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Ben je het ook zat dat anderen bepalen welk nieuws echt of nep is of welk nieuws je lezen mag ? Dan is er nu 6 dagen per week de alternatieve timeline met links naar interessant nieuws uit zowel de alternatieve als mainstream media. Wil je ook de dagelijkse updates volgen dan kun je nu abonneren op de dagelijkse emails.

NL - 100 jaar mind control experimenten
NL - Als een gewest een lichaam is, zijn bossen de longen
NL - Amerikaanse multinationals parkeren oneindig veel geld in
NL - Binnenkort bij huisarts registreren als orgaandonor?
NL - COA-mensen ziek. Maar waarvan?
NL - Dakloze landgenoten leven in rioolbuizen
NL - Een gezond werkleven voor jonge werkenden
NL - Eerste draadloze minipacemaker ingeplant
NL - Er is al genoeg slecht nieuws
NL - Hoe ontstond de bio-industrie en wat zijn de gevolgen?
NL - Indiër kan niet meer om grootste biomedische databank ter wereld heen
NL - Kabinet wil dat mensen vaker zeewier eten
NL - Klimaatverandering versnelt door opwarming van Noordelijke IJszee
NL - Kneep Fortis een oogje dicht bij geldtransacties Nederlandse drugskoning?
NL - Licht, circadiaan systeem en diabetes
NL - Maak de basisschool een jaar langer
NL - Nederlanders voelen veel spanningen in de maatschappij
NL - Ontslagen zorgdirecteur kan fluiten naar hogere afkoopsom
NL - Orthostatische hypotensie en hypertensie bij ouderen onder de loep
NL - Prachtige beelden Groenlandse walvis voor Nederland
NL - Privacy First; pleidooi wethouder Depla voor meer privacy-regels overbodig
NL - Schikking Duitse megamolens in aantocht
NL - Statenleden verbijsterd over verwachte kosten schoonmaken Thermphos
NL - Stevia een medicijn tegen diabetes?
NL - Taiwan schrapt honden en katten van het menu en voorziet zware straffen
NL - The Valley of Salt - terreur tegen Christenen
NL - Verbleking Great Barrier Reef kan 750 miljoen dollar kosten
NL - Vluchtelingencrisis - ‘Het is de hoogste tijd voor een asiel- en migratiebeleid’
NL - Wetenschap kan nu aan je hersenactiviteit zien of je droomt

TV - De schepper - preview (VPRO)

De mens is steeds beter in staat de natuur naar zijn hand te zetten. Wat wordt er mogelijk nu we plaatsnemen achter de bedieningspanelen van het leven zelf?

Naar de uitzending


Video - 7 year old autistic blind girl in a wheel chair plays guitar for the first time
Video - Are You Suffering from Hypothyroidism Symptoms?
Video - Cameratoezicht in alle Nederlandse slachthuizen
Video - De 80-plussers van de Varenhof willen niet verplicht verhuizen
Video - Dit water drink je gewoon zonder fles
Video - Dr. Mercola and Scott Carney on Environmental Conditioning (Full Interview)
Video - Een gezond werkleven voor jonge werkenden
Video - Global Warming - Assured by Prof. Hook, Dr Line and Mr Sinker
Video - Have a whale of a time
Video - Hoog ziekteverzuim COA-medewerkers komt niet door vervuilde grond
Video - Key Nutrients for Reversing Hair Loss
Video - Nigerian helps village get the lead out | DW English
Video - Red de weidevogel
Video - Root Cause of Yeast Overgrowth
Video - Science Proves Mainstream Media Lie
Video - Shell admits dealing with money launderer
Video - Slave markets in Libya trap migrants heading for Europe
Video - SP drukt referendumwet desnoods zelf door
Video - The Rise Of The BernieCrats
Video - The War Against Natural Treatments for Cancer - Drs. Rath & Niedzwiecki
Video - Thierry Baudet interviewt Karel van Wolferen
Video - Will Stevia Worsen Blood Sugars? - Dr Eric Berg
Video - Wouter Verbree en Ruud Rietveld contra het UWV wegens machtsmisbruik



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Internationaal nieuws

10 foods that increase estrogen levels naturally
28 nuclear reactors in the United States could suddenly fail due to earthquakes... most are located along the East Coast
A higher fibre intake has a positive effect on blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes
Acupuncture for the Prevention of Tension-Type Headache
All in one against CO2
Anti-Aging Effect of Nigella Sativa Fixed Oil on D-Galactose-Induced Aging in Mice
Autism Symptoms in Pets Rise as Pet Vaccination Rates Rise
BBC Panorama not only whitewashed a banking scandal
Big Coal wins a court battle in Kansas, but it’s losing to renewables on the economics
Boswellic Acid Improves Cognitive Function in a Rat Model Through Its Antioxidant Activity
Brain cell therapy 'promising' for Parkinson's disease
Brain stimulating technology once denounced as "quackery" by skeptics now being used by the Pentagon
Breakthrough allows scientists to track toxic chemicals from fast food wrappers 
California scientists make cells resistant to HIV
California's solar energy set power supply record in March
Can dealing with emotional exhaustion enhance happiness?
Cancer-detecting chewing gum could replace blood tests
Carbon dioxide may worsen hog farmworkers’ breathing problems
Case-control study on occupational exposure to extremely low-frequency emf and glioma risk
Cheaper battery for solar made with pee ingredient
Conscious sedation is a safe alternative to general anesthesia for heart valve procedure
Could 'love hormone' help drug addicts stay clean?
Could a Colorado earthquake have been triggered by dinosaur extinction impact?
Dangerous pesticide exposure found to cause early puberty in boys
Discovering How Insulin-Producing Cells Show Their Age
Earth’s melting permafrost threatens to unleash a dangerous climate feedback loop
Eat lots of fiber or microbes will eat your colon
Eating avocados may decrease risk of metabolic syndrome
Effects of Wireless Devices on Human Body
Elephants are MORE intelligent than we thought
Ethnicity affects cardiovascular risk
Exercise associated with improved heart attack survival
Exposure to Pesticides May Increase Risk of Liver Cancer
FDA approves outlandish $37,000 topical cream to fight eczema
Feinstein Institute examines use of antiparasitic drug as new treatment for brain tumors
For Palestinian family, an udder-ly unique power source
Fukushima-linked bullying survey reveals hundreds more cases
Future CO2 and climate warming potentially unprecedented in 420 million years
Harvard scientists to test atmosphere protecting aerosols
Has America Become the Reality of the Abusive and Cruel Stanford Prison Experiment?
Higher tobacco taxes needed to reduce smoking rates in South Asia, new analysis says
Home remedies that will help you treat irritable bowel syndrome
Hot flashes could signal increased risk of heart disease
How polar bears find their prey
How to make the fish farming industry more climate friendly
How To Sleep Like A Rock Naturally
Intestinal bacteria may protect against diabetes
Iodine protection from nuclear fallout?
KU Leuven researchers unravel how stevia controls blood sugar levels
Leaked documents show Trump administration plans more mining and drilling on public lands
Longer Sleep Linked to Increased Mortality Risk in Breast Cancer
Mammographic Density and Vitamin D Levels - A Cross-sectional Study
Maternal stress during pregnancy could influence the biological clock for ageing
Methane leaks from Canada energy wells affects groundwater, travels great distances
Narcissists flirt to make their partners jealous
New England's glacial upland soils provide major groundwater storage reservoir
New stem cell treatment on the horizon for people with autism
New Study Links Carbon Pollution to Extreme Weather
No democracy without women's rights
Norwegian women drink least while pregnant, British women drink most
Olive oil could offset damage caused by unhealthy Western diets
One in 3 teens with autism spectrum disorder receives driver's license
Otago researcher investigating how grains may affect blood sugar and diabetes
Parent-mediated therapy may help babies at risk of developing autism
Premature cell differentiation leads to disorders in pancreatic development
Researchers Identify Metabolic Mechanism for R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid-Induced Cell Death in Liver Cancer
Researchers identify new target for abnormal blood vessel growth in the eyes
Science journal calls for immediate safety review of glyphosate weed killer, warns it may be causing widespread public health hazards
Scientists Discover Cluster of ‘Mini Brains’ Connected to Pain
Solar storms can DRAIN Earth's electrical charge
Space changed the gut bacteria of these twin astronauts
Space junk could cause a collision similar to film Gravity
Spinal Manipulation Can Alleviate Back Pain, Study Concludes
Stress Can Increase Empathy
Stressed pregnant mothers have babies that will age faster
Study finds genetic basis for drug response in childhood absence epilepsy
Study links 26 novel genes to intellectual disability
The effects of zinc supplementation on wound healing in patients with diabetic foot ulcer
The natural ways to help you treat depression and increase your energy levels
The Navy Plays Violent War Games in Alaska, Killing Fish and Destroying the Environment
The World Is Getting a Lot More Authoritarian
Touching tributes to dog who was fifth victim of Stockholm attack
Truth bomb dropped on BBC - make go viral
UFO hunters claim Antarctic object is an alien base
UM Study Explore Link Between Sleep Deprivation And Memory In The Brain [Video]
Why Hasn't America Rebelled Against Big Pharma?
Why having a nice boss may be bad for you
Why you really should take your shoes off in the house
Wiring of the 'little brain' linked to multiple forms of mental illness



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