Nieuws en videos 3 januari 2017

Nationale media

NL - Afvallen met nopal door glycemische index laag te houden
NL - Alle ontwikkelingslanden moeten zelfredzaam worden, zonder Westerse hulp
NL - Betaal het zonnepaneel van een ander en krijg zelf lagere energiefactuur
NL - Biologische wijn scoort beter op smaak dan 'gewone' wijn
NL - Chlamydia - Bacteriële infectie met symptomen aan genitaliën
NL - COA-medewerkers Ter Apel ziek - vervuiling?
NL - Column ALS Mariska van Gennep
NL - De farmakleutische crisis
NL - Druktemaker Ronald Giphart
NL - Groene Genen
NL - Hartproblemen als bijwerking van chemotherapie nemen toe
NL - Het groene dieet
NL - Het jaar van het referendum
NL - In 2011 noemde dit nog "Bullshit van Haesbrouck"
NL - Is dit warmtegevoelige implantaat de oplossing voor erectiestoornissen?
NL - Japanners werken aan windmolen die ook tijdens een orkaan kan draaien
NL - Kinderen gehandicapt door medicijn tegen epilepsie
NL - Nieuwjaar, de dag van de gemeenschap
NL - Obesitas bij ouders gelinkt aan vertraagde ontwikkeling kind
NL - Regering verzwakt sociale zekerheid op gevaarlijke manier
NL - Snel meer banen door groenere belasting
NL - Sociale media in de ban
NL - Sociale partners moeten meer mensen aan het werk krijgen
NL - Toch luis in de pels voor decentralisaties
NL - Traumachirurgen melden minder maar ernstiger letsel door vuurwerk
NL - Welvaartsziekten voorkomen met een plantaardig dieet
NL - Wist je dat metaalresten uit vuurwerkafval ons bodem- en oppervlaktewater vervuilen?
NL - Zie energietransitie vooral als een kans en versnel het proces daarom
NL - Zonnepanelen leveren alleen maar 's nachts stroom?

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Nieuwe videos

Video - Aubrey de Grey - Turning Back the Aging Clock
Video - Choking smog begins to clear in China
Video - De Syrische tandarts die 40.000 levens moet redden
Video - Dr. John McDougall Discusses Arthritis, Webinar
Video - Dr. Kieron Rooney & Annaleise Reeves - 'Does What We Eat Influence How We Burn Fat?'
Video - Gift im Spielzeug - Die unsichtbare Gefahr
Video - Is Autism Just the Start of This Disastrous Practice?!
Video - Keer Diabetes2 Om - Afl.4 Laat je goed begeleiden
Video - Praktijkvoorbeeld van phishing
Video - Vitamin D for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Video - We hebben 30 jaar te lang op Amerika geleund; Sahar Afzal en Hans Hillen
Video - What Part Do Toxins Play in the Cancer Equation? - Dr. David Jockers
Video - ‘Save our Souls, Mama!’ Creating loving homes for abandoned children (RT Documentary)

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Internationaal nieuws

6 illnesses you never knew were caused by stress - and how to beat them
Alcohol abuse increases risk of heart conditions as much as other risk factors
America’s ineffective white elephant Blue Ribbon Commission on nuclear wastes
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect of modified Bazhengsan in a rat model of chronic bacterial prostatitis
Are eastern US forests due for a fire?
Are you hallucinating right now?
Are you throwing away food that's still safe to eat?
Arthritis could get worse as humans continue to evolve, according to Oxford University study
Babies exposed to stimulation get brain boost
Baby hearts need rhythm to grow the right way
Beer drinking can offer benefits for cholesterol, heart health
Bernie Sanders Warns That Corporate Media Threatens Democracy
Bio-Product Targeting Deadly Toxin Holds Hope for Africa’s Food
Britain's junk food obsession is causing increase in gallbladder ops, new stats reveal
Brussels Sprouts Curry [Vegan, Gluten-Free]
Can Being Obese Biochemically Stop You From Exercising?
Can Having a Pet Heal Your Mind and Body?
CDC corruption - Scientists on the inside slam the agency for selling out to corporate interests
Changes in the brain’s pain and posture-processing regions linked to undiagnosable long-term whiplash symptoms
Cheetahs Are Racing Toward Extinction
Chernobyl on the border of Ukraine and Belarus
China to Ban Smoking in Public
Cinnamon Doughnuts With Coffee and Vanilla Glaze [Vegan, Gluten-free]
Climate change a major health concern for VN
Company works to use 'computer vision' to help the visually impaired see
Consigned to the memory hole - the content of the DNC leaks
Coral Reefs Threatened By Climate Change, Studied From High Above
Could a Special Diet Replace Chemotherapy?
Defending the Rights of Fukushima Victims, Humanitarian and Environmental Crisis
Device harvests energy from your moving fingers
Eating walnuts daily may help lower risk of Alzheimer's disease or delay onset
Eight hours of sleep is key to being happy...but Britons only get six
Environmentalists protest hunting bison plan in Poland
EPA hid planned radiation exposure 1,000s of times Safe Drinking Water Act limits
Exit Obama in a Cloud of Disillusion, Delusion and Deceit
Extra weight gained over the festive period takes more than six months to shift
Facebook Causing Misery? Study Shows Excessive Social Media Usage Can Make Life Miserable
Growing pest resistance shows GM Bt crop technology not sustainable
Hair follicle stem cells hold clues to balding
Harvard May Have Pinpointed the Source of Human Consciousness
Heart Diseases Not Related To Saturated Fat
How chair yoga could become the go-to treatment for arthritis sufferers
How Dakota Pipeline Protest Became a Native American Cry for Justice
How to chip away the weight with a potato-only diet
Indonesia’s rich list stacked with palm oil billionaires
Indoor Plants Can Clean Your Air
Juicer machines are a threat to your waistline according to weight loss expert
Legalizing marijuana could make teens think it's harmless, study says
Living with Type 2 Diabetes - Is Stevia The Diabetic's Dream Sweetener
Losing Amazing rainforest would make Siberia colder
Louisiana’s Oil and Gas Industry Continues Growing Along the Coast It’s Helping Shrink
Low Vitamin D Can Increase Fibromyalgia Pain and Balance Problems
New Russian Hacks? No, Old Ukrainian Malware Found
New study finds consumption of fast food may cause asthma
NHS admits far too many preventable deaths still stem from medical mistakes
Norovirus at highest levels for five years
Obama’s Drone War - A Black Mark on his Legacy that cannot be Ignored
Obese fathers, not just overweight moms, may harm young children’s development
Olive oil, the mystical elixir and healthy additive
Parental obesity linked to delays in child development, NIH study suggests
Pedophilia Is Disgustingly Widespread Among Those In Positions of Power
Powerful earthquake hits nuclear power plant region in Japan
Primary school children make anti-smoking packaging
Quake swarm near the California-Mexico border gets scientists' attention
Reliving Agent Orange - Rethinking The Cost of the Vietnam War
Roasting coffee beans cuts the health benefits
Scientists discover the gene editing 'off-switch' that could protect against accidents or stop it from being used for harm
Secondhand smoke endangers pets, raises their risk of cancer
Self-reported mobile phone use and semen parameters among men from a fertility clinic
Seniors who help out with childcare 'tend to live longer'
Some driveway sealants create toxic muck in streams
Study provides new insights into fluctuations of wind energy, with implications for engineering and policy
Systematic ‘fake news’ Planted By Britain’s Intelligence Services
The Emergence of a New Dopamine Hypothesis of Schizophrenia
The link between what bosses are paid and a company's financial performance is "negligible", new research finds
There are dietary benefits to drinking more water
Timing vital for women at the gym as more muscle is built in first two weeks of menstrual cycle
Vitamin D and folic acid can help deal with depression
Washington Post can't stop faking the news
Washington Post retracts story about Russian hack at Vermont utility

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