Nieuws en videos 22 december 2016

Nationale media

NL - Aantal leerlingen met dyslexieverklaring stijgende
NL - Afschaffing voorrangsregel statushouders is flauwekul
NL - Alleen gelaten kinderen steken barbecue aan voor warmte en lopen CO-vergiftiging op
NL - Alternatief voor aderlating bij ijzerstapelingsziekte
NL - Autofabrikanten sjoemelen nog volop. Mercedes toont grootste gat tussen lab en praktijk
NL - Bayer roept partij Mirena-spiraaltjes terug
NL - Beantwoording Kamervragen over de ontwikkeling van een nieuwe zorgverzekering voor ouderen
NL - Beddentekort in ziekenhuizen na virusuitbraak onder kinderen
NL - Bedrijf veroordeeld voor ontslag van werkneemster met kanker
NL - Berisping neuroloog na missen dwarslaesie
NL - Chimpansee blijkt toch heel egoïstisch te zijn
NL - Drenthe krijgt er flinke lap ‘agrarische natuur’ bij
NL - Dubieuze stemming Wereldbank over omstreden gaspijpleiding
NL - Eskimo kan kou trotseren dankzij uitgestorven mensachtige
NL - EU-deal Mali over terugkeer migranten is symboolpolitiek
NL - Europese Commissie - Facebook en WhatsApp hebben ons misleid
NL - FNV en milieubeweging - bondgenoten voor een beter klimaat
NL - Genetisch verband tussen slecht slapen en medische aandoeningen ontdekt
NL - Gezinnen die een ouder met kanker hebben worden psychisch onvoldoende begeleid
NL - Gezondheidsraad waarschuwt voor overmatig gebruik desinfecterende middelen
NL - Hoe Red Bull een ongezond product een gezond imago geeft
NL - Jan Linders haalt als laatste supermarkt kooikonijn uit de schappen
NL - Kabinetsreactie rubbergranulaat en rubbertegels
NL - Kamer wil alternatief voor Drentse windmolens
NL - Kamerbrief over criteria hormoonverstorende stoffen
NL - Kamerbrief over de Wet verbod pelsdierhouderij
NL - Kip, een veelbesproken stukje vlees
NL - Laatste proefapen Radboud met pensioen bij Stichting AAP
NL - Licht bewegen na hersenschudding kind beter dan rust
NL - Mensen met (zeer) ernstige verstandelijke beperkingen hebben weinig sociale contacten
NL - Minister Kamp op zijn plek gezet door Tweede Kamer
NL - Nieuwe inzichten in omzetting biomassa in olie
NL - NL uniek en effectief in wereldwijde noodhulp
NL - Nog minder gas winnen leidt tot meer bevingen
NL - NVWA verbiedt verkoop van kookbranders
NL - NZa mag zorgkosten per zorgaanbieder niet openbaar maken
NL - Obama blokkeert nieuwe boringen in Noordpoolgebied
NL - Ooglaserklinieken waarschuwen patiënten niet voor ernstige zenuwpijn
NL - Oorzaken van insulineresistentie bij obesitas
NL - Paarden ingezet voor bosbeheer
NL - Psycho-pillen doen meer kwaad dan goed
NL - Rijk moet terughoudend zijn met nieuwe bijstandsregels
NL - Samenwerking onderzoek in voeding en cognitie
NL - St Jansdal ziekenhuis in Harderwijk waarschuwt patiënt met budgetpolis
NL - Stof uit chilipepers remt mogelijk groei van borstkankercellen
NL - Stofwisseling dirigent van de celdeling
NL - Vers bloed voor kudde ‘Drentse’ hooglanders

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Internationale en nationale videos

Video - Beijing blanketed in hazardous smog for fifth day
Video - Broodje Hag Op weg naar een duurzamere ouderenzorg
Video - Candied Pecans - Low Carb & Keto Friendly
Video - Childhood Obesity Policies and Implications for Preventing Food Addiction
Video - De wreedheid achter UGG-laarzen
Video - Emerging Therapies in NASH
Video - Food Lab by Ben Milbourne
Video - Huge solar plant beams power and hope to rural Uganda
Video - IgG4 and Autoimmune Cholangiopathy
Video - Lupus - Why we call it the "cruel mystery"
Video - Planetary Security Conference Best Of Video 2016 Community of Practice
Video - Tien mogelijke bijwerkingen van een Lasik ooglaserbehandeling
Video - What is Dental Caries?
Video - Why are we scared of the dentist?
Video - You Should Know This About Alkaline Water

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Internationaal nieuws

10,000 Metric Tons of Plastic Pollute Great Lakes Annually
21 Ways To Save Money With Baking Soda
5 Arrested After Egyptian Police Bust Staged Photo Shoot Of "Wounded Aleppo Children"
A call to scientists to develop communication tools for autism
A Rare Bird Flu Infects Cats In New York City Shelter
A weed killer made in Britain, for export only
Active ingredient of pungent substances slows growth of breast cancer cells
Air pollution in northern Chinese city surpasses WHO guideline by 100 times
Anything to Make a Buck – Big Pharma Dumps 780 Million Opioid Painkillers
Are motor issues at the core of autism?
Argentina soybeans vulnerable amid so-so rain forecast
Associations between dairy food consumption and chronic kidney disease in older adults
Babies shouldn't drink unscreened donor breast milk, doctors warn
Bionic pancreas shows success at controlling blood sugar
Black men nearly 3 times as likely to be killed by police
Blueberry Anthocyanin-Enriched Extracts Attenuate Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5)-Induced Cardiovascular Dysfunction
Breast implant cancer much more common than previously thought
Can lavender and tea tree oils hurt kids?
Can patients with chronic fatigue syndrome really recover after graded exercise or cognitive behavioural therapy?
Caveman DNA 'inherited by inuit people to help them survive the Arctic cold'
Cavemen Cleaned Their Teeth, Research Shows
Civil society calls on EU decision makers to phase out dental amalgam
Cleaning Chromium From Drinking Water
Danish environment ministry strongly supports EUecolabel in letter to EU Commission
Deepwater Horizon Disaster Half a Decade Later - Biodegradation of the Oil Spill
Dieselgate-style fraudsters should face prison, says UN boss
Diet helps reduce inflammation
Do Abrasives Play a Role in Toothpaste Efficacy against Erosion/Abrasion?
Do gut microbes control your food cravings?
Dry mouth and diabetes
Eating processed meat FOUR times a week 'can trigger symptoms'
Endocrine disrupting chemicals – is there any larger, more neglected health problem?
Environmental and genetic factors influence the vitamin D content of cows' milk
Enzyme in brain fluid predicts risk of diabetes
EPHA leaflet 'The Unhealthy Side Effects of CETA (Contribution by HEAL and CIEL)
EU regulations could have contributed to 5,000 DEATHS after 'slump in tests of new drugs'
Even if your stomach feels fine you still could have a problem
Exercise may help concussed children recover faster
Feds Sued by State of California Over Offshore Fracking
Foods that fight breast cancer?
Fracking Dangerous, Expensive, Should Be Abandoned - UK Green Party
Got allergies? Your microbes could be responsible
Hitler’s Nazis May Have All Been 'High' on Drugs, Experts Claim
How Child Abuse Affects Individuals In Later Life
India third-largest importer of illegally logged wood
Indigenous leaders excluded from Canada’s climate talks
Industry Will Not Support Open-Ended Science, So Govt Must
Is sunbathing GOOD for you?
Le Monde gives another story on EU's EDC criteria
Longer Duration of Sleep and Risk of Cognitive Decline
Lots of teen screen time tied to obesity
Manuka honey kills more bacteria than all available antibiotics
Marijuana Use Is Dangerous To Children’s Health, Says Latest Study
Marketers know we’re suckers for nostalgia
Menopause - The season of our discontent
More women are using marijuana for morning sickness
Oklahoma regulators release 'fracking' plan for induced earthquakes
Patients with chronic wounds heal faster without opioids
Protective effects of Aloe sterols against UVB-induced photoaging in hairless mice
PTSD prevalence among Polish World War II survivors
Purple Foods Are Good For Health, New Study Proposes
Research finds daily discrimination sickens African-Americans
Research sheds new light on cystic fibrosis
Rise of far-right ‘idiots’ may hit aid and refugees, say laureates, leaders
Sanders Calls for Investigation of Big Pharma Drug Pushers Over Shocking New Report
Seven Glimpses into the Emotional Brain
Skin microbiota and your health
Solar cooling systems take heat out of summer’s hottest days
Stop Glyphosate
Study finds vitamin D levels linked to lessened chronic pain symptoms
Texas Plans to Remove Vaccine Exemptions
The anti-alcohol diet REVEALED
The dangers in your dog’s canned food
The Longest Night - Do We Sleep Better on the Solstice?
The problem with the EU-Canada trade deal isn't Canada, it's corporate power
The Real Paleo Diet Included More Plants Than We Thought
The Truth About Monsanto You Need to Know
The world’s wet regions are getting wetter and the dry regions are getting drier
Theresa May’s Brexit Problem
These Smart Socks Could Save Millions of Diabetics From Wounds & Ulcers
This Pesticide Is Prohibited in Britain. Why Is It Still Being Exported?
TV programme Radar about EDCs exposure in Dutch MEPs
UK seeks to ban plastic microbeads in cosmetics next year.
We Are What the Corporations Feed Us? Why Challenging Our Broken Food System is Important
WHO warns of alarming noncommunicable disease in Africa
Why 'Multiple Intelligence' Is a Better Way to Think About Having Smarts
Why You Should Eat More Sugar
Yoghurt cuts risk of type 2 diabetes, says Cambridge study
You're actually awful at multi-tasking
Young farmers have a lot more than just growing food on their plates
Your gut microbes and your thyroid - What’s the connection?


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