Nieuws en videos 28 december 2016

Nationale media

NL - Aantal jachtluipaarden neemt in rap tempo af
NL - Aantal leerlingen die problematisch afwezig zijn verdubbeld
NL - Alchemilla (vrouwenmantel) voor behoud soepele gewrichten
NL - Beledig je klant, verkoop je waar - dit zijn marketingmisbaksels van 2016
NL - Belgische kleuters slikken meer antipsychotica dan tien jaar geleden
NL - Binnenstad Groningen ‘vuurwerkvrij’
NL - Blaast de ECB onze economie op?
NL - Commissie wil meer informatie over uitbreiding vleeskuikenhouderij
NL - de Waarheid is ver Zoek
NL - Fenegriek verhoogt testosteron en libido man
NL - Groep boeren sleept NAM definitief voor de rechter
NL - Handsfree bellen leidt mogelijk net zo af als ‘normaal bellen’
NL - Het verhaal achter dit kledingmerk is lang niet zo basic als de shirts zelf
NL - Hoe haal je een volle oogst uit nieuwe voedselnetwerken
NL - Hoe lossen we de vervreemding tussen burger en politiek op?
NL - Laten we weer een beetje normaal tegen elkaar doen
NL - Luxemburg sluit populaire belastingroute af
NL - Melatonine herstelt verstoord slaapritme
NL - Mensen van boven de 75 vaker op internet
NL - Mensen vergeten de medische noodzaak van een reactor
NL - Middelen tegen psychosen verdubbeld
NL - Miljoenen vogels vluchten vanwege vuurwerk
NL - Moedermelk is niet heilig in een vluchtelingenkamp
NL - Nog geen derde van langdurige zieken weer aan het werk na begeleiding
NL - Patiënt had recht op diepe slaap
NL - Probiotica helpt kinderen met prikkelbare darm
NL - Roep om verbod vuurwerk steeds luider
NL - Roken en hartklachten – waarom rookt u nog?
NL - Slechts fractie van gemeenten scheidt afval
NL - Terwijl de wereld in puin ligt, gaan Afrikaanse jongeren voor een duurzame toekomst
NL - Toxoplasmose - Infectie met symptomen aan hersenen en ogen
NL - UMC Utrecht verwisselde mogelijk zaadcellen in ivf-laboratorium
NL - Veel huurhuizen zijn slecht onderhouden - van rotte kozijnen tot schimmel op de muur
NL - Yoga erkent als immaterieel cultureel erfgoed
NL - Zorg voor chronische zieken kan jaarlijks bijna 4.000 euro per patiënt goedkoper

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Nieuwe videos

Video - 10 Health Benefits to Detoxing
Video - Add THIS in Your Bath Water to Eliminate All Toxins from Your Body
Video - Current State of the Oceans | Sea of Hope
Video - Gelderland stopt met afval en dat moet heel veel banen opleveren
Video - Herbal Medicine For Energy - Dr Megan Saunders
Video - How to Get Over Sickness FAST
Video - How to Grow a Vegetable Garden without Fertilizer & Soil Amendments
Video - Hundreds of US cities have water contamination worse than Flint
Video - Is What We Know About Breast Cancer, Genetics and BRCA Wrong?
Video - Obsessing over ‘fake news,’ the US government plans its own propaganda
Video - Particratie in de politiek 2; Sid Lukkassen en Arnout Maat
Video - Schillenboer Rotterdam blijft zeker tot de zomer
Video - Schimmel en vocht grootste problemen voor huurders in Drenthe
Video - Sore throat - (Could it be Strep?) | Dr. Paul
Video - The New Ministry Of Truth – Defense Department Gets The Tools To Silence The Media
Video - The Role of Poultry Viruses in Human Cancers
Video - Transform Your Plate, Transform Your Life - Steve Lawenda MD
Video - Veel zorgen in Vreewijk
Video - WHO Agency Declared Roundup Weed Killer As Cancer Causing
Video - Yoga for Belly Fat, Digestion, Fat Burning

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Internationaal nieuws

10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Eat More of (and 3 to Avoid)
2 Orangutans Who Spent Their Lives in Cages Are Returned to Their Forest Home
4 foods that can help you to improve your arthritis symptoms
5 Unexpected Ways the Holidays Affect Your Brain
6 Potent Healing Herbs for Cold and Flu
7 Tips For Changing Into A Healty Plant-Based Diet
8 Foods to Never Store in the Refrigerator
A food industry study tries to discredit advice about sugar
A neuroscientist explains the amygdala in 5 minutes
All space colonies will begin as dictatorships
Arctic Waters Have Been Rescued From Drilling, But What About the Land?
Claw Toes sign of underlying diabetes, says doctors
Climate Link to Glacier Retreat Now Irrefutable
Common Smoothie Mistakes That Cause Weight Gain
Critics assail paper claiming harm from cancer vaccine
Did DuPont pollute Carneys Point, N.J., 'worse than Exxon Valdez did to Alaska?'
EU citizens want more social equality, but not more Europe
Everglades dolphins have record-high mercury levels, FIU study shows
Exposing the Astroturf Food Industry Groups Masquerading as Grassroots Organizations
Fat could change DNA
Groundbreaking study finds BLINDING superbugs could stop them in their tracks
How rooibos can protect you against the sun
Internet May Shut Down for 24 Hours in 2017
Is My Thyroid Making Me Fat?
New Study Reveals the Effects of Dim Light Exposure during Sleep
No, Everything Does Not Happen for a Reason. Thank God for That.
Real-Life Red-Nosed Reindeer Threatened by Warmer Arctic
Record Straight - Inventing the autism epidemic
Research may lead to new treatments to prevent preterm birth
Research suggests climate change affecting plants above ground more than below
Researchers Capture Video of False Killer Whale’s Encounter with Longline
Researchers lambast study associating HPV vaccine with brain damage
Review of 9,000 Studies Finds We Know Squat About Bitumen Spills in Ocean Environments
Revolution in Africa
Robert Reich Lays Bare Trump's Four Techniques for Manipulating the Media
Rough sleepers face high levels of abuse by public, study finds
Russia’s Hybrid War Against the West
Saint-Gobain, Honeywell sued over Hoosick Falls PFOA stigma
Sales of survival food and prepping supplies crash as wave of optimism follows Trump's election victory
Saturated fat may not increase heart disease risk after all
Scientists call for industry intervention to reduce toxicological footprint
Scientists discover concussion biomarker
Secrecy Around Composition of Oilsands Dilbit Makes Effective Spill Response, Research Impossible
Seeing the Miracle of Existence in the Darkest of Times
Selenium in the prevention of atherosclerosis and its underlying mechanisms
Services Needed To Help Children With Autism Transition To Adulthood
Sharks and people have the same teeth-growing cells
Small dietary changes reduce cardiovascular disease risk by more than 25%
Smog linked to third of deaths in China, study finds
Smoky Slow Cooker Tempeh With Sweet Potato [Vegan]
Smoothies vs Whole Fruit - What Does the Science Say?
Sodium selenate regulates the brain ionome in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease
Some People's Brains Are Wired for Languages
Something Strange Is Going On With Oral Insulin
Sourdough Cinnamon Roll Deep Dish Apple Tart [Vegan]
State funds to be used for clean-up in Fukushima
Stating the Obvious, Gingrich Confirms 'Drain the Swamp' Was All Talk
Statins Show No Benefit When Added to Standard Care for PH Patients, Study Argues
Stresses of holiday season behind heart death spike at Christmas
Studies Show Babies Have A Moral Sense; Can Infants Tell What's Good And Bad?
Study finds that long term stress and pessimism are linked
Study highlights importance of treating mental-health problems to reduce community violence
Study shows poor kids really get nothing—not even Santa
Sun bathing may prevent diabetes, heart disease
Survival of Africa's great apes requires palm industry support, says report.
The Association of Vitamin D Deficiency and Incident Frailty in Older Women
The balance of metagenomic elements shapes the skin microbiome in acne and health
The dangers of holiday decorations
The Fossil Fuel Industry Needs Our Consent. We Can and Must Refuse to Give It.
The Murky World Of Secondhand Diabetic Test Strips
The places in Australia where you can’t drink the water
The UN Just Gave Scientists the Green Light to Mess With Natural Selection
There’s What in My Food? Nanoparticles and Your Health
Think of our universe as the surface of a soap bubble, which is expanding
This Biochemist Says He Has an Answer to Frequent Urinary Tract Infections
Tibetans in anguish as Chinese mines pollute their sacred grasslands
Tool called ‘Hoaxy’ fact-checks fake news
Turkish Authorities Investigate 10,000 Social Media Users for „Supporting Terrorism”
Uh-Oh, The Ancient Volcano That Wiped Out Neanderthals Is About to Blow Again
Ukraine’s rising Euroscepticism
US renews fight against EU ban on hormone-treated beef
US, Israeli researchers applying nanotechnology to cancer
USA Installs Record Amount of Solar Power With 192% Growth
Using graphene to detect brain cancer cells
UT Southwestern Researchers Identify Process Cells Use to Destroy Damaged Organelles
Vitamin D and folic acid can help deal with depression
Vitamin D deficiency in pediatric critical illness - Time to move on from observational studies?
Wait, Privacy Is Cool Again?
Wall Street Journal Raises Possible Conflicts Of Interest For Rep. Tom Price
Want to Try Scuba Diving? You Should Visit Your Dentist First, Study Suggests
Wasteland - the ugly side of Gadani's ship-breaking industry
We Are Living in a Seriously Toxic World; 3 Ways to Detox Your Life
We Need People to Stand Up to Billionaire Class, Corporate America
Weight loss can reduce psoriasis symptoms in the long term, study finds
What Does the Truth About Santa Mean to the Developing Child?
What Effect Does Caffeine Have on Depression?
What humans will look like in 100 years’ time
What Your Beard Says About Your Relationship Status
When Leaders Are True to Their Lies
Where you live could be putting your memory at risk
Where’s the added sugar coming from?
Which brain networks respond when someone sticks to a belief?
White Wine May Lead to Increased Cancer Risk, Studies Say
Why Crib Advertisements Show Kids In Dangerous Sleeping Environments
Why is corporate America picking wind power over solar?
Why the winter is giving you the blues
Why This Heartbreaking Photo of 2 Foxes Will Inspire You to Stand Up for the Planet
Why willpower isn't enough to keep the pounds off
Why You Should Eat Like It’s the Holidays All Year Long
Yes, eating too much salt can harm your body... but the right kind of salt can boost your mineral intake
Yoga injuries are on the rise
Young woman with autism asks ‘Am I so different?’


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