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Ben je het ook zat dat anderen bepalen welk nieuws echt of nep is of welk nieuws je lezen mag ? Dan is er nu 6 dagen per week de alternatieve timeline met links naar interessant nieuws uit zowel de alternatieve als mainstream media. Wil je ook de dagelijkse updates volgen dan kun je nu abonneren op de dagelijkse emails.


Nederlandstalige nieuwtjes

NL - Bezorgde bewoners beleggen demonstratie tegen fracken Pieterzijl
NL - De mens is slaaf geworden van de klok
NL - De week van autisme
NL - Depressie centraal op Wereldgezondheidsdag
NL - Deze tien voedingsmiddelen zijn minder gezond dan je zou denken
NL - Dierenmishandelaar is kindermishandelaar
NL - Eindeloos Ouderschap
NL - Er kunnen allerlei redenen zijn waarom je Facebook meer privé wilt gaan gebruiken
NL - Europa dreigt Bangladesh met stopzetten textielimport
NL - Europarlementsleden bezorgd over onze privacybescherming in VS
NL - Eén op de acht dierenmishandelaars is een vrouw
NL - Geld verdienen met oude pillen
NL - H&M gaat kleren maken van koeienmest
NL - Heeft protesteren tegen fracken zin?
NL - Heyendael Manifest - laat zorgstelsel zoals het is
NL - Hinderlijke zendmast voor Haarlemse flat eindelijk weggehaald
NL - Hoe houden we onkruidrijst van de plantages?
NL - In de knel tussen ideaal en bezuiniging
NL - Kinderen beter af bij de kinderopvang of ouders?
NL - Lucht in scooterstad Amsterdam is amper schoner
NL - Meer aandacht nodig voor denkstoornissen bij jongeren met autisme
NL - Misplaatst klimaatcatastrofisme
NL - Mysterieuze ziekte treft honderden vluchtelingenkinderen in Zweden
NL - Nederlandse twintigers lopen meeste risico op soa of hiv
NL - Nee het was geen 1 april-grap
NL - Ouders met kleine kinderen zijn vaker ziek
NL - Primeur voor Kameroen - internetvluchtelingen
NL - Schillenboer langs de huizen! SGP Vlissingen wil dat wel
NL - Vervuild grondwater drinken is met een rietje geen probleem
NL - Verwarde mensen vaker slachtoffer dan dader
NL - Voicemail aan Edith Schippers - betere zorg bij ziekte van Lyme
NL - Werk voor 100 man in fabriek zonnepanelen Noord-Groningen
NL - Woede over tentakels van NAM
NL - Zelfregulerend leren in de geneeskunde

TV - De schatkamer van de Veluwe

Natuurdocumentaire van Ruben Smit over de (voor velen onbekende)
spectaculaire natuur op de Hoge Veluwe.

Naar de uitzending


Video - 7 Big Flares Means No Sleepy Sun Yet
Video - Are Vaccines Being Used To Create A "Delta" Working Class?
Video - Are You Suffering from Hypothyroidism Symptoms?
Video - Autism and Beyond- Neurodiversity
Video - Bijensterfte in Noord-Nederland schrikt imkers op
Video - Can I Eat Popcorn Ever Again?
Video - China launches yearlong investigation into air pollution sources
Video - Detecting Autism at 6-12 Months- CAR's Dr. Robert Schultz
Video - Earth/Jupiter Align at Passover/Solar Flare/Quake Watch
Video - EPA Caught Experimenting on Sick & Elderly
Video - EPA's Pruitt Refuses to Ban Dangerous Pesticide Despite Agency's Findings
Video - Get to know yourself - Mindfulness and Meditation
Video - Hormone Drugs For Prostate Cancer May Hurt Your Heart
Video - How to Neutralize Radiation and Chemtrails From the Sky
Video - In de toekomst veel meer turbulentie door klimaatverandering
Video - Is Humanity Naturally Good? Richard Dawkins's Selfish Gene
Video - Julie Schiffman Demonstrates EFT, Tapping for Inflammation in the Body
Video - Longarts en hoogleraar Marjolein Drent wil graag in gesprek met het UWV
Video - Longarts Marjolein Drent laat zien wat sarcoïdose met je doet
Video - Marian Zegwaard - Duurzame thuisbehandeling in de GGZ
Video - Orgone Energy -- A breakthrough that has already happened
Video - Staatspropaganda - mega-experimenten met het klimaat
Video - Tackling Heartburn and Yeast Overgrowth
Video - This DIY Magnesium Balm Will Help You to Never Suffer from Insomnia Again
Video - Valentine Berning - Maak jezelf niet langer klein!



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Internationaal nieuws

A Fasting Diet Could Reverse Diabetes & Repair The Pancreas, New Research Shows
A healthy environment means healthy citizens and a more vibrant EU
A man became infected with a pig's bacteria
Active Compound From Sleep-Inducing Herb Isolated
Aging beta cells could indicate type 2 diabetes risk
Aging may be slowed with the natural compound rapamycin
Almost half of US adults infected with genital HPV
Antarctic ice reveals Earth's accelerating plant growth
Are flu vaccines racially targeted? Heightened inflammatory response measured in blacks
Are Men with a Family History of Prostate Cancer Eligible for Active Surveillance?
Are Moms With Mental Health Issues Bad Parents?
Artificial placenta could save tiniest premature babies
Association between air pollution and mammographic breast density in the Breast Cancer
Attitudes Vary Across Groups Regarding Meal Choice in Restaurants
Atypical form of chronic fatigue syndrome documented
Being tall may triple your heart failure risk
Big women have nearly threefold greater risk of atrial fibrillation
California scientists are working on an acne vaccine
Cannabimimetic phytochemicals in the diet
Cardiologist Warns Against Dissolvable Stents in NEJM
CD38 gene is identified to be important in postnatal development of the cerebral cortex
Childhood Antibiotic Use Could Lead To Autoimmune Disease In Adulthood
Children with autism struggle to read facial expressions
Children with good education get on with parents
Chinese medicine herb discovered to prevent tuberculosis infections
Climate change make aircraft turbulence three times worse
Coeliac disease could be triggered by catching a virus, research finds
Could the key to losing weight be lots of snacks?
Court backs California fees for polluters who exceed limits
Deep sleep may act as fountain of youth in old age
Do probiotics help with seasonal allergies?
Does Indoor Chemical Exposure Cause Atopic Dermatitis?
Eat this vegetable to help your bladder
Environmental and Ergonomic Ideas to Stay Healthy in The Office
EPA to cut programs that keep children safe from lead
Farms could slash pesticide use without losses, research reveals
Foods that lower triglycerides naturally
Forbes.com is a huge publisher of extremist content that supports chemical violence against children
Forest Therapy Helps Improve Side Effects of Breast Cancer Therapy
From Syria to Monsanto - A Moribund System of Deceit and Destruction
Gene mutation that makes you a night owl
Genetically Modified Cells Just Cured Two Babies of Leukemia
Great apes can help humans complete puzzles
High dose dietary vitamin D3 increases bone mass and strength in mice
High-intensity Interval Training Rapidly Improves Diabetics' Glucose Metabolism
Hospital parking 'unreasonably stressful', says RAC
How The Dengue Virus Opens Up To Human Hosts
How to reverse your high blood pressure with food
Intensifying sun and increased CO2 a 'double-whammy' for climate change
Is Coconut Sugar Better Than Other Sugar?
Is THIS how memories are stored in the brain?
Joylux wand strengthens pelvic floor for better ORGASMS
Law would allow children to be Canadian citizens separately from parents
Leptin Improves Sperm Cryopreservation via Antioxidant Defense
Leukemia cancer cells inhibited by olive leaf extract, according to new studies
Low-calorie sweeteners and diet soda can make you FAT
Money to burn - As the wealthy get wealthier, carbon emissions grow in US states
Olive oil, nuts and avocado can help you live forever
Parental smoking linked to genetic changes in kids with cancer
Plant-based Diet Is The Preferred Choice For Diabetics According To Science
Probiotics may reduce risk of gestational diabetes
Quack scientists now claim global warming, not processed food, causes diabetes
Researchers develop a lab-scale prototype for the treatment of skin tumors
Residents go online to show how alcohol impacts communities
Risk of Postpartum Hospital Admissions Doubles for Women with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Rules of memory 'beautifully' rewritten
Scientists uncover isotopic fingerprint of N2O emissions from Arctic tundra
Study Shows that Magnetic Brain Therapy Can Improve Memory And Effect Consciousness
The Unexpected Link Between Bedtime, Diabetes, and Depression
The weed killer atrazine may be harming your health
This court just ruled Coca-Cola products are POISON
To what extent are the French exposed to glyphosate - the world's best-selling herbicide?
Trendy juice-only crash diets are ruining women's health
UN experts denounce 'myth' pesticides are necessary to feed the world
USDA scrubs plan to test foods for dangerous levels of Monsanto's glyphosate
Vaping shops selling to non-smokers
When Modern Medicine Made Me More Autistic
Yo-yo dieting could increase risk of heart attacks
Yoga to embrace the sun
You spy with your little eye – dogs can adopt the perspective of humans



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