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Darmbacteriën die ‘praten’ met menselijke cellen kunnen leiden tot nieuwe behandelingen
Zwaarlijvige mensen hebben geen cellen met verzadigingshormonen

Nederlandstalig nieuws

Actuele stand van zaken GenX in water
Allergisch voor alles
Analyse van de veronderstelde relatie tussen autisme en delinquentie
Antwoorden Kamervragen over het falen van het kinderpardon
Antwoorden Kamervragen over het gescheiden uitzetten van ouders en kinderen
Belgie legt CETA-verdrag voor aan Europees hof
Bijdrage Lammert van Raan 'dertigledendebat over opwarming steden'
Conflict in Syrië, vluchtelingencrisis en klimaatverandering (onze schuld!)
Debataanvraag Esther over stalbranden
Duurzaam boeren met aquaponics niet rendabel in Nederland
Ecotunnel in Lauwersmeer maakt leven van otter veiliger
Een moderne slavenmarkt op Facebook
Een op de drie bijstandsgerechtigden ontvangt psychische zorg
Eigen risico zorg gaat volgend jaar omhoog
Ethiopië telt bijna 600.000 vergeten vluchtelingen
Experts kritisch op chemiebedrijf Chemours
Facebook wil muziekindustrie miljoenen dollar betalen
Fouten bij ontslag zorgbestuurder Guus Bruins kosten Treant 400.000 euro
Lange mensen lopen meer risico op trombose
Martijn heeft last van een bromtoon
Meer slaap kan je relatie redden
Mest omgezet in groen gas en koolstof, zonder schadelijke uitstoot
Muziek kan menselijke tastzin beïnvloeden
Onze planeet was in de middeleeuwen warmer
Orthopeed voorwaardelijk geschorst na mislukte operatie op collega
Ouders gehandicapten - risico's zorg op afstand
Steven van Eijck denkt dat de waterstofauto veel voordelen heeft
Stichting De Friesland heeft nog 6 miljoen euro voor projecten die de zorg vernieuwen
Streng rookbeleid verbetert gezondheid kinderen
Telomeren en ouderdom l Van DNA to Z
UMCG wil drama’s met depressiepil voorkomen
Veel scholieren hebben last van schoolstress
Vitamine C voor weerstand en herstel van fanatieke sporters
Voorlopige toepassing CETA start op 21 september 2017
Waar blijft de Europese burger-lobbyist?
Waarom gaat het eigen risico in 2018 omhoog?
Ziekenhuis gooit hartbeelden 364 kinderen weg
Zika, een wapen tegen een kwaadaardige hersentumor?
Zitten is het nieuwe roken
Zorgverzekeraars maken afgelopen vijf jaar 5 miljard winst

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Alternatieve TV

'An Inconvenient Lie' - A Series of Global Warming Talks By Top Scientists, Researchers, Journalists
Attenborough Says Boo To A Sloth - Life Of Mammals
Beating the Sugar Blues! - Ann Louise Gittleman
Class and Race Profiling in the Vaccine Culture War
Climate Justice in the Age of Trump
Death of a Child | Trailer
Depression & Food Toxins - Know The Cause
Dietary Cure for Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Dog paralyzed from BB gun determined to live active life
Embracing Negative Feelings May Make You Happier
EPA to Ban Agricultural Chemical Linked to Crop Damage
Gene Linked to Brain Damage in Premature Infants
GMOs Fed to Livestock–What This Farmer Saw!

How The Dinosaurs Died
How to Relieve Peripheral Neuropathy
Inflammation, Valley Fever - Know The Cause
Ivory trade
Juicing - Is It Actually Healthy?
Later School Start Times Healthier For Older Students
Learn How to Optimize Your Brain Function
Make Natural Viagra at Home with Only 2 Foods
Michio Kaku - How to Cure Aging

muziek Grandyzer - Ascendant
NASA, NOAA, GISS, IPCC Data proves Modern Temperatures are Not Unusual
Raw Vegan Cooking - Cucumber Pizza
Repairing Metabolic Damage from Anorexia & Bulimia
Taking Minerals Yet Still Have Leg Cramps?
The Amazing Brain Symposium
The essence of democracy is that you can sack your government - Gerard Batten MEP
This Popular Herbal Supplement Could Interfere With Many Medications
This Precision Weed Cooker Helps You Make Edibles in a Flash


Internationaal nieuws

5 vegan recipes that will boost your vitamin C levels naturally
Antidepressants found to drastically increase head injuries among Alzheimer's patients
Aspirin-like pain reliever diflunisal blocks hearing protein
Association of Long-Term Exposure to Transportation Noise and Traffic-Related Air Pollution with the Incidence of Diabetes
Babies were given a trial TB vaccine 'that did not work on monkeys by Oxford University scientists'
Beedie study - being a workaholic is ok if you love the job
Beeswax could help with stress and sleep problems
Bone Marrow Models to Study Blood and Musculoskeletal Disorders
Chemical companies have already released 1 million pounds of extra air pollutants
Childhood Socioeconomic Status Associated with Arterial Stiffness in Adulthood
Chronic Isolation Risk for Fibro – Part 2
Cloud formation suppressed by biogenic organic emissions
Congress Could Cut Soda and Candy from SNAP, but Big Sugar is Pushing Back
Conjugated linoleic acid prevents age-induced bone loss in mice
Could switchgrass help China’s air quality?
Deforestation long overlooked as contributor to climate change
Eat fish while pregnant to protect kids from schizophrenia
EU investigates Bayer’s Monsanto takeover plan
Factory Farming Is Sweeping the U.K.
Federal judge orders EPA to act on Delaware air pollution
Fentanyl - The silent killer creeping into Australia
Food crops produce more output when they have healthy soil microbes, research confirms... yet glyphosate kills soil life
Gene linked to brain damage in premature infants
Gene related to brain damage in pre-term infants identified
Girl dies from malaria in Italy leaving doctors baffled
Heart disease is more likely if you stand at work
Heparin stimulates food intake and body weight gain in mice
How Beyoncé and other celebrities transformed veganism into a trendy diet
How Thyroid Hormone Prods Red Blood Cell Production
Hudson River Dumps 300 Million Microfibers Into Atlantic Ocean Daily
Lecithin - Benefits, risks, and types
New insights into the vitamin D requirements during pregnancy
Northern lights are linked to North Sea whale strandings
On a quest to improve treatments for inflammatory bowel disease
Painkiller side effects - THIS common drug could affect your muscles
People Felt Less Stressed And Distracted After 24 Hours Without Phone Notifications
People who view sexually explicit material at a young age are more likely to engage in sexual behaviour at an earlier age
Plastic is in more than 80% of tap water around the world
Pollution levels in Bolivia plummet on nationwide car-free day
Prenatal Exposure to Mercury
Prenatal Serum Concentrations of Brominated Flame Retardants and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Quebec journalist quits chemo, sparking storm of controversy
Relationship Problems? Try Getting More Sleep
Report highlights farm manure pollution in four PA counties
Researchers show just how effective manuka honey is in healing wounds
Seven of 28 EU states give feedback on glyphosate plan
Should vegans eat palm oil?
Simply injecting manure into soil dramatically reduces estrogen pollution
Solar storms cause sperm whales to beach in North Sea, study suggests
Solar storms set to spark the Northern Lights tonight
Spotting risky behaviour crucial in cutting road accidents
Study finds vitamin D deficiency increases with age
Sugar? At your own risk
Swapping soft drinks for tea can save your child’s teeth
Swings in dad's testosterone affects the family -- for better or worse -- after baby arrives
The company behind America's opioid epidemic pleaded guilty to felony crimes a decade ago, yet is still allowed to sell products across America
The Guardian view on veganism - high in moral fibre | Editorial
The Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Fields Explained
The Strange Connection Between Vision Loss and Alzheimer’s
Three medicinal herbs native to Saudi Arabia discovered to hold powerful anti-cancer properties
UCLA biologists slow aging, extend lifespan of fruit flies
Urinary BPA and Phthalate Metabolite Concentrations and Plasma Vitamin D Levels in Pregnant Women
Vitamin B12 Fuels Microbial Growth
White kids are often prescribed antibiotics unnecessarily
Why apes' abilities have been misunderstood for decades
Why people believe in conspiracy theories – and how to change their minds
Why the "Universal Basic Income" is actually Universal Basic WELFARE for the enslaved masses
Yoga and meditation improve brain function and energy levels



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