tegen te doen?
NL - Als Thermphos in Rotterdam had gestaan, was er allang een oplossing
NL - Aspartaam - een veilige zoetstof of niet?
NL - Baas mag hoofddoek op werkvloer verbieden
NL - Chlorella verlaagt dioxines in moedermelk
NL - Darmkrampjes en vaccinatie
NL - De anders zo solitaire bultruggen vormen nu supergroepen
NL - Dienstplicht in NL geldt binnenkort ook voor vrouwen
NL - Directeur Natuur & Milieu opgestapt
NL - Door slechte berekeningen zijn er miljarden verspild aan fossiele brandstoffen
NL - Duitsland pakt haatberichten op sociale media aan
NL - Duurzame energie opwekken uit getijstromen
NL - Europa verbiedt kwikvullingen voor kinderen en zwangere vrouwen
NL - Eén op de vier Nederlanders rookt nog steeds
NL - Facebook blokkeert account van Ella Ster
NL - Gewoon jezelf zijn in een relatie is niet altijd de beste optie
NL - Groningse politiek nog oneens over afvalbetaling per kilo
NL - Halsmassages verlagen de bloeddruk
NL - Hoge dosis vitamine B kan patiënten met schizofrenie helpen
NL - Ik zag roken als een normale bezigheid, nu heb ik kanker
NL - Invloed media op wetgeving is beperkt
NL - Kamervragen over 'zieke' klokkenluider
NL - Koekoek herkent gezang van buren
NL - Laat Groningen niet zakken
NL - Melatonine stilt chronische pijn
NL - Michel is ontevreden over onderzoek Veilig Thuis, deel 1
NL - Michel is ontevreden over onderzoek Veilig Thuis, deel 2
NL - Ons democratisch systeem is failliet
NL - Peperdure afscheidsfeesten van uw belastinggeld
NL - Polen en Europese Commissie op ramkoers over oerbos Bialowieza
NL - Smelten zee-ijs op Noordpool niet alleen veroorzaakt door mens
NL - Staar kan gemakkelijk verholpen worden met staaroperatie
NL - Stop grootschalige bomenkap gemeente Bronckhorst
NL - Vaker opstaan verlengt zelfstandig wonen ouderen
NL - Waarom de Partij voor de Dieren haar partijprogramma niet heeft laten doorrekenen
NL - We hebben een Minister van Klimaat en Energie nodig
NL - Zonder vaccinatie geen toegang tot kinderopvang in Australië

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11 Ways to Easily Cleanse Your Body After a Long Winter
18 new genes linked to autism
200,000 die each year from pesticide poisoning
3 tips to raise your body’s Ph and make it hard for abnormal cancer cells
3-plus hours daily screen time linked to diabetes risk factors for kids
4 Trees That Have Leaves You Can Eat
400,000-year-old fossil human cranium is oldest ever found in Portugal
6 Years After Fukushima - Has Japan Lost Faith in Nuclear Power?
90% of Minke Whales Killed in Norway Are Female and 'Almost All' Pregnant
A burning problem - Small-fiber neuropathy
A nap a day may keep the cardiologist away
A natural way to treat your seasonal allergies that your doctor never told you
Acupuncture improves outcomes in carpal tunnel syndrome in part by remapping the brain
African governments learn to block the internet, but at cost
After Deepwater Horizon spill - Which animals weathered the disaster
Air pollution is devastating UK's wild flowers turning countryside into 'monotonous green badlands.'
Alcohol may help you recall events more clearly
Alternatively Spliced Variants Linked To Schizophrenia
Ammonia's Role in Cardiovascular Health Tracked in Mice, Human Cells
And the Verdict Is …? Brain Scans Could Reveal Criminal Intentions
Are Teenagers Replacing Drugs With Smartphones?
Association between pre-pregnancy consumption of meat, iron intake, and the risk of gestational diabetes
Asthma and air pollutants discussed in new video
Australia considers childcare ban on unvaccinated children
Autoimmune Diseases, Our Body's Self-Destruct Sequence
B vitamins attenuate the epigenetic effects of ambient fine particles in a pilot human intervention trial
B vitamins may have 'protective effect' against air pollution
Baby toys are getting more dangerous, data reveals
Bees are smart. Pesticides, not so much.
Behavioural problems in children linked to poor sleep, says a study
Being a parent could ADD two years to your life
Blueberries virtually eliminate baby blues, experts say
Buzzing our brains with electricity could boost memory
Buzzing the brain with electricity can boost working memory
Can you solve the chess problem which holds key to human consciousness?
Can your blood type protect you from getting dementia?
Canadian researchers to study cannabis oil to treat kids’ epilepsy
Changing colour of hair linked to breast cancer
Children's risk of developing Type 2 diabetes soars
Cleaning up the oceans is no solution to our plastic problem
Coffee drinkers live longer, study finds
Colon and Rectal Cancers on the Rise in Young Adults
Combat Obesity with Broccoli - How Broccoli Defeats Obesity
Consuming Much Cheese May Heighten The Risk Of Breast Cancer, Yet Yogurt Lessens The Risk
Current findings on the role of oxytocin in the regulation of food intake
Defect in non-coding DNA might trigger brain disorders such as severe language impairment
Denmark, Germany, Netherlands want to create ‘artificial power island’
Did a plant-based diet cure this man's asthma?
Did Jane Austen Die of Arsenic Poisoning?
Does breastfeeding prevent breast cancer?
Does sugar feed cancer cells?
Drought and forest loss cause vicious circle in the Amazon
Earth's atmosphere was toxic with a thick fog of methane
Environmental Causes of Cancer and How You Can Avoid Them
Estimates of emissions from natural gas-fueled plants much too low, study finds
Every eight minutes, a baby is injured using a nursery product
Exercise levels decline 'long before adolescence'
Expert - 60% of pro-Obamacare comments are posted by paid trolls
Exploring associations between prenatal solvent exposures and teenage drug and alcohol use
Exposure to flame retardants may increase aggressive behavior in children
Exposure to organophosphorus pesticides in Norwegian mothers and their children
Exxon, Peabody Coal Lobby for Bill Poised to Load EPA Science Board With Polluters
Facebook says its data can't be used for 'surveillance'
Fast-Setting Hydrogel Helps Re-Attach Rabbit Retinas
Fecal Transplants May Normalize Blood Sugar
Female soccer players suffer the most concussions in high school sports
Fish oil supplements ONLY work if you have heart failure
For kids with autism, shifting to Daylight Saving Time is time of angst
Generalized Anxiety Disorder Linked With Inflammation, Unbalanced Immune System
Harvesting rainwater on a budget
Hate daylight saving time? You may have a point, researchers say
Herbs can be used to treat anxiety naturally
High cholesterol levels linked with rotator cuff surgery failure
High-fat diet supremely bad for your heart
High-intensity aerobic training may help reverse ageing
How Blueberries May Help Improve Brain Function
How diet can impact headaches
How Dieting During Pregnancy Can Increase The Risk Of Having Babies Who Develop Schizophrenia
How does the immune system know friend from foe in gut bacteria?
How dogs could detect BOWEL cancer
How Earth turned into a 'snowball' 717 million years ago
How Much Europe Can Europe Tolerate?
How prebiotics and probiotics can boost your health
Humans may learn to survive climate change
Ice age thermostat prevented extreme climate cooling
Increased risk of postop infection when surgery closely follows epidural steroid injection
Into the Woods - A Path Through Anxiety
Iodine and Selenium Intakes of Postmenopausal Women in New Zealand
Is the Anti-Candida Diet the Secret to Gut Health?
Is Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Critical Illness?
Japan's tobacco lobby fires up as government pushes ahead with tougher smoking laws
Judge Rejects Monsanto Bid To Block Herbicide From California Cancer List
Keep stocked up on B vitamins if you live in a city
Kiwi fruits are great for boosting your immunity
Leisure-time physical activity is related to cartilage health and quality health in knee osteoarthritis
Lethal Opiates Delivered By Mail From China, Killing Addicts In The U.S.
Losing weight for older people 'should raise alarm bells'
Louisiana wetlands struggling with sea-level rise 4 times the global average
Major research project provides new clues to schizophrenia
Mayo Clinic discovers high-intensity aerobic training can reverse aging processes in adults
Medication to treat anxiety, depression may reduce hip, knee replacement revision risk
Mediterranean Diet May Reduce Pain Caused by Obesity
Meet the poisoners - Industry shills who are paid to poison the planet in the name of profit, not science
Men face greater risk of death following osteoporosis-related fractures
Mexican solar steam project wins funding
Mold on corn can cause liver cancer
Mom’s exposure to toxic chemicals shows up in newborn
Mushroom Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Potatoes With Smashed Avocado [Vegan, Gluten-Free]
New Campaign Wants You to ‘Stop Sucking’ and Save Marine Animals From Plastic Straws
Noninvasive imaging helps predict heart attacks
Novel Technique Helps Diagnose Swimming-Induced Respiratory Condition
Nurses who administer cancer drugs could be at risk of developing health problems
Oxytocin - The Sweet Hormone?
Pain in the neck - Engineers use CRISPR technology to prevent tissue damage, resulting chronic pain
Paralysis inspires MS discovery
Parental origin may alter gene copies' expression in brain
Parents are 'morally outraged' about those who go childless, study finds
People not as nice as they think, say psychologists
People see black men as bigger and more threatening
People with dementia 'failed' by deprivation of liberty law
Phage therapy shown to kill drug-resistant superbug
Power of shared pain triggers extreme self-sacrifice
Racism-induced stress linked with high black infant mortality rates
Replacing farms with fish farms - The odd solution to both hunger and climate change
Researchers Have Found a „Reset Button” for Aging Cells
Roslyn Neely - Laughter the best medicine for hospital kids
Roundup's active ingredient facing wave of legal challenges as alleged carcinogen
Rubbing good bacteria into your skin prevents acne
Scientists get the green light to resurrect the dead with stem cells
Scottish children are becoming couch potatoes - by age seven
Simple exercises for joint pain relief
Spirituality and ‘Mental Illness’
Study Indicates Promising New Approach to Prevent and Treat Cholesterol Gallstones
Study Questions Benefits of Long-Term Use of ADHD Medications
Surprising number of children are drinking this toxic household product... is your child safe?
Synthetic cannabis encourages students to try heroin
The Dangerous Path - Big Money’s Plan to Shred the Constitution
The Pesticide Lobby's ‘Alternative Facts’ About EWG’s Shopper’s Guide
The tiny magnets covered in sugar that could be used to help spot if a cancer has spread
The Trump administration really doesn’t want this climate lawsuit to go to trial
The Vaccine Myth An Issue of Trust
This device may pull water out of thin air, but not as well as we hoped
This Movement is Helping Factory Farm Animals By Exposing Their Suffering for the World to See
Tobacco company files suit against Health Ministry
Touch-based treatment helps people with Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD)
Trump to Nominate Big Pharma Ally Scott Gottlieb to Lead FDA
Trump's FDA pick faces questions over drug-industry ties
Trumpcare could cost 24 million people their insurance, government analysis finds
University of Birmingham study finds new class of androgens play key role in polycystic ovary syndrome
Unlocking the Power of African Soil Microbes
Vessel damage may precede diabetic eye disease
Vitamin A, the common cold and infection
Washington Says Monsanto PCB Suit Belongs In State Court
When fainting is a sign that you've got a dicky heartbeat
Why Losing a Dog Can Be Harder Than Losing a Relative or Friend
Wildlife trafficking and organised crime link examined in new BIOSEC project
Yes, you should stretch — but not the way you think
Your Coffee May Be Masking A Serious Medical Condition And Here Is How To Reverse It

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