Nieuws en videos 29 december 2016

Nationale media

NL - 52 nieuwe windturbines in 2016
NL - Artsen willen duidelijkheid over medische isotopen
NL - Bedrijf vervolgd omdat personeelslid zich dood werkte
NL - Daklozen hebben vaker last van slaaptekort
NL - De kanker is terug, maar Anne Marie gaat winnen van de tabaksmaffia
NL - Duitse minister - nepvlees mag geen schnitzel heten
NL - Duitse minister wil geen vleesnamen voor vegetarisch vlees
NL - Eten van tofoe kan sperma beschadigen
NL - Geen alcoholreclame op 4 jongerenzenders
NL - Het jaar van het wantrouwen
NL - Hoe milieutoxines ziek maken ?
NL - In 2016 zijn bijna 5500 datalekken gemeld bij de Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens
NL - Neanderthalers gebruikten miljoen jaar geleden al tandenstokers
NL - Nederland heeft er dit jaar 229 nieuwe windmolens bij gekregen
NL - Nieuw hoofdstuk in 'klaar met leven-discussie'
NL - Nieuwe behandeling herseninfarct mag in basispakket
NL - Obama opent aanval op persvrijheid met CPDA wet
NL - Olifanten vertrappelen drie dorpelingen in Nepal
NL - Ongemakkelijke waarheid - onze hersenen kunnen niet om met valse waarheden
NL - Ophef door beelden van Russische arbeiders die opzettelijk beer doodrijden
NL - Ouders van overleden Mees (4) - meer aandacht voor zorg in laatste levensfase
NL - Provincies in actie tegen afvalcrimineel
NL - RIVM waarschuwt voor smog tijdens miezerige jaarwisseling
NL - St. Antonius legt behandelingen stil na ivf-fout UMC Utrecht
NL - Veel animo voor duurzaam woonproject Almere
NL - Verplichte maatregelen voor Zorgcamping De Vlieger in Nieuweroord
NL - Vitamine D kan complicaties RS-virus voorkomen
NL - Volgend jaar is het helemaal voorbij met de hybride
NL - Vooral bij vuurwerk in het oog weten mensen niet wat te doen
NL - Waarom krijgen vogels geen koude voeten?
NL - Weidegang vermindert ammoniakuitstoot
NL - Wetenschappers eisen transparantie

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Nieuwe videos

Video - 15 Minute Morning Yoga — Gentle Vinyasa
Video - Are you eating enough fat?
Video - Bernie Sanders Warns About Dangers Of Corporate-Controlled Media
Video - Compound Found in Chinese Medicinal Herb Fights Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Video - Cryonics offers terminally ill a potential second chance of life
Video - Do Emotions Impact Our Health
Video - Dr. Bergman explains how all vaccines are now a liability free product
Video - Er heerst paniek binnen de elite van Amerika; Hajo Smit met Karel van Wolferen
Video - Het gaat op dit moment niet goed met hem - RTV Noord
Video - Hippocrates Vlog - The Benefits of Living Foods
Video - Hoe onderhoud je het gras van een zonnepanelenpark?
Video - How to Cure a Runny Nose? | In Good Shape
Video - Leo heeft nog maar 50 gram restafval per week. Afval scheiden is de oplossing.
Video - Meet the kids who think for themselves - BBC News
Video - Natural Remedies for Cataracts
Video - Omega-3s Showing More Heart Health Benefits!
Video - Palm oil and deforestation in Asia
Video - Princess Märtha Louise & Elisabeth Nordeng- We're moving to a Three Chakra System
Video - Republicans Want To Ban Filming, Photography On House Floor
Video - Schrikdraad geeft bijtgrage steenmarters optater
Video - Sweden launch taxi-pod to combat pollution
Video - When Radioactive Dust Lands On Your Skin
Video - Would Taxing Unhealthy Foods Improve Public Health?

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Internationaal nieuws

80% now 'overweight or drink too much' as they worry about children, parents or work
Alleged Perpetrator of Berlin Christmas Market Attack: Instrument of German Intelligence?
Amazon Echo Saves All Your Voice Data, Police Are Now Accessing It
Antibiotic resistance just became more complex
Astroturfing in Action
Blueberry research could help diabetes sufferers
Conservation agriculture leads to remarkable improvement in crop production and livelihood of farmers
Could a cooling mask help to combat toothache after dental surgery?
Cycling in bed is safe for ICU patients
Economics of forest biomass raise hurdles for rural development
Expert reveals the benefits of swimming in the ocean
Feeling Inferior Makes People Eat More
Fenofibrate may reduce heart disease risk in some patients with type 2 diabetes
Foot cramps - Easy ways to get foot pain relief
Germany Considers Fining Facebook $522,000 Per Fake News Item
Growing number of teachers absent with stress and anxiety
Hips hurting? It's because we evolved from walking on four legs to standing up
History Shows How Rare and Valuable Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press Are
Holistic doctor continues to be threatened over her alternative treatments - here's her message to government and Big Pharma
Homeless sleep less, more likely to have insomnia; sleep improvements needed
Idaho regulators shut down polluting gold mine as it dumps arsenic into Boise River
In Spain first, Madrid bans half of cars to fight smog
In Vermont, solar, batteries key energy revolution
Is this why women are more likely to get arthritis? Scientists have identified a 'master switch' gene that causes their immune system to attack itself
Is this why you take fewer risks as you get older?
Ketogenic meal plan ideas that nourish and satisfy you
Lack of standards for infant cereals threatens child nutrition in lower-income countries
Memory can be enhanced by emotional hangovers
New pharmacon allows testicular tumors to shrink
New public health study discovers 3,000 US neighborhoods where children are suffering from lead
Obama Defeatedly Uses the ‘Sanctions Muscle’ Against Russia
Obama Signs Christmas Bill Making Alternative Media Illegal
On Liberty and Vigilance, Canada’s 1970 Emergency Powers under the War Measures Act, “The Price of Freedom” in the “Era of the War on Terror’”
Out of gas and low on sperm?
Scientists Advising Government on Biotechnology Financially Tied to Outcome
Shift in some teens' use and perceptions of marijuana after recreational marijuana is legalized
Study finds brain state caused by experiences affects way you process future events
Study unmasks the genetic complexity of cancer cells within the same tumor
Superstar reporter warns 'fake news' panic is censorship trap
Taking hourly breaks at work to walk for just 5 MINUTES improves your mood and energy, and can even squash food cravings
The high cost of home care for special-needs children
The late effects of stress - New insights into how the brain responds to trauma
The Plant-Based Solution to Hunger
The Real “Mental Illness” Epidemic - Withdrawal from Antidepressants
This is your brain on alcohol (video)
Traffic noise reduces birds' response to alarm calls
Two of the world's most evil people - Bill Gates and George Soros - behind Facebook's news censorship
Tyson Invests $150 Million In Fund To Research Future Alternatives To Meat
Unsafe advertising for infant sleep environments could be deadly
When metal implants in your body can leave you in even MORE pain
Why Christmas is the most TOXIC day of the year
Why do some women have acne in adulthood?
Why is my nose blocked or runny all of the time? Could my problem be cluster headaches?
Why you should think twice before posting photos of your children on Facebook
Why You Should Try Chia Seeds Today
Will 2017 be the year we take drug-resistant superbugs seriously?
Women binge drinkers get “bad press” study finds
Women's binge drinking given more coverage than men's, says study
WWF-backed study shows penguins prefer to eat sexually aroused jellyfish
Yogurts that ARE good for you and not packed full of sugar

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