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De alternatieve timeline - 14 maart 2017

NL - 10 redenen waarom je voldoende seks moet hebben
NL - Aanvalsplan tegen seksueel ongewenst gedrag
NL - App helpt Afrikaanse boeren meer regenwater op te vangen
NL - Beleid om wilde ganzen te verjagen 'is mislukt'
NL - Bij gemeenten zijn in het laatste halfjaar van 2016 in totaal zes klokkenluiderszaken voorgekomen
NL - Consumenten de dupe van slimme meter
NL - De avocado heeft alles mee
NL - De kracht van een koolhydraatarm voedingspatroon
NL - Halfnaakte dierenactivisten overgieten zichzelf met vals bloed tegen stierengevechten
NL - Hoe je met een ui in je sok je gezondheid kunt verbeteren
NL - Hoop moet terug in het klimaatdebat
NL - Je maakt minder rekenfouten na een flesje beetroot
NL - Je verandert de wereld niet door te doen wat je wordt gezegd
NL - Nanodeeltjes vervuilen vaccins
NL - Narcolepsie - Overmatig slaperig & verlies controle ledematen
NL - Nederland is binnenkort een groot drijvend zonnepark rijker
NL - Nederlanders verknocht aan stukje vlees
NL - Nog steeds vergunningen voor ontbossing meest kwetsbare waardevolle bossen
NL - Nog één keer De Pers
NL - Ook meerderjarigen moeten op jeugdhulp kunnen rekenen
NL - Ouderen langer gezond met duurzame voeding en natuur
NL - Privégegevens duizenden Britse zorgmedewerkers gestolen
NL - Slaapproblemen? Deze voeding zit bomvol melatonine!
NL - Stemmingswisselingen over hormoonverstorende stoffen
NL - The Pollinators is een nieuw platform op het gebied van biodiversiteit, bestuiving en bijen
NL - Tips om uit je internet bubbel te komen
NL - Vitamine B12 - supplementen net zo effectief als beter dan injecties
NL - Volgens staatssecretaris Dekker kan pesten nooit volledig worden uitgebannen
NL - Waarom is milieu & gezondheid in Nederland geen verkiezingsthema?
NL - Wetenschappers - “Sluit buggy’s af tegen luchtvervuiling”
NL - Zee-ijs op Antarctica kleurt groen
NL - Zeldzame ziekten - uitdagingen en evoluties
NL - Ziekenhuisvloeren vormen een groter gezondheidsrisico dan aangenomen

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Video - Animal rights activists protest bullfighting in Valencia
Video - Asthma and Allergies in Urban Schools and Community Environments
Video - Benefits of Ginger for Menstrual Cramps
Video - Can I Eat Hummus on a Ketogenic Diet?
Video - Can people with MTHFR use the Ketogenic Diet?
Video - De B van Plan B staat ook voor de Bescherming van Bijen
Video - De kanarie in de kolenmijn
Video - Does Fungus Cause Alzheimer’s Disease? - Know The Cause
Video - How to Meditate for Stress Relief
Video - Insomnia, Depression & Anxiety
Video - Restricting exposure to mercury - Julia Reid MEP
Video - The goal of the mainstream media is to DESTROY human knowledge
Video - The Silent Medical War Against the American People
Video - UN Whistle-blower - Rape and Racism Against Whites in United Nations
Video - We hebben het stressniveau van een vis
Video - Zijn medicijnen altijd de oplossing?



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2 Healthier Alternatives to Cheese for Your Kitchen
20 million family members directly dependent on cocoa for their livelihoods
35 cases so far of 'Candida auris' yeast infection, which is drug-resistant
4 Reasons You Should Be Spending Time In The Sun Every Day
500,000 miners exposed to mercury, study shows
A blood test can tell if your body clock is screwed up
Acupuncture linked with lower risk of CHD in patients with fibromyalgia
After Fukushima disaster, Japanese mothers don lab coats to measure radiation
America's sugar industry has been on "welfare" for far too long
Animal rights lawyer argues for chimpanzees to have rights
Another Sign Just Came in That Tar Sands Operations Are on Life Support
Anti-aging effect of interval exercise we all need to know about
Antibiotics may help with intense back pain
Are Bad Diets Causing a Bowel Cancer Crisis Among Millennials?
Big Pharma Owns The Corporate Media, But Americans Are Waking Up And Fighting Back
Breast Cancer Cells Disguise Themselves as 'Friends' to Enter Brain, Study Finds
Bullying in childhood linked to chronic disease risk in adults
Cauliflower Lentil Burger [Vegan, Gluten-Free]
Ceramides Can Predict Who Will Develop Heart Disease, Study Finds
Chronic sinus disease, depression lead to less productivity
Danish study confirms brain haemorrhage risk associated with anticoagulation
Depression, alcohol, and marijuana linked to later use of synthetic marijuana among teens
Diabetes risk could be INCREASED by following THIS ‘healthy’ diet
Diet High on Soft Drinks, Low on Veggies May Put Teens at Risk Later
Effect of Spirulina platensis ingestion on the abnormal biochemical and oxidative stress parameters in the pancreas and liver of alloxan-induced diabetic rats
Environmentally friendly, almost electricity-free solar cooling - also serves as a heat pump
Facebook's "fake news" crackdown is a deliberate attempt to destroy the independent media
Few teens receive effective treatment for opioid addiction
Fish and mercury - Detailed consumption advisories would better serve women across U.S.
He does not want people to call this monstrosity „Trumpcare
How junk food packaging tricks you into ditching your diet
How to put your baby to sleep safely
In Ghana 66% of the children (< 5 years) and 42% of women have anaemia
Lesbians 'told they did not need cervical screening'
Losing weight could be sign of malnutrition in older people
Many Women Still Drink Alcohol When Trying to Get Pregnant
Media multitasking linked to distractibility among youth
Menopause and joint pain - What is the connection?
More great white sharks appear to be visiting off Cape Cod
MRI scans can help spot HIV in the brain
Mystery brain particles may link head injuries to dementia
Never before seen images of early stage Alzheimer’s disease
No, despite the propaganda, Fukushima nuclear clean-up not under control
Norway's wealth fund may blacklist firms over emissions, corruption risk
Nursery product-related injuries on the rise among young children
Our complacency will be paid for in full with children's lives warns Indigenous health care advocate
Poisoned - Toxic head lice treatment linked to alterations in behavior
Pollution is killing our wild flowers
Positive - China's solar power capacity more than doubles in 2016
Post-partum psychosis
Radiation Spikes At Fukushima
Red raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) intake decreases oxidative stress in obese diabetic (db/db) mice
Scientists create 'Trojan horse' molecule meant to fight fungus linked to cancer
Scientists map seawater threat to California Central Coast aquifers
Scientists race to prevent wipeout of world's coral reefs
Scottish sex offenders could be chemically castrated
Sex hormones and acne
Shocking Video Shows What Happens to Dolphins After Being Captured in Infamous Taiji Cove
SICKO - California State Sen. Richard Pan caught on video LYING about aborted human fetal cell tissue used in vaccines
Six years after Fukushima - women and children still suffer most
Stressed out by Finances? Maybe You're Suffering from Acute Financial Stress
Sugar Does Rot Your Brain After All - Scientists Connect to Alzheimer's
Tackling depression by changing the way you think
The dogs trained to spot cancer
The evidence base for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) what can we believe?
The Role of Photodynamic Therapy in Acne
The Science of Carbon Dioxide and Climate
This supermarket is using food waste to power its delivery trucks
Understanding the role of Propionibacterium acnes in acne vulgaris
Using hormonal contraceptives may up breast cancer risk
Vicious circle of drought and forest loss in the Amazon
Video captures moment plastic enters food chain
Vitamin C and Trolox decrease oxidative stress and hemolysis in cold-stored human red blood cells
Want to live longer? Eat spicy food
What Is the Deep State and Why Is It After Trump?
Why women can't resist men sporting bushy beards
Women who dye their hair 'raise the risk of breast cancer by nearly 25 per cent'
Yogurt holds promise to help treat depression

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