Nieuws en videos 30 nov 2016

Nationale media

NL - 4 van de 10 mensen helpen anderen, tenminste een keer per maand
NL - Alkense gezinnen krijgen bijenvriendelijk plantje
NL - AMC-topman Marcel Levi - helft van de rokers sterft aan roken
NL - Australische arts ontdekt gevallen van scheurbuik
NL - Beantwoording Kamervragen over de giftige stoffen in rubbertegels
NL - Binnen atmosfeer slechter dan buitenlucht
Nl - Budgetvriendelijk koken - biologisch avondmaal
NL - Budgetvriendelijk koken - biologisch ontbijt
NL - Budgetvriendelijk koken - biologische lunch
NL - Carotenoďden voor een sterk geheugen
NL - Complotdenkers hebben ze goed op een rijtje
NL - De Hormonenlobby
NL - Deze smartphone heeft de minste straling van huidige vlaggenschepen
NL - Een gratis bril, kan dat?
NL - Een kap over de Tsjernobyl-ramp
NL - Emmen wacht onderzoek naar kunstgraskorrels van RIVM af
NL - Even zaad halen
NL - Focus van ADHD moet liggen op aandachtstekort
NL - GAIA brengt schokkende beelden van proefdierenleed naar buiten
NL - Gaia filmt undercover hoe proefdieren bij VUB mishandeld worden
NL - GroenLinks wil druk op België om Tihange
NL - Hoe durven ze nog? Belangrijk om te weten over methylfenidaat.
NL - Hoe kunnen we Europees geld scheppen dat wél ten goede komt aan de reële economie?
NL - Informatica vindt causaal verband ADHD-kenmerken
NL - Jan Rot - Op de bioboerderij
NL - Kansongelijkheid op middelbare school neemt laatste jaren toe
NL - Kantelen - Nederland doet het al eeuwen
NL - Lof screening darmkanker is voorbarig
NL - Medische inspectie slaat door met te strenge protocollen
NL - Meer controle op ondervoeding senioren
NL - Meer dan 60% van Nederland heeft geen vertrouwen meer in de landelijke en EU politiek, wat nu?
NL - Mestverwerking gaat het mestprobleem niet oplossen
NL - Milieucommissie pleit voor Europese markttoezicht nieuwe automodellen
NL - Monsanto’s bedrijfsgeheim-truc is voorbij
NL - Muziek en je brein
NL - Na 7 jaar vrijspraak pgb-fraude en diefstal
NL - Nazomergasten S01E06. Met Ancilla van de Leest
NL - Obamacare-criticus genoemd als minister van Gezondheid
NL - Papier van Groene Bijbel niet 'groen'
NL - Paul Smit studeerde af op ‘de evolutie van het menselijk bewustzijn’.
NL - Politie test elektrische motor
NL - President Oekraďne sjoemelt met corruptieregister
NL - Rechten van een dier
NL - Reimerswaal trekt 135.000 euro uit voor vervangen gifkorrels
NL - Speech Marianne Thieme tijdens het PvdD congres op 27 November 2016
NL - Staatssecretaris geschokt over undercoverfilm van GAIA
NL - Supermarkten stunten nog steeds met industrievarken
NL - Tweeduizend doden per jaar door inademen giftige stoffen op werk
NL - Zelfs klein glaasje alcohol schadelijk tijdens zwangerschap

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Internationale videos

Video - Apotheker ontwikkelt test chemo
Video - Does Casein in Milk Exposure Trigger Type 1 Diabetes?
Video - How brains, emotions and learning are conected | Mark Mieras
Video - IDFA 2016 | Trailer | Abandoned Land (Fuskischima)
Video - Lunch debate with National Parliaments on CETA
Video - Noam Chomsky - The Fierce Urgency Of Nuclear Zero
Video - Ocean Farming in the Climate Change Era
Video - Oceans for our generations | Asha De Vos
Video - People Assembly on ecocide and genocide by Dow /DuPont - Dr Vandana Shiva
Video - SEED - The Untold Story (Official Theatrical Trailer)
Video - Simple Low Carb Pie Crust
Video - The Media War Has Begun...What Side Are You On?
Video - There's a shortage of CO2 in the atmosphere for optimum plant growth - Stuart Agnew MEP
Video - Trailer | Plastic China
Video - What Happens When The Rainforests Are Gone?

Internationaal nieuws

9 Foods That Calm Your Nerves – and Mind
A change of heart
A dire climate warning for the Arctic
A Vegetarian Diet Doesn’t Hurt Athletes – In Fact, It Might Help
A Water War in Asia?
Acupuncture is a good natural remedy for hypertension
An ocean of water is found 620 miles below Earth's surface
Big Pharma and the government are suppressing marijuana's medicinal benefits
BMJ vitamin D research attacked 'un-nuanced', 'flawed', 'irresponsible'
Bullying rates remain higher for children with disabilities, even as they mature
Burnley primary school pupils in e-cigarettes exclusion warning
Can a jab of stem cells repair damage caused by a heart attack?
Canada sets in motion microbeads prohibition.
Cannabis drug reduces fits for almost half of those with severest epilepsy
Cardamonin helps treat breast cancer
China’s eco-warriors make last stand against Poyang Lake dam.
Critical environmental collapse - Hundreds of millions of trees are dying in North America
Curcumin helps fight glioblastoma
Dakota Access Contractor With Blackwater Ties Heads Protester Surveillance, Violence Escalates
Defining immortality of stem cells to identify novel anti-aging mechanisms
Depressed teenagers more likely to suffer from arthritis as they grow older, study finds
DNA linked to sugar cravings also leads to binge drinking, study finds
Does Hormonal Contraception Alleviate Premenstrual Symptoms?
Dolphins Inspire Leaping, Swimming Robot
Early intervention in brain inflammatory pathways may improve stroke recovery
Electro-acupuncture for disrupted sleep in women with breast cancer
Environmental justice - From the margins to the mainstream.
EPA Approves Dicamba-based Herbicide Designed for GMO Cotton and Soy
EPA's failure to regulate factory farm pollution draws new scrutiny.
Europe’s Secret Bailout
Experts reveal how excessive supplements can make your bones weak
Facebook Employees Are Quitting Because Users Are Being Censored
Fear and Smear - The "Vaccine Resistance" Playbook
FTC orders homeopathy product manufacturers to claim their products don't work
Gene discovered to cause rare, severe neurological disease
Genes, early environment sculpt the gut microbiome
Germany Seeks Strict Approvals Process for Gene-Edited Crops
Have You Ever Wondered Why Labels on Supplements are so Vague?
Health between 45 and 55 is the key to preventing heart failure
How Does the Gates Foundation Spend its Money to Feed the World?
How kids' brains respond to a late night up
How owning a pet can help improve your overall health
How that dreadful cold could actually be a SKIN INFECTION like cellulitis
How to avoid feeling depressed on Facebook
How to Make Your Poop More Eco-Friendly
How to Take Care of Your Thyroid on a Plant-Based Diet
How you really can tell a good person from bad just by their looks
Immune system influenced by social status, but access to resources not to blame
Immune system mechanisms -- the work of Dr. Jean-Sébastien Delisle recognized
Improving your posture could help reduce muscle pain, joint pain and headaches
Inflammatory Bowel Disease on the Rise
It's OK, you can talk about climate change
Lake ecologists see winter as a key scientific frontier
Life and death following Great Barrier Reef bleaching
Liver-brain pathway may regulate alcohol consumption
Many primary care doctors are reluctant to talk about medical errors, study finds
Mental health can be achieved naturally
Missed connections
Monsanto Supporters Admit Massive Fail over Glyphosate Report Criticism
My Baby, Psychosis & Me - A lesson in how not to make a documentary about mental health
Nanoparticles Get Passed Up The Food Chain
New alternatives to Twitter, Google, Facebook rapidly emerging
New finding about a protein that enables our brains and muscles to talk
NSW expert reveals why people wake up with an erection
Oil and Water - 11,700 Gulf oil spills since BP raise new fears.
One in five willing organ donors in Ontario have their wishes vetoed by family
Preventative antibiotics could prevent C. diff in transplant patients
Preventing heart failure risk factors in midlife substantially lowers risk
Prevention program safeguards children's brains from effects of poverty
Pro-Monsanto think tank helped funnel Republican money into the Hillary Clinton campaign
Program helps teens 'get the message' about distracted driving
Report highlights coffee's potential role in reducing cognitive decline
Researchers propose low-mass supernova triggered formation of solar system
Scientists say the 'exact opposite' of a Paleo diet looks like being the best for a longer life
Should You Try Curcumin for Psoriasis?
Smartphones are a pain in the neck for children, osteopath warns
Sometimes just watching hurts—and the signs of pain are seen in the brain
Stand Firm on Hormone Disruptors
Stem cells police themselves to reduce scarring, Stanford study finds
Study reveals lack of supporting evidence for claims about fertility treatments
Study reveals the widespread damage a late night does to children's brains
Taking a closer look at online social networking and depression
Tests may help spot brain damage after even mild concussions
Teva Pharm to market medical cannabis inhaler in Israel
Texas - Is medical freedom in jeopardy?
The Actual Reason Millennials Are The Poorest Generation Ever
The Benefits of Sulfur — Why You Need Epsom Salt, Broccoli and MSM
The Entire Mainstream Warmongering Media is Fake
The lasting legacy of a fighter for the Amazon.
The Standing Rock 'water protectors' vow to stay no matter what the government does.
The Surprising Ways Distraction Benefits Your Brain
Thwarting autoimmune diseases
USAID announces $4 million to solar start-ups for African off-grid energy
UTSW researchers' international study zeros in on gene that limits desire to drink alcohol
VirusDetect, a new bioinformatics pipeline for virus identification released
Washington Post has gone 'full conspiracy,' claiming any other media that tells the truth is working for the Kremlin
What Makes Memories Hyper Emotional
Why Is the FDA Allowing Harmful Pesticides in Our Food?
Why planting more trees is one of the smartest things a city can do.
Why Researchers Think Aspartame Is Making You Fat
With climate change, not all wildlife population shifts are predictable
Wives with a 'soul mate' view of marriage are less likely to volunteer, study finds
Young toddlers can tell when others hold false beliefs, study finds

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